WIP on Books


Books under this page are being worked on by me using wordpress as a tool – most of them are not ready for public viewing yet, hence the passwords. Usually passwords will be given if you are collaborating on a book or if your advice is being sought, or if the piece is far enough on for some trusted friends to see it.


While writing my large piece for Claude Cartaginese’s book published in 2010 “The Polyglot Project”, I made the discovery that a WordPress account is a great tool for working on books. You get all the power you would from a word processor, and more, but at the same time you have immediate availablity of your drafts from any computer, as well as the ability to share with collaborators while keeping the unfinished work for the time being private.

I decided, therefore, to place all my book projects on here and let them gradually mature to fruition on here.

So this is my place to put books which are being worked on by myself and any collaborators and they will be passworded. If you receive a password you’ll be able to go and see the unpublished book by using the password. The books will be added as subpages. At the moment this is all at experimental stage, so don’t expect any fabulous content even if you are given a password.

Passwords to these unfinished books are given on condition that I can trust you not to copy the material or make it available to anyone but yourself. I need to know who it is who wants one and what they want it for. In some cases the material may not be advanced enough for me to want to give out passwords, so please do not be offended if I refuse a password request.

Password requests need to be made by email to jerzy.jakubowski@gmail.com who is looking after the security issues of Huliganov.TV for me. Please put “Huliganov TV book pass request” in the header and which book you want and the reason in the body of the e-mail. Also a few words about yourself, and your promise not to share the password or the material.

In any event, this is all so new that I won’t be giving out passwords for a few months anyway. You can request one now and I’ll hold the request until the project is ready.

Later on under here I’ll write a little bit more about the books whose names you’ll be able to see on the blog, and a stage of completeness which you can follow if you are at all interested.

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