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Interesting information about Christadelphians and others on YouTube

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The channel “excatholics” is one I’m subscribed to on YouTube and highly recommend it to my viewers. I don’t think I have any real disagreements with this brother’s theology, although I do think he uses the term “Calvinist” to describe thinking that to my mind is hypercalvinism, and that what he thinks himself is what I’d describe as Calvinistic – in any rate it’s certainly not Arminian.

Here’s one great example of his work – during the watching of this small hilltop sermon today I got the breath of fresh air that his words often give me several times over.

He hasn’t offered a space for comment or even rating on that space, which is a stylistic difference as I am all for letting people have their say and engage them in some way, but if you want to rate this or discuss it on this forum, I don’t see why not. Syndication has been allowed on the video and so I have syndicated it without specifically asking. I will let James know that I have re-blogged this piece and if he’s not happy then I can always remove it later.

I don’t need to say much about the topic of Christadelphians as he covers it in my opinion perfectly well. The remarks he makes are particularly insightful.


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