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Revised Introduction for January 2022

Honourable Greetings!

This is Huliganov TV, or HTV for short. The purpose of this channel is five-fold.

Firstly some of the traditional style blogging, with texts and images, to respond to questions you may have or the issues of the day.

Secondly (although at the moment predominately, so far) this is half-way to becoming a properly categorised repository of all the material on my YouTube channel, aka the “Usenetposts” channel. plus the articles I wrote on my previous website This will mean that the site is strong on video, hence the .tv bracket. I have not been doing reguar slots on my channel there for some time, but I do intende to go back to it in due course, with an enhanced technical base.  By the time I got to the end of 2014 I felt that I had a great diary of the most active and interesting years of my life, at least as far as travel is concerned. I am certainly active and busy now but there has been far less travel in the last few years. The years covered by the video are also ones where my kids were little and there is a lot of memories there. First and foremost I made them for myself but the reception was kind and numerous people became subscribers of the channel and some of these have become very loyal friends.

Thirdly, I am in the process of collecting here all the other things I have done which may otherwise be lost over time, for example the old articles from, which was taken down owing to a disagreement between me and my previous host many years ago. There are also in this category numerous answers and comments from various sites such a Quora or other places where I didn’t want the timoe I spent writing to be completely up to others as to whether it remains in public view or not. People tend to think they should be allowed to disrespect the time someone like me puts into a piece just because they do not agree with it. Thanks to having my own site, I have the ability to place some pieces here so that if they are censored or cancelled elsewhere, they’ll still be here.

Fourthly, I want my photography, music and other creativity kept in one place. In due course I would also like to bring here all my photos and quite a few of them already can be seen here. Every time you refresh a page and see a new header image at the top, with a few exceptions these are my work. Obviously they have to cropped a certain way but in due course I would also like to make galleries of the photos I have taken, whether with a proper camera or with a simple telephone, which are these days sometimes just as good. There’s a lot of them, and that part of the work has varely begun at the date of this revised introduction.

Fifthly, this should be a repository of books I am writing, but until they are ready these are in the unpublished parts of the blog. With the exception of the GoldList Method Book, which is available to you in the state that it is. There is a sizeable amount of pages and articles about the GoldList Method and I know from the stats that this is what brings most of the visitors here.

A bit more about the videos

I use internet-hosted video for all sorts of purposes, but in the main I put up what I want to do – I used to work, (as the finance director, but the whole team was supposed to be involved in the creative process, so I learned quite a bit about it) of a TV Channel in Russia. My boss had to shape some of my initial suggestions, reminding me that “you don’t make TV for yourself – that’s a golden rule of  TV, you make it for the big audience”. This was of course true and the TV business can’t work any other way. But in a way it saddened me.

But 2005 changed all that. Now we have YouTube. Now everyone can make TV for himself or herself. YT’s motto was “Broadcast yourself” and YT could really be summed up as TV you make for yourself, and this is certainly TV I’ve made for myself. I know full well that there are robots and other methods of driving hits. You can even include some gratuitous semi-nude pics in them and it will drive hits, but that’s not what this is all about.

Before I started filming, I had done some photography – maybe eighteen months’ worth. Prior to that I had been going around the world doing my job and going to so many different places, but it was hard to remember after a while what happened in one place and what happened in another. There was just too much of it. I was wasting my opportunities to set up a store of memories for my own old age, for my kids and grandchildren in the future, to share with friends or even – although I didn’t anticipate it so much at the start – a wider public. That’s why I went on YouTube and started to film all over the place. I simply wanted to capture my life – a life at times so busy I don’t always get to even fully appreciate things as they happen, and sometimes the films really help get the most out of any travel experience.

Since starting to film, and – to my amazement – gaining a growing audience, there’s been a reason to go walking around cities in the evenings and not just stay in the hotels reading. Even at times when I haven’t felt like it and would not have gone for myself to this or that event or place, I’ve been for the sake of the channel. YT has enabled me to get a lot more out of my life and my leisure time.


Policy re discussion and other issues

I have currently slightly about 2,400 films on YouTube, and so obviously people find it hard to get straight to what they want from my channel. The categories here are the way to get to the parts of the YouTube collection that you actually want. So it interlinks with the YouTube and enhances it. On the one hand, you can click through to the YouTube films, and see the other comments already existing, and hopefully give me a nice rating over there, but also if you want to start a discussion without the limitations of text and the lack of proper threading that YT suffers from, then you can discuss whatever you like about the film over here. I have set the defaults here to allow discussion threading to next up to 7 levels, which should be enough for most discussions before they start to get silly, and it will allow much more freedom than in YT. Discussion is one of the things this is all about, and even after the Google Plusization of YouTube in the last quarter of 2013, the threading is not ideal although admittedly it is far better than be for and the wise removal of the string length has indeed improved YT interactions.

Of course, this is WordPress, which is a bit more highbrow than the general run of the internet, so I’d appreciate it if people writing comments here would at least try to write in proper sentences and not just txtspk and LOL!!1!, etc. There’s still YT for comments barely over 2 characters long!

Viewpoints expressed

As anyone who has been on my discussion groups in Facebook or other places knows, I am a very light-handed moderator. I am ready to allow people to say what I don’t agree with. Happy to let them insult me. I don’t want them insulting my Saviour, and I don’t want them insulting my guests or my family. Neither do I want to see real racism (as opposed to wathithm, which is when a wibbewal calls something wathitht because it doesn’t fit their Neo-Marxist ideology.  I also stamp on Anti-Semitism and make no bones about being one of the more pro-Semitic style Evangelicals. I hope that those who know me who represent different appearances of the person from around the globe know that these things are not important to me. What goes on in the head and the heart are important to me. Your epidermis doesn’t concern me other than to say that if you have a similar outlook but look entirely dissimilar to me, you are all the more dear to me for that. If you have an opposing outlook but look the same, then all I can say is hard luck, and I will probably find you a right pain in the neck.

You will not get chucked out of here for views on homosexuality or trans-sexuality even though I have a Conservative Christian outlook.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that needs to be done in those other respects, they will be added unto you. I have views on these things you probably won’t like. I don’t mean any personal offence to anyone by them. If you insist on taking offence, then go ahead and take it, that’s also your freedom. I am not going to be judgemental about anyone’s personal case and especially over things where they had no choice. If they claim that they had no choice, then I will also give them the benefit of the doubt, the actual truth is between them and God.

I am a non-conformist, Evangelical Protestant (initially Congregationalist, now rather Baptist) and do from time to time criticise Roman Catholic theology, hopefully in a constructuve way and for sure I do love Roman Catholics and am very happy to be living in a staunchly Roman Catholic country. Salvation is by a relationshoip of faith to Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, and not by the conduct of various ceremonies. If you say the ceremonies help you, again I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but for sure the ceremonies in and of themselves will not save you, but faith in what Jesus did and what He promised is what will save you.

These “fundamentalist” (I am not strictly speaking a Fundamentalist but no doubt close enough for those distinctions to be lost on many reader) views are going to come up with little warning in various parts of my material, so don’t be surprised. I don’t go on about them endlessly as this is not a dedicated religious site but a multi-purpose site. Even if I don’t mention God in any piece I still mean for Him to have all the glory.

As far as spam is concerned, most gets filtered out automatically and any that doesn’t will be chucked out without a second thought.

Advertising has been tried on here for a while. It is not nice, it gets in the way and as soon as I reach – early in 2020 – the threshold where I get the pay-out for what was earned so far, I mean to take advertising off. There are places in which you can make donations if you feel so inclined and my thanks to those of you, six or seven people at the time of writing, who have indeed paid back. At the time of writing I am doing well financially but for sure with autistic kids and their futures to make secure, your help won’t be wasted.


The best way to contact me is to leave a message here as a response to one of the posts. Another way is to click through to the YouTube channel, where private contact is also possible, but please note that I don’t welcome it in the case of queries which could benefit others if asked and answered publicly. If you have a question about anything, it’s probable that others have the same question. By the way, I hope to see conversations between my visitors. It is set up so that once you have had a contribution accepted you are then not moderated after that, but of course if this is abused I can block. Those who know me know that I’m very reluctant to block or censor anybody, but there are of course limits of decency and legality.

Enjoy, subscribe, and join in!

VDH the H of HTV, a.k.a. Uncle Davey a.k.a. David James

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