Poems and Stories

I have been priviledged to co-create on a couple of occasions with other folk, in the case of Jimmy and the Pink Diamond, it was just me reading the book by my friend Leanne Delehanty. You can find that here.

In the case of the collection of poems “Da!” by my friend Julia Stroganova, all I have done is curate them and code up a page for them. You can find that here.

I am now undertaking a project together with my old friend Ruslan Fedorovsky, who at one time produced a huge bank of readings of public domain texts. I am placing some of these now on YouTube and they will be also placed here along with the text enabling an easy read-along. This should be of great value to learners of English. The texts have been selected to benefit English learners. This is called the Chesham Project.


Your thoughts? Go ahead, pull no punches!

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