The Chesham Project

Named after a town well-loved by both myself and my friend of nearly forty years Ruslan Fedorovsky, who owns these voice recordings, Project Chesham is all about making selected ones available on YouTube and then making both that video (which is static and the voice) available here and also the text for ease of reading along in one place.

This is intended to help learners of English from around the world, and the texts will also have a grading and if need be a glossary and also people can discuss here and ask about things that they don’t understand, and hopefully a community will develop around that.

Ruslan will also soon be re-releasing these recordings in a podcast form for mobile phones. I will keep you posted about that initiative. There are over 600 titles in his bank of recordings, with a consistently high production quality.

1. The Devoted Friend by Oscar Wilde, lower intermediate, a classic writer, short story intended for children.


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