GLM 70 Day Challenges

Over on Facebook we have the GoldList Method User Group – this is made up of users who discuss and share experiences with the Method and also help people with their questions about it as I don’t always have the time to help and not everyone has the time to wade through all the articles on here about it. It also features a lot of photos of people doing their Goldlists accompanied by a lot of coffee, cake and other such learning aids, this having become part of the warm and friendly culture there. There you can also find updates about the coming meet-ups and workshops for the GoldList Method which you can join.

One of the features of this Group is that it is also home to the GoldList Method 70 Day Challenges.

There are four of these per year, as 280 fits quite nicely into 365 with some space for a breather in between them. Some people do 90 day challenges but we like the idea of ten weeks, as it is very easy to work out where you are in relation to your overall goal.

Timing-wise they start on a Monday a couple of weeks into a quarter so that at after ten weeks exactly they end on the last Sunday in a calendar quarter.

The idea is to compete first and foremost against yourself, as in any marathon, but people are also able to compare their performance to others as well as to themselves against a target or break records from a previous period.

The aim is to do as many lines of GL as possible. The unit of measurement in competitive Goldlisting is the line, and while this is not necessarily true, the working approximation is that a line of GL at any distillation level is the same work as a line at Headlist. So whether people are working mainly on headlists or on D1, D2 or even D11, it doesn’t matter, it is all the same. It doesn’t matter how many languages you study in the period in fact even the use of GLM on non-language learning projects is also  acceptable for this challenge. It is a celebration of self-study using the method and the feeding of the long-term memory.

Everyone is welcome to join in threads and give their results and receive congratulations even if they are not recorded for posterity in the main thread and in here. There are no cash prizes and we assume that people are frank and honest in their reported result as you only hurt yourself if you lie about it. There is no obligation to report your result either, but it is the only way to get into the scoreboard below, and your place on the scoreboard determines your priority for any scarce resources such as places on workshops, freebie merchandise in the future (don`t hold your breathings, as Huliganov would say) and the kudos of a place in the rankings.

The current state of knowledge about the Challenges to date is in the table below, pending final results from the people mentioned without numbers for the last challenge.

So we had the thirteenth challenge this time, and it does seem rather unlucky. Just a third of the combined result of the first one we did this year. People seem to be falling off the wagon owing to lots of things to do.

Well I can only hope that a New Year brings new vim and vigour to to more with the Method.

Congrats anyway to those who do have a result. including those in green below who improved their position in the rankings.

Those with green improved their rank, those with blue dropped a place or more, those in pink stayed the same. Our new entrant, Liselle, is in gold (Philip Cox was already in before only I overlooked to include him then so I will give him a mention here even though he isn’t a real first timer) and those who do not seem to be current members of the Group have been put in purple. We do seem to have a few casualties and I put the blame for that squarely at the feet of Bartosz Czekała, and his disparaging article on his blog. Despite the fact that his objections are based on a real misunderstanding of what we are doing – on the one hand he had a very full rebuttal placed in his comments by Victor Berrjod and he promised to review but has not done so, and on the other hand he filed a new article on his blog today including numerous ideas which are exactly the same as the ones you’ll find in the explanations to the GoldList Method on this site. Nevertheless, the damage he did has been extensive.


One thing you can all thank Bartek for, though, is the final nail in the coffin of my understanding that things are simply not valued if they are not paid for. You can receive very good things for free and then take them for granted, like air and water, and then you can be sold something inferior and treasure it more just because you had to pay for it. That’s why I wrote to Lydia recently and asked her to start charging for the E-book on th GoldList Method. The one I am about to publish won’t be free either. And future participation in these Challenges won’t be free unless people keep going. If you miss two consecutive challenges and don’t report at least a 400 line result, then to rejoin, you’ll have to pay a fee. The money will go towards the upkeep of this site and at least the explanations that are on here and on YT will remain available freely.

Basically those who received this knowledge received a big gift and it irritates me that I am giving this out only to have in many cases people practically spitting in my face. Well, it’s no more Mr Nice Guy.


The fourteenth GoldList Method 70 Day Challenge starts on Monday, 21nd January 2019 from when you wake up and runs to when you fall asleep or stop work for the day on Sunday, 31st March 2018.  This one’s still free. The only way to keep your own participation free in the future is to take part in this one or have been involved in the thirteenth one. From the fifteenth one onwards there’ll be a joining or a rejoining fee. Exceptions will be made for people who have helped me with things in the past.

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