GLM 70 day challenges

Over on Facebook we have the GoldList Method User Group – this contains users who discuss and share experiences with the Method and also help people with their questions about it as I don’t always have the time to help and not everyone has the time to wade through all the articles on here about it.

One of the features of this Group is that it is also home to the GoldList Method 70 day challenge.

There are going to be four of these per year, as 280 fits quite nicely into 365 with some space for a breather in between them. Some people do 90 day challenges but we like the idea of ten weeks. Normally they will start on a Monday a couple of weeks into a quarter and then end on the last Sunday in a calendar quarter.

The idea is to compete first and foremost against yourself, as in any marathon, but people are also able to compare their performance to others as well as to themselves against a target or break records from a previous period.

The aim is to do as many lines of GL as possible. The unit of measurement in competitive Goldlisting is the line, and while this is not necessarily true, the working approximation is that a line of GL at any distillation level is the same work as a line at Headlist. So whether people are working mainly on headlists or on D1, D2 or even D11, it doesn’t matter, it is all the same. It doesn’t matter how many languages you study in the period in fact even the use of GLM on non-language learning projects is also  acceptable for this challenge. It is a celebration of self-study using the method and the feeding of the long-term memory.

The top three results in each challenge will be recorded plus anyone else who manages to exceed 5,000 lines in the 70 days. Everyone is welcome to join in threads and give their results and receive congratulations even if they are not recorded for posterity in the main thread and in here. There are no cash prizes and we assume that people are frank and honest in their reported result as you only hurt yourself if you lie about it.

The kick off challenge was in Q4 2015, (23/10/2015 to 31/12/2015) and the winners of that Challenge were as follows:

1st place     Victor Berrjod 7,518 lines

2nd place   David James    5,060 lines

3rd place    Aixen Pixel     2,100. lines
The second 70 day challenge was from 18th January to Easter Sunday 2016.

1st place  Mark Clayson 8, 573 lines

2nd place Victor Berrjod 8, 409 lines

3rd place Martin Lukac  7, 291 lines

4th place Still S. O’Neill 6,720 lines

5th place David James  5,336 lines

The next challenge is from Monday 19th April through to Sunday after the Brexit Referendum 2016. Please do your best. At the end of last one members were discussing if it will be possible to break the target of 10,000 lines in 70 days. Let’s see who becomes the first to do it. Even doing 5,000 is the mental equivalent of a marathon so 10,000 is like an iron man marathon. Good luck and ganbatte kudasai!





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