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Huliganov’s Winter Tips for the British

Bowed under by too much snow?

I see on the news that the UK is in for another bout of what they are calling “extreme weather conditions“, by which they mean the sort of weather which is absolutely normal anywhere from about Berlin eastwards. Since that’s where I live, I thought it would be a good service to the British people to give you at this time my observations on how Poles, Russians and others in a climate that seems to be causing a lot of ructions as it moves across the Britain. It seems that these colder winters are not going to go away as far as the UK is concerned and so you may as well get used to them. I have about 20 East European winters on my climatic CV, so my experience is something which may be of use to you.



Your body



Public transport


Your home


Dealing with accumulations of snow

Social niceties

Fossils in the Spring



So that’s most of what I have to say to my fellow English people after surviving 20 continental winters. Please forward and share this with as many people as possible and give it maximum exposure, as it will save people who know these things a lot of money and hassle and might even save some lives.

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