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Response to an anonymous Mormon

Joseph Stalin meets the medieval Gothic Cathedral and here’s the unholy offspring of that union!

On my recent post explaining the expression from the lips of Jesus Christ “ye are gods”, a comment has appeared from an anonymous reader called identifying himself or herself as A.K. saying that I am wrong in my take and that the Mormon view (which I actually did mention in my article but discounted it in passing without going into much detail) is correct. I wanted to highlight this correspondence so I have made a main article for this blog from it in the hope that more people will be reached and brought to an understanding of what Mormonism really is, who it belongs to and why it exists.

Given the fact that Mormon Mitt Romney seems to be in the running to become the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, now seems as good a time as any to deal with the question of Mormonism openly on this blog. We have already discussed Watchtower at an earlier date, and now we are doing another organisation (not the last of them by any means) whose origins, theology and modus operandi can be traced into masonic occultism and therefore via that can be traced back to the devil himself.

Here is the comment by the anonymous viewer and afterwards to the end of this article is my response. There are one or two embellishments here that weren’t in the original reponse just because I have had fresh ideas to add, edits to make and also because I wanted to link here to some video, which I couldn’t do in the original response.

Not really, [presumably referring to my final words in the article “hope that was helpful”] your reply is nothing but psychological evasion. God or Jesus doesn’t say anything about earthly rulers or kings you just interpreted it that way. Jesus was amongst regular Jews, at the time there were no Jewish King or Rulers, the Romans owned the Jews. In fact Jesus said it is”written in your law” meaning the very essence of your being is Godly. Aren’t we made in God’s Image? Didn’t God breathe his “breath” in us to give us life? In terms of false Gods, it was meant for those who claimed they were The way to salvation and not Jesus, but God AND Jesus said the same thing. Stop trying to create illogical conclusions from obvious words from God and Jesus. God is in the business of fashioning Gods.

Well, like I said in that article, that is the take that Mormons make on it. It goes along with their general theology that God makes gods who go on to become gods of their own. This is a Book of Mormon idea, that the course of the Lord is “one eternal round” (Alma 7:20, Alma 37:12, 1 Nephi 10:19) but in the real Bible the course of history is never considered as a cycle, but as a line with a clear beginning and an ending, from an initial Creation to a final Resurrection, and the end-time events, closing off with the Resurrected Kingdom being handed by Jesus to the Father so that God may be all in all. Jesus is shown to Man as Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, and not, like in a multi-tome encyclopedia Aa-Cr, with many more volumes to come. His is the Name above all names, both in time and in Eternity.

The appeal of the Mormon theology to the natural, self-centred mind of Man is clear. Biblical theology about a linear plan of creation and redemption talks about a time line which is a one-off, and after that eternity – but we cannot envisage eternity. And so the real Bible never attempts to answer questions such as where God came from, what He will do next after this creation is finished, etc. This leaves unanswered questions which people naturally find hard to deal with and so they seek ways to “tidy up” the theology and give snappy answers to doubters also, as we all know how atheists like to try to stump theists by asking about eternity which none of us have experienced neither can we envisage.

The Mormon theology of cyclical salvation history, called also “eternal progression”, seems to produce a nice answer to this, but it has many down-sides, the biggest one is that it simply isn’t true. On top of other dangerous aspects like effectively making us all the equals of God and debasing and downgrading God Himself in this way, making Jesus only one of many, and subordinating God to part of the Creation, this theology also doesn’t really answer the questions that atheists ask anyhow, because we still don’t know how it all started and where it will all end, it is just all pushed out into endlessness. It is, in other words, one great big cop-out. Or, to use your own words, “nothing but psychological evasion”.

My interpretation of the verses the article was about on the other hand is, unlike yours, consistent with at least some of the Rabbinical tradition. Jesus (in John 10) is clearly quoting Psalms – even you presumably wouldn’t be so far gone as to presume He was quoting Doctrines and Covenants – and so it’s natural to go to the Psalms and look at the verses in the immediate context (as it let the Bible interpret itself, rather than grab your own sect’s doctrine textbook and see what you are supposed to believe it – something that both you lot and the JWs need to get away from as the way you people study the Bible, you may as well not have an open Bible present at all!). The verses around it, speking as they do of the corruption of these “gods” show that it must be earthly kings – unless you are saying that God “is in the business” as you quaintly put it, of fashioning corrupt deities?

Mormonism makes no sense, friend. Well, actually that is a lie, it makes perfect sense, but not in the way you think. It makes sense for the devil. I’m explaining exactly why that is and how that plan works later in this article. It is a major tool of the devil. There are unfortunately 14 million in your anti-christian religion and they often are only there (despite the large number of people who have been falling away) or only get in there by the fact that once, in a remote part of America, the devil was able to achieve a critical mass of enough deceived people to make those in the cult say “despite how crazy it seems, all these people can’t be wrong!” Now they think “14 million can’t be wrong” or “the people who built all these really impressive temple buildings can’t be wrong!” (Stalin applied the same technique of course, that’s why he insisted on ‘gifting’ these huge wedding cake palaces to places like Warsaw, Prague, etc in order to try to impress on people’s minds the superiority or the truth of his credo by means of architecture. The practice has a long history).

Well, unfortunately, 14 million people can indeed be wrong. You need to examine the history of the organisation, in particular its links to freemasonry – another thing you guys share very closely with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Now freemasonry is the god of this world (satan)’s major weapon in getting his way and influencing events. The small number of people at the top of freemasonry, controlling it and several other organisations who actually know what’s going on are highly occultic, Faustian, devil-possessed people who have sold their souls for the wealth and the influence they have – and they do include many of the most wealthy people on this earth (I still wouldn’t change places with them – they price they are going to pay for that is too high and my intact soul in the safekeeping hands of Christ is worth more than the entire riches of this universe.) These people were the ones involved in helping Mormonism get going, against all the odds. Joseph Smith was a Mason, so have most other prophets and leaders of Mormonism been. It is in fact a Masonic invention. Mormon and Mason even sound similar. BUt where you can really tell this is in the Temple ceremonies and the secrets. Even the five points of fellowship ritual, which is plainly masonic, is used in your temple rite. The marriage rite that you go through in the Temple is little more than a Masonic (and therefore demonic) initiation rite.

You are being told that you are sealed for time and for eternity. You also can do this with a second wife if the first dies, meaning that even though polygamy was banned in “mainstream” Mormonism – (here we see that oddball groups like the FLDS make standard LDS look “mainstream” when it anything but, and Mitt Romney is now being pushed forward by the Illuminati and Masons who run America so that the evil religion of Mormonism call look more “mainstream”) – nevertheless in eternity Mormons are still expecting to be polygamous. They expect to be having marital relationships and making spirit children and populating planets in the future. This is even more direly carnal and bestial a view than the Islamic promise of the 77 houris! And absolutely against the clear information from Jesus about what life in heaven is like, when asked by the Pharisees whose wife a certain hypothetical woman would be, who had been widowed and remarried several times over. He said “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” (Matthew 23:29-30). Men will no more be married and have children than angels do. Christ has told you plainly, and you make Him a liar!

By all means a Christian can expect to recognise his wife in heaven, but he would no more lie with her there in a sexual way than he would with his born sister here, of course even less as in heaven we are free from sinful inclinations, while on earth of course incest happens along with all manner of other sins, but not so in heaven. His love and familiarity with his wife or indeed wives if he was widowed and remarried will surely be special, but not sexual. There will be no jealousy issues either if a woman had remarried to another believer after a Christian’s death, just gratitude to that other brother that he looked after her. There is no further reproduction for those who are resurrected. They have other joys, and are fulfilled without that. They are, as Christ puts it, like the angels in heaven.

So your main unique selling point in Mormon Theology, this eternal sealing matter, flies in the face of Jesus’ plain words. But it is there to terrorize women and children, as they can only be saved, not by their own faith as in the real Testament of Jesus Christ, (not the phoney one) but by the works of a man. If people say that women are disempowered in real christianity because we underline different roles in the family and the Church, then at least we have nothing on you guys, who make the woman less than human at the level of her soul. Shameful. She is not even allowed to know the Temple name of her husband, but has to wait for him to call her out of the grave on Resurrection day, with her name which he by some quirk of freemasonry (which also hates women, so no surprise there) is allowed to know.

On top of that, this theology of the Mormon’s is like some universal Ponzi, or pyramid scheme. You by into it now in order to become a God yourself later with your own creation and your own spirit children, and they go on to do the same thing, on and on and on. Well we know that pyramid schemes all come to an end, and then people get hurt. Where this one comes to a bitter end is where you die and you discover to your despair that your trust in an organisation, in a non–divine saviour who left it for you to save yourself by works and adherence to the dictates of carnal men peddling blatantly disprovable lies has left you outside the very Kingdom of Christ you were so sure you were a member of.

You need to get your soul out of that occultic mess and into some proper relationship with Jesus Christ and some proper Biblical understandings. I’m going to make this a main article in the blog so that I can add a very good youtube film here about Mormonism which every Mormon should watch. If you chicken out of it, you will only have yourselves to blame if you lose your eternity. I am afraid to watch nothing which challenges my faith.

and also, for good measure, the confessions of a former Temple worker.

(He doesn’t mention how Masonic this all is, maybe he himself doesn’t know about Masonry but it won’t be difficult for people to research how similar this all is.)

The problem is, of course, that when Mormons become ex-Mormons, they are not like ex-Exclusive brethren or ex-Roman Catholics, ex-muslims or others who very often end up as Christians. I’ve observed that a much higher percentage of Mormons who leave – and we all know that there is is an embarrasingly large turnover of Mormons coming in and going out, with the average time a new convert remains a Mormon being little over one year – never believe in anything again. That is all linked in to what the real sense of Mormonism is in the hands of its owner the devil. It’s purpose is to so abuse the faith of those in it, including bilking them for their time and money beyond anything shown as normal in Scripture so that the “Church” can be rich, with such ridiculous fairy stories about planet Kolob, about Lucifer being Jesus’ brother, about blacks being an accursed race, nonsense like the Book of Abraham, etc, that when a person emerges from it they feel stupid for having exercised faith, and they fear to exercise faith again. The Mormon church stretches the blind faith of its adherents precisely in order to injure it. And the devil doesn’t care if, of the 14 million Mormons that there are, one or two million might come in and one or two million go out every year. The important thing for the devil is that they go out with their faith-capacity so abused that it becomes a much harder thing for them ever to become true Christians.

Dear Mormon reader, if you have had the guts to follow this far don’t let that plan of the devil’s win in your case. Understand what is going on, leave that synagogue of satan behind and join a proper Christian church today. You’ll find true Christians in a whole series of denominations. Probably doctrinally most helpful would be the Southern Baptists – I don’t align myself with any denomination but for the sake of giving you a safe bet for a good church, if you’re in America as most Mormons are then they will be among the most likely to give you the Gospel and give it good. Most protestant denominations contain plenty of Christians who are right with God, going to heaven and able and happy to help you go with them. The important thing is to know Jesus, the real Jesus, who He is, and to know Him personally.

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