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Hungary Series #5/5 – Tokaj!


Original playout date: 4 August 2007
Duration: 6:21

Robert Gonczy and his famous Tokaj Winecellar

“This is my visit to Tokaj in the extreme north east of Hungary where my favorite wine wine comes from. I made the acquaintance of one very charismatic and friendly winecellar owner, who wanted to show you how he is going about building a fine winecellar business just on the “”Bodrogkereszturi ut”” north of Tokaj, on the left hand side as you drive with the river on the right.

One day I will go back to Robert Gonczy’s winecellar and film the finished investment. From what he showed me, it’s shaping up to be the sort of place you’d just want to sit on the terrace, drink ice-cold Tokaj and eat goose-liver pate with paprika.

And this rounds off the Hungarian series. Coming up is the drive home through Slovakia, and the lovely people I met that day.”

Robert shows us his buidling work on his wine terrace. A big investment. It will be finished now.

Quote of the clip: “There’s no excuse for not doing a tiny bit of tourism on your behalf, and on mine of course”

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Camera: Fuji Finepix
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Other remarks: “Nagyon kellemes, nagyon elegans”

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