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Teammates having fun in Pułtusk


Original playout date: 28 October 2007
Duration: 13:44

We’re having a day at Pultusk’s Dom Polonia. The match you see is in the vicinity of the castle, the shots from the meal are in the castle itself, and the evening karaoke competition (which I won, BTW, but I didn’t have any memory card left to film it) was in the castle grounds.

This was the peak flowering of our Company, with 70 people at the time. Many became and remained very good friends. We see me prior to any exercise programme, showing off “my hump” in sporty clothing. Adam says “one year before marathon” and indeed a year later I did make a Marathon attempt. I treat this as my “before state” I may still have a large stomach, but at that point I could barely walk five km, and now I have done over 30 and hope to break that record this year. In many ways I am fitter now ten years later than I was then.

Kasia, whom you saw in the American series as well as in this clip, only yesterday has rejoined the Grupa Strategia team, so we are back on the way to seeing the glory that once was in this lovey firm.

Quote of the clip: “my hump, my hump, check it out!”

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Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Pultusk, Dom Polonii
Other people featured: Kasia, Adam, other team mates of Grupa Strategia
Genre: Business integration
Music used: “Accountancy Song”, Monty Python
Languages used: English, Polish
Animals/plants featured: Naturally occuring vegetation

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