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Huliganov’s Russia #3/11 – Where can I find such tasty pancakes?


Original playout date: 1 November 2007
Duration: 10:22

“This was, at the time, my 300th video on this Channel. One has been dropped so now it is the 299th, not that it is easy to notice that. Many thanks to all the viewers and subscribers who encouraged me to reach this milestone, and then beyond.

I’m celebrating by giving you what (according to the comments received) you seem to want – the third part (the second in a row) of Huliganov’s Russia.

I know the Russian lessons are even more popular, but I don’t have one ready right now. The next one is at planning stage, but I can’t get the time to finish it. Maybe there will be time during my visit to Canada next week.

But I believe that my regular viewers won’t be disappointed with this elegy to the Russian “”blin”” or pancake, featuring one of my all time favorite Russian songs.

Words to the song:

А где мне взять такую песню
И о любви, и о судьбе,
И чтоб никто не догадался,
Что эта песня о тебе?
И чтоб никто не догадался,
И чтоб никто не догадался,
Что эта песня о тебе,
Что эта песня о тебе.

Чтоб песня по свету летела,
Кого-то за сердце брала,
Кого-то в рощу заманила,
Кого-то в поле увела.
Кого-то в рощу заманила,
Кого-то в рощу заманила,
Кого-то в поле увела,
Кого-то в поле увела.

Чтобы у клуба заводского
И у далёкого села,
От этой песни замирая,
Девчонка милого ждала.
От этой песни замирая,
От этой песни замирая,
Девчонка милого ждала,
Девчонка милого ждала.

Exact co-ordinates for the location where the making of the pancake was filmed:

geo:lat=55.76634986504269 geo:lon=37.62085676193237″

***Statistics and Credits***
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Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Moscow
Other people featured: Random pancake lady
Genre: Travel
Music used: “А где мне взять такую песню”,
Languages used: English, Russian
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: Teremok is by no means as common now as it was back then, unfortunately, largely because street food has been chsed indoors into larger cafes and restaurants. Also a number of the old recipes have been superseded. Ilya Murowyetz you can just about get but the “Starorusski” form herrings, you just can’t get it any more. One of my favorites is with sheeps cheese and is called “grecheski” or “Greek” pancake.

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