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Uncle Davey Annoyed By Salesperson


Original playout date: 28 January 2008
Duration: 3:36

This is a film which got quite a reacion with quite a few people I know ironically starting to call me “Mr James” when this is obviously aimed at people you don’t know trying to call and sell you something.

“I got a number of calls from Alvin Management purportedly giving me special tips about stocks which are “”about to move””. The implications of this would not be good for a professional accountant whose signature is on the audit report of several stock quoted companies. So I cut him off, as I had done his colleagues earlier in the day.

Alvin Management were already guilty beforehand of pestering me and wastefully sending out printed material which I had asked them not to for environmental reasons when they spamcalled me some weeks back. Their whole sales pitch is an insult to the intelligence, is totally unwarranted, insolent in its use of the victim’s first name, without so much as a by-your-leave, and that about 10 times a minute like some kind of NLP mantra they learned in their pressure selling for dummies evening class.

Get a grip, Alvin Management. No more dumb unsolicited sales calls to me, unless you like getting put in your place by someone cleverer than you on prime time youtubevision, in which case, fire away.

Other companies who use these techniques, please note – the people you are trying to sell to are not as dumb as you like to think they are, and resent the insult to their intelligence. We don’t want this kind of thing going on in the 21st century – leave it in the end of the twentieth, where it belongs.”

The postscriptum to this is that these days that Company is nowhere to be seen. Either it was fictional from the start and just bilking people through some temporary skin, or it went under and word of it has all but disappeared from search engines. That’ll lern yer.

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