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Lost – the luggage update


Original playout date: 6 February 2008
Duration: 8:45

I’m not myself. Tooth out, on a diet, bags missing, so you may have found my videos a bit too aggressive recently and this contains a fitting apology for that, don’t miss it, if you are someone who likes being apologised to.

Anyway, I make another call to Darth Vader jnr, and the lost luggage materialises at long last . . .

There were some items missing – several boxes of Turkish sweets, 2 music CDs and some swimming goggles are what I have established so far as having been taken. If had just been the sweets I would have supposed some official had decided they shouldn’t be in the EU, or something, although it was already an EU internal flight, they were definitely with me in Vienna where I went directly from Turkey. So basically it looks like a case of theft.

This theft was never compensated for. I sent in a form and it was just ignored.

You just cannot trust the airlines. Here’s a few pieces of summary advice for the traveller.

1. Some things cannot be carried at all on aircraft (I didn’t have anything like that) and some things are not allowed in hand luggage but are allowed in the checked luggage. Be sure you know the rules.

2. I do know them, and abided by them, so that on its own won’t keep you safe.

3. Anything of value, keep in your hand luggage. Anything you can’t replace by walking into a shop, keep in your hand luggage.

4. Use travel insurance if you can get it. (I couldn’t). Be aware of what your credit card related travel insurance actually covers.

5. Prefer direct flights to broken flights. Baggage handlers repeatedly fail to meet the turnaround for onward travellers

6. If you can, wrap the bag in polythene foil at one of the airport bag wrapping services.

7. Consider lacing one of your boxes of Turkish sweets with arsenic. Only be sure to remember which one it is, and burn it later.

8. Don’t make any videos that are critical of lawyers, politicians, royalty or freemasons generally.
It’s the Bloody Austrians that did it, not the Danes, so they deserve an apologies.
Quote of the clip: “sometimes you just have to film things in order for things to start happen. I thought I was gonna have another whinge on camera and it turns up I have a happy face…”

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Other remarks: I say that I am not going to use Vienna airport but little did I know that later on I will be using it a lot because of Bratislava.

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