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Pushkin’s Post-castration Video


Original playout date: 16 February 2008
Duration: 4:07

Anyone who has pets and needs to get them neutered or castrated might be surprised to see sexual behaviours still linger after the mechanisms driving such behaviours have been set aside.

Partly this is due to the fact that the behavious around sex are not purely sexual but also are connected with ideas of dominance and status in the animals concerned.
I had the same experience with the rabbit we got in 2017, a full 9.5 years after this video, but the same story. No testicles left, but still behaviours exhibited that only make sense in the presence of testicles. This actually lingers on for quite some time, but is nothing in comparison to the sexual consciousness, frustrations and agressions, as well as the scent, that goes with an uncastrated household animal. Not all the commentary which has been on this video is still there as they seem to disappear after a while especially if accounts are removed, but there was some dissent among the viewership as to whether castration is a proper intervention or not. Some hold that it is not, I beg to differ.

Your animal will not be happy in household conditions and will be a far less biddable pet if it is left with its jewels intact. You won’t be happy, the male animal won’t be happy, and if we are talking about a female animal, then not neutering carries a risk of unwanted teenage pregnancy and you responsible for ensuring aother generation of animals (usually of course mongrels in the case of non-professional breeders) finds loving homes and this is not always as easy as you might expect it to be. Cat and dog shelters around the civilised world are filled with the results of the non-neutering of household animals.

Quote of the clip: “I don’t know why you’re laughing, you’ve just been raped by a cat”.

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