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“I asked my boyfriend to fight for me, and he refused. Does that mean he doesn’t really care that much about me? Was he being a coward, or am I judging him too harshly?” (Quora #1)


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Answered on: Tuesday, August 11, 2015
My Answer: He doesn’t deserve you, that’s for sure.

… but not in the way you think.

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About this question and answer: Needless to say, the overwhelming body of opinion among the respondents was that the young woman was immature, irresponsible and also pretty stupid to try to get her boyfriend into fights over her. So don’t try this at home, ladies.

This is part of a series which saves my answers on Quora here, so that I can get to keep them in the event of Quora going down, and everything changes eventually on-line. The answers given by me are of very varied detail, some very short, some much more detailed, some simply backing up another, better answer. Sometimes they are the only answer to a question, sometimes they are one of hundreds of answers. Sometimes they are in accord with what other answers say, smetimes they take a different track. Sometimes they are meant seriously, and at other times they are mere sarcasm, as you will see.

In each case you can follow the links, as long as Quora is up, and we’ll see how long that is, to get more detail and probably find much better answers than mine, or answer yourself.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to kick off the discussion right here on Huliganov.TV, in the hope that this will help us develop our own community. Enjoy.

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