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A Warsaw Evening in the company of Mr Alan Heath


Original YT playout date: 8 June 2008
Duration: 39:51

It’s a pleasant Warsaw evening, just the ticket for a chat with another prolific youtuber, and Alan Heath (channel name “alanheath”) is one of Poland’s most prolific, and like me he is a non-Pole living here. He is also the provider of quite a few of the Viz letters, and so if you see the name Alan Heath in the letters page on Viz, yes, this is one and the same man!

Here in a pleasant open-air watering place on Chmielna called Muza we make some videos that stamp about in total disregard of the scam that is sub judice, have a rant abiut mineral water and Alan gives us an ironic (bearing in mind his status as a leading Holocaust denial rebuttaller) rendition of “Oh Fatherland, Fatherland”.

All in all a pleasant time was had by all, and we totally failed to see the serious side. Do I win 10 zlotys?

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Location: Warsaw
Other people featured: Alan Heath
Genre: Chat, walking,
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Languages used: English, some Polish,
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: These days Alan is mainly connected to films about motor homes and has the leading camper van and motor home site in Europe.

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