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The Rickshaw Rant


Original YT playout date: 22 June 2008
Duration: 58:14

This video   h a s   i t   a l l !

Well, so it should, bearing in mind it lasts nearly an hour! Still, I would be very pleased if my dear listeners would sit back and just enjoy the show. Get a coffee!

Here’s some of what awaits you:

* Relaxing scenes from Warsaw’s Szczesliwicki park

* One of the rantiest impromptu rants I ever did.

* A unique ride through the park and Ochota in Warsaw’s (I believe) only family rickshaw. (There are a handful of commercial rickshaws in Lazienkowski Park for tourists, but I never saw them elsewhere, and only for hire, whereas mine isn’t)

* Creative use of the new annotations function, including lyrics to some of the background music and supplementary info. These annotations can and will be added to during the active life of the video.

* And to cap it all a couple of interesting pieces of incidental music in the background which I made a few years ago, and have been meaning to incorporate for some time.


BTW For people in Poland wanting to get a rickshaw like mine, the place to go is

If there is any interest in founding a rickshaw society for Poland or an international one, anywhere on the interenet, let me know. It seems the natural answer to the fuel crisis, but we need to lobby cities for wider paved areas, and for the space between bollards which prevent car access still to be broadly spaced enough to allow rickshaw access. Also they don’t go up kerbs very well, so kerbs need to be smoothed off at road crossings.

As for countries where bicycles are still expected to drive on the roads, more in a later video (coming in due course – I recorded it already but I have a certain play-out order) Suffice it to say I’ll gladly ride my bike on the roads when they take the cars off the roads. More and more I am starting to believe that the only place for fuel consuming cars is in transport of goods or in public transport, including taxis, all of which should be on green fuel. Except for invalids, cars should be restricted by even higher rates of tax, on themselves and on their fuel. Their place should be taken by bicycles and bicycle derivatives like the rickshaw. There should be grants and concessions for the design and purchase of these vehicles.

You will notice that the video also contains, in the lyrics of the song, a Gospel message. Many Christians have expressed surprise at a conservative Christian supporting climate change initiatives and a less polluting lifestyle. They are skeptical about environmentalists’ claims, as if environmentalism were somehow tied in with the theory of evolution, New Ageism, big-brother style state control on a pretext, and other things and prefer to trust God to sort out the planet, and if it ends, well it was designed to end anyway, wasn’t it? I think these attitudes from part of the church are wrong, and I would like to remind brethren that when God placed Adam in the garden he commanded him to “”dress it and keep it”” and also to name all the animals. He did not command us to burn tires in it, drive fast cars around it, and drive the animals and plant species to extinction before we’ve even managed to identify what they are. I also note that not one single biblical character possessed a motor car and they did very well without it. Yes I do have a car, but I am now doing everything I can to keep its use to the practical minimum, and would like to invite you to consider the same.

Quote of the clip: “yes, there’s various sorts of people, here”

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Location: Szczesliwicki park, Warsaw
Other people featured: Elena, George, Tanya, Sophie,
Genre: Rickshaw travel, Rant
Music used: Various pieces, including my own version of Dyner Lais, and a couple of others, starting from 07:30
Languages used: English, Polish, Welsh, Russian,
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