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Duda-Bis protests against Raiffeisenbank


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Original YT playout date: 7 February 2009
Duration: 4:07

The following is the original comment from 12 years ago. I kept it in as its relevance to today is somehow abiding.

“I happened to pass this protest blockade of Raiffeisenbank HQ in Warsaw. When I started the film I did not know what was going on. This reportage is live and real, and not stylised and scripted like the news on the TV. I call this real journalism, although it may not appeal to people fed on the chewed up pap they get for their hard-earned licence money.

Duda -Bis is a Sosnowiec based meat company (not to be confused with Duda of Grabkowo, which is a larger meat company that happens to have the same family name) and they have been forced into liquidation by Raiffeisen Bank.

The rumours going around the business community are that Raiffeisen have been particularly aggressive when clients of loans have experienced any difficulty in this recession. Their draconian approach will only deepen the pain of the recession. If your business has loans with Raiffeisen Bank then ensure you get rid of them in first order and don’t forget their behaviour when the recession is over and they are looking to lend their money out again!

The foreclosure of loans in an aggressive way so that workers end up on the street is not what we expect from banks when their bail outs are costing billions to the taxpayers who are largely the businesses who had to go cap in hand like serfs to these banks for loan finance in the first place, and their employees. Governments are bailing them out with our money, but they are laughing at us, the business community, and flouncing around their get out of jail free card in a sickening way.

If banks don’t learn humility, then business people are simply going to borrow and lend from each other in financial co-operatives, boycotting the traditional bankers. We are no longer interested in funding your marble halls and your massive “”success”” bonuses. There’s ironic.”

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