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Tommy Boyd and Viktor Huliganov discuss Tommy’s social experiment on media-fuelled outrage


Original YT playout date: 27 June 2009
Duration: 24:18

This was a live radio broadcast on Play Talk UK on 16th December 2008. Tommy Boyd and Nicky in the Studio received a skype call from this channel’s very own Viktor D. Huliganov, and the topics of discussion include:

1) Tommy’s famous “”set-up”” of Off Com and the powers that be by feigning that part of the country had down time. In fact what he did was fade down all the programme, so that no-body heard anything, following which he played pre-recorded complaints about what he was supposed to have said in the meantime. Find out what happened next …

2) Discussion of Viz, and why it isn’t translatable into other languages

3) A review of the internet project


This is one of the best public conversations I have had, and Tommy also was able to showcase his skills, so in fact this is a favorite of mine.

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