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Prague Vlog #7 – Breakfast Time in Prague


Original YT playout date: 16 August 2009
Duration: 36:50

“We look at what it looks like landing in a propellor plane at Prague airport, and then there’s a walk to Cafe Louvre on Narodni for breakfast. I have a bit of a rant about languages and the way people are taught in higher education these days.

After that there’s a look through the train window at Pardubice – a little footage I didn’t have anywhere else to put.”

Plus what passed for an “electronic ticket” even though had to printed out. But that was 2009, and the world has certainly changed since then!

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Location: Cafe Louvre Prague
Other people featured: The Fosters
Genre: Review of Restaurant
Music used: None
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: None

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