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Varvara Krasa Dlinnaya Kosa – Barbara the Fair


Original YT playout date: 16 January 2010
Duration: 1:20:25

Huliganov TV has been able to get hold of a full version of this Soviet children’s movie for your enjoyment. Directed in 1969 by Alexandr Rou, this production of the Russian Story of “”Barbara the Fair with Silky Hair”” stars Mikhail Pugovkin as King Jeremy, Anastacia Zuyeva as the Narrator Lady, Georgiy Millar as King Chudo-Yudo, and Tatiana Klyuyeva as the eponymous Barbara.

The story is a traditional style fairytale, with King Jeremy kidnapped by the underwater kind Chudo-Yudo while making a census of his lands, and agreeing unwisely to a ransome demanded for his release…

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Location: Gorky studios
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Genre: Soviet Cinema
Music used: Film soundtrack
Languages used: Russian

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