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GoldList Method


The GoldList Method Explained

Here is a new landing page for the GoldList Method.

If you are looking for the original explanation now superseded, please find this here

The new, revised explanation of the GoldList Method is in parts, and these will be published over the coming days as it is all nearly ready (as at 15th June 2018).

Here are the parts

1. The Problem
2. The Basic Concepts
3. How to go about starting a GoldList project – Material Selection and Plan
4. The GoldList Book – Headlist
5. The GoldList Book – Distillations
6. Bronze, Silver, Gold
7. Where to go from here?

Part 7 is not yet ready as at today’s date (29th September 2018)

Anyone wishing to share in the funding of the coming GoldList Method Book and other coming resources can now do so here.

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