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Introducing Count von Weytzentrenner

Sproey von Weytzentrenner, revanchist aristocrat of the Currywurst and Hamburger stall, is my fifth character on the channel. I did about four or five pieces with him, always including a number of the effects of Windows Movie Maker that I liked to experiment with at the time. Especially the “newpaper” effect I reserved to use mainly with von Weytzentrenner.

I sing a song here, as all the other personas did. A spoof of Marlene Dietrich’s song.

Von Weytzentrenner did not start life here, by the way. He was a usenet persona prior to that, and trolled a few people as Usenet aficionados can no doubt find by using Google for groups search.

I hasten to add that this is not an attack on Germans generally, only on a certain small element that still exists in their society.

Introducing Pierre Delauney!

Here we have for the first time the fourth “persona” on the channel, after Viktor Huliganov, Thomas P. Jameson III and Peter Paczek. I didn’t do much with this character, but he is based a bit on an old French teacher of mine from school days – even some of the gags are from that guy, and I liked that teacher a great deal. I think he appears only twice, but he can always re-appear in the future. One day I’d like to do more with Pierre Delauney.

And, for those of you who are wondering where the pun is – the pun is in Polish. Pierre Delauney sounds like “pierdolony”.

Moscow Zoo Aquarium

This was my first ever of what I’ll call my “gallery” videos. Basically that’s a slideshow, like the old “gallery” in Vision On with Tony Hart. Here the music is Moscow Nights. Here on HTV there should also be a categorising of background music used in these films. I’ll be trying to include that here too.

All these photos were taken by me in the Moscow Zoo aquarium with the stills function of my mini DV cam. I haven’t been able to transfer the video footage as yet from that, but I’ll no doubt get to it one day…

Yet another experiment…

Google Groups
Huliganov and friends
Visit this group

If this works, you’ll see a button to the “Huliganov and friends” google group. If you have a registered google account, then you can join that group and read the interesting supplementary discussions there relating to language learning and Russian in particular.

Some old audio I was asked for… and a potted history of the downfall of the Sunday Night Show

A friend of mine, the rising star of UK talk radio, and host of the new Sunday Night UK internet radio show “No Holts Barred” Mr Michael Holt, asked me if I had any of now defunct Play Radio UK’s old Sunday Roast podcasts left. The answer is I do have a couple lying around on my hard drive, and since they are now a rarity (for reasons that may become clear when you listen) I will share them here with him and with you. The Sunday Roast is a Sunday night programme that took over in the Autumn of 2008 from the more popular Not The Tommy Boyd Show. It was not streamed in the way the NTTBS was, and so I did not make a point of collecting it for YouTube and in due course all the extant NTTBS will be in this blog also in its own section.

Hopefully the upgrade I purchased will enable me to host the 5 shows that I have. I thought they were being archived elsewhere, but it seems that that other archive has gone the proverbial journey…

(Later edit) The audio players may not be locating the files, as they are rather large, but Mikey tells me he has been able to download them from the library location by looking at the source, if that helps anyone else who wants to hear these and cannot get at them.

This is Sunday 12th October 2008. One of the earliest Roasts, with Jo McCafferty still on the team.

This is the following week, Sunday 19th October 2008.

I will give a little history that you, Mikey, probably know a lot – if not all – of, although you came in a bit later. It may be of use to others who are new to the UK internet talk radio microcosm and who happen to find their way here.

Following these two weeks the listenership of the Roast suffered as there was a rival Sunday night show, called Totally Chappers, for the podcasts, and this was run by Peter Chapman and Eduardo Paris, who basically rallied the community of talk radio listeners and capitalised on dissatisfaction with the perceived reduction of attention to the listenership given by PRUK. They had switched off the official PRUK skype chats, resulting in a series of listener-hosted skype chats going on both in and out of show times, and the consequent fragmentation of the UK talk radio community.

After Tommy Boyd’s return to Play Radio UK in August 2008, his refusal to allow the continuation of studio-linked skype chatting, the failure of PRUK to re-establish video streaming after the close of the servebeer server, the alienation of Stuart Heron who was a strong technical as well as content providing team member, as well as shortness with a number of loyal contributors, together with the determination to disallow any more zoo-format broadcasting, and the dismissing of zoo format by its own author as no longer relevant, and the promotion of the more controversial Matthew Hollick caused Peter and Eduardo to decide to go head to head against the Sunday Roast, which they did from September 2008 for 23 shows, with a few missing weeks which went through till February 2009 and those podcasts are all available at .

By the time the impetus had gone out of the Totally Chappers programme, other less successful “bedroom radio” shows, as PRUK described the competing listener-controlled shows, including the Gary Show by Gary Redrup, Christopher Painter’s Falmer University Radio show, and the semi-professional Big Cigarette by Fat Steve, available on were already up and running, continuing the stream of alternative internet talk radio competition. LBC and Absolute Radio, and to a degree Mansfield FM with Ian Watkins show on Friday evenings (when PRUK didn’t have a talk schedule anyway) were also taking larger amounts of listeners, as you would expect from studios. Allan Caddick’s radio creativity had been diverted into his non-podcasted hospital radio show. This in fact meant that the contributor’s energies had gone in all directions. The existence of talk throughout the week instead of only on Sundays as in the time of the Not-The-Tommy-Boyd-Show meant that both live listening and also contributing to any single show was well down on the previous year’s quality.

For PRUK the gradual introduction by Tommy Boyd of such controversial presenters as Simon Darby, the Hermann Goering of the BNP and Catherine Cat, an Australian prostitute claiming to be an expert on culture but in fact not being aware of more than a small few specialist areas she liked in particular, and Chris Reardon, claiming to be an expert on podcasting but not knowing as much about it as the average of his PRUK listeners, although other than that an affable presenter, but not challenging enough for the given audience, also led to waning dissatisfaction with the whole PRUK output, although certain shows such as Fevzi the Gadget Detective, Joypod and Richard Cartridge were well received.

This means that by the time we get to April 2009, the Roast has already lost one presenter, Jo McCafferty, who resigned in protest at Simon Darby’s involvement, and Arron Weedall also seems to have lost heart also. The initial pzazz, such as it was, is therefore reduced in these April shows, and the number of callers has also diminished with comparison to the above shows.

This is Sunday 5th April 2009.

This is Sunday 19th April 2009.

This is Sunday 26th April 2009.

I’ll add the last one I have as soon as I can get it to upload here. I’ve tried in vain about a dozen times, and I can see that wordpress is far from ideal for hosting full length radio shows. Smaller audio it handles pefectly well, like my song here, the Shade of the White Plum Tree – which you can play without fear of “PMS for Mooses”, btw:-

Peter Paczek sings Elvis Presley!

This followed the next day from the first of the Peter paczek videos following on thematically from the first but including a Geordie version of Elvis Presley’s “Love me Tender”, called “Loov me Champion”.

Sometimes Daddy says “bloody”…

This is a break from the comedy and music I’d been filming around that time, just to catch a very simple memory – Sophie lost her first milk tooth, but of course by now she’s lost nearly all of them. I don’t have any video, photos or anything of my milk teeth. I remember saving them but evidently I must have lost them somewhere along the line – probably someone gave them to Madoff or something. Anyway, we relive our own kiddywinkyhoods in our children, so at least I got this wobbly tooth down for posterity.

Introducing Peter Paczek (pronounced Pontschek)!

Here we have the third persona to appear on the channel – Peter Paczek is a Polish Geordie. Apologies to anyone who thinks I sound like a mackem, but yer wrang.

The hat, by the way, is an Olney Eight-piece, in green tweed. At first I was going to use this only for the Peter Paczek character, but I ended up using it on more work, as I wore it a lot anyway in the winter. Then I lost it and bought an identical Olney Eight Piece in grey for this winter.

The poem “Drink to me only with thine eyes” is being murdered in this particular video. It is also available as a drinkning song with a melody almost like a hymn, but I haven’t performed it that way yet. Maybe one day.

Thomas P Jameson III sings “Different Drum”

Not everyone enjoyed listening to this version of Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies’ classic, but I enjoyed singing it, so what the heycque, as they say in Belgium. You can click through and see what the follk had to say.

Here Thomas P. Jamieson III rebuts the nonsense of Huliganov, and shows how a song should be sung.

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