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Coming soon – ” History with Heath” on cable networks near you!

Original YT playout date: 12 December 2009
Duration: 1:41

I broke my current YT strike (occasioned by an unfair copyright strike on my channel – now the TV station concerned has fairly withdrawn their complaint, but I was still waiting for YT to remove the strike on my account, which did happen in due course) just to promote a friend of mine, Alan Heath, of alanheath channel fame, who had received a proposal to take on a TV programme in the same style, only more produced, than his existing work on channel

Many of my subscribers also watch Alan’s work, and he was too modest to put an announcement about this on his own channel, but we’re all very excited about it. – Another youtuber breaks into TV, that has to be a good sign for all of us, even those who like me watch very little TV. It shows that we are becoming the new mainstream, and that the modest amateur producer really can achieve the recognition that once was the domain of people fortunate enough to know people in TV.”
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Farewell Video of Extraordinary Mognitude

Original YT playout date: 14 November 2009
Duration: 1:09:34

“If you like long goodbyes, then this is the place for you. This one lasts well over an hour!

Lord Moggy, of nightshiftmoggy channel, as well as one of the stars of this channel, decided that his one and a half year visit to Europe has to come to an end. He has seen new things, made new acquaintances, learned a bit of the language, ate different foods – but it ain’t home. Like Peter Allen, he still calls Australia home, so off he flies.

You’ve seen him on this channel about fifteen to twenty times, maybe even more. This is his last interview before I took him to the airport, and he blows the whistle on certain unscrupulous practices he encountered recently, and his adventures in Ukraine, including getting deported.

This tells us some of the story of an extraordinary modern adventurer, the resilience of a man who lost everything, and then decided at last to follow a dream, even though everyone thought he was mad.

An account of someone who is at once a street moggy and a lord – a nearly penniless man … who has enriched us all.”
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Maker and Redeemer

I have been working a bit on music of late, which is maybe putting it a bit too ambitiously given that I am not very musically educated and don’t even read the notes on the staves fluently, but I just felt like a play, and some extemporaneous music came out, which I expect to record when I can play it more faultlessly.

I wanted to basically fit the words to Glory be to Jesus which has the tune shown nicely here:

which I hasten to add is not mine as you may be able to tell when they skip one of my favorite hymn verses of all time.

What is sung there is called the tune Casnell by William Henry Monk (known for having composed the best-known tunes for “Abide with me”, “All things bright and beautiful” and many others). Whoever wrote that book they are playing from I know not, but as far as I can tell the correct name of that tune isn’t Casnell, at all, as I can’t find any other mentions of such a name. The correct information is that a German Lutheran composer called Friedrich Filitz composed it in 1847 for the tune “Wem in Leidenstagen”, which I cannot find any performances of. It is sometimes called Caswall in English, but still attributed to Filitz.

Edward Caswall in turn was the person who made the English words of Glory be to Jesus having translated it from Italian.

Here are the Italian words:

Viva! Viva! Gesù! che per mio bene
Tutto il sangue verso dalle sue vene.
Il sangue di Gesù fu la mia vita;
Benedetta la Sua bontà infinita.
Questo sangue in eterno sia lodato,
Che dall’ inferno il mondo ha riscattato.
Questo Sangue si fe’ nostra bevanda
E delle anime nostre la lavanda.
Il Sangue di Gesù placa lo sdegno
Del Genitore e ci conduce al Regno.
D’Abele il sangue gridava venedetta.
Quel di Gesù per noi perdono aspetta.
Se di tal Sangue è asperso il nostro cuore,
Fugge il Ministro del divin furore.
Se di Gesù si esalta il divin sangue,
Tripudia il ciel, trema l’abisso e langue.
Diciamo dunque insiem con energia
Al sangue di Gesù gloria si dia. Amen 

Ascr. St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787).

I will be adding more to this later on to show the chorus I have added, both tune and words, but the refrain (i am planning for the refrain to develop over the course of the hymn but the culminating refrain, so to speak, will be:

Maker and Redeemer
Bathe us in Thy Blood!
Bring us home to Glory
Thou our Lord and God!

Watch this space for the whole thing and hopefully God willing a musical arrangement also.

Uncle Davey’s Moscow – part 2 of 2

Original YT playout date: 11 November 2009
Duration: 44:56

We finish off the footage from my October 2009 brief visit. Plenty of pancakes and a privileged view inside of one of the “wedding cake” buildings beloved of Stalin that Moscow is famous for, this one being the Moscow Hilton.

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Huliganov’s Philadelphia, part 2 – Signers’ Hall

Original YT playout date: 13 November 2009
Duration: 23:00

We go to the place where the bronze casts of the original freemasons who decided that they were “the people”, as in not just SOME people, but THE ones with a capital THEE, and could get rid of the monarchy from the colonies. Some of them were dissidents, but only because they wanted some amendments to the Constitution, not because they were loyal to “Boy” George, the English king, who was considered to have had bad, even chameleonic karma. He was a herpetologist, you see, and his herpes were known all over the world. He tried to tax the colonies to finance his requirement for Zoovirax, so that he could house his chameleons and other herpes in appropriate terrariums, and therefore is considered to have been the first ever international terrarist.

They all signed following the words “yes, we really want to hurt you” in this very hall, built some 200 years later, and in that day they split the English nation into two, forcing the British to colonise Australia instead. The Western part started to be called Americans (even though they were in the process of killing the real Americans, but this self-same thing had been done before in Prussia by the people who made up a leading cohort in the non-loyal Americans) and the Eastern Part plus Canada carried on being the British Empire, and they played cricket and gave up slavery. Officially anyway. Later on America also gave up slavery in the South, battling each other in the process, and later on still they did battle against alcohol producers, the environment and most recently of all someone else’s freedom fighting, as well as turning up close to the end of two world wars, and helping us beat the Germans, who nevertheless love them and forgive them everything.

The leader, Ben Jammer Franklinstein, who was Grand Master of Pennsylvania, even though it was supposed to be a Quaker State and they have oats rather than Grand Masters, wanted all the people to sign, not just his fellow freemasons. He said the following immoral words: “I’d like to get the world to sign, in perfect harmony, this declaration of our state of independency. I’d like to buy the world a coke, and furnish it with ice, and put some lemon in as well, if only just a slice.” however, it was a rainy night in Georgia, we feel, from which that particular soda started raining all over the world.

And such is American history in a nutcase.

In honour of this, Viktor D. Huliganov signs the Treaty of Independence, thus ratifying it and assuring its immor(t)ality. He may not be a freemason like 13 or more of those 33 those bronze figures, but he is all in favour of life, liberty and the pursuit of ice-cold soda.
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Uncle Davey’s Moscow – part 1 of 2

Original YT playout date: 11 November 2009
Duration: 44:56

Footage from a recent visit to audit one friendly auditor… This is just two parts, but each quite long, and it shows what I managed to get up to in a few days of being there.
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Snippets of Warsaw

Original YT playout date: 10 November 2009
Duration: 14:50

Here are a few odd bits that didn’t really belong anywhere else, that only had in common that they are from Warsaw. The first snow in Warsaw this year, cockroach infested Que Huong restaurant which cannot be bothered to let you know it is having a closed party until you come right up the staircase to it, the stupidly named Samsung Corby, and the ludicrous new trend in Mentos advertising. These are just some of the odd bits in this here fillum.
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Thoughts on the nihilism of David Uncleborough

There was a discussion in the Australian edition of the Spectator about how this doyen of British broadcasting has slipped ever more into an anti-human stance, even stating that the planet would be better off without us.

The guy has had an immensely charmed life and while he is not the only one to be blessed, what you can say about those who are greatly blessed is that they fall into roughly three camps.

1. The So-Whatters. Those who seem to take it for granted and see no need to be thankful. Frankly I find such people equal and opposite to the handwringers and equally wrong.

2. The Hand Wringers. People who feel guilty about about the fact they had it better than others and feel as though it would be better if everyone was engulfed in equal misery. Communism is where that ends.

3. The Thankful. People who believe in and worship God understand that He gave them the blessings they have. They examine their lives and say, I was blessed here, I was challenged there, God sometimes took away. I regard myself as blessed and bless God’s name. I read that where much is given, much is required, and so I do what I can, but simply giving it all away to all comers cannot be the right answer, as God could have done that in the first place if that’s what He had in mind. My job is to turn ten talents into ten more, and not be surprised if one-talent guy even has to give me his one.

At the outset of his career we might have thought Uncleborough was a 3 but he seems to have found his way into the 2 camp and this does tend to happen with those whose faith in a creator and Redeemer is weak.

If you wanna be a Job, you gotta know that your Redeemer liveth. Job had a lot, lost the lot, accepted the sovereignty of God in giving and taking, and then got back everything he lost and more.

But while he and his mates got into a mode of whining about environmentalism and other guilt-trippy tropes, God came along in a whirlwind and slapped them all verbally about the head.

I don’t want David Uncleborough to die, despite him chucking Spicer off a bannister and trying to get the lovely Carol Marsh to shoot herself as a kid, and then chucking a bunch of walruses off a cliff in his dotage, I want him to be thankful to God, faithful and believing, and then to live forever in paradise which I fully expect to have even more new species in it than the old one had.

David on the Komodos Islands, in search of the last living Sealeocanth.

It is not possible for this universe to have been a better place without humans, for, as shown in John’s gospel and other parts of the Bible, without the fact that this was to be the home and stage for the history of salvation, where God the Father would give to God the Son all those souls He had appointed for Him, God the Son, our blessed Jesus Christ would never have made this world and this universe in the first place. Yesterday’s blogpost on this Channel should have made it clear to you why that can be stated unequivocally.

Do animals evolve into new kinds?

They don’t evolve from one kind to another in observable time. There is some speciation since the flood, but it’s only in short generation animals. They cannot change from kind to kind, the variety within the Kind just gets bigger. Usually taxonomic families of vertebrates which have huge numbers of species in, or species with huge numbers of subspecies and races are short generation animals and those with few are long-generation animals. If you look at that and see where the lines all converge we can conclude that the Flood could have been about 7,000 years ago.

None of that though is particularly relevant to the question of whether humans are animals. This depends on how you define animals. That there is an analogy in Creation between humans and a series of specieisdered notional forebears is not necessarily relevant to that question either. It is all down to the philosophical stance one takes, especially with regard to the finest spiritual revelations that we have, namely the Bible.

I do not have a problem when atheists start wittering on about how great apes and we have all got a deficiency in the gene to make our own vitamin C, this and other things have no bearing on the fact that God could have made us last Thursday, but for the fact He tells us it was a few thousand years earlier than that. Before that you have 14 billion years of universe production, a spurious and impossible in fact start to life and living cells, and then a chain of evolution, culminating in a standing naked ape which gets language and thought in a conundrum not less impossible to understand than the first living cell coming from soup, all of which of course happened only in the eternal foreknowledge of God the Son, who wrote this in His own mind as a plan, so as to make a home and set the stage for those whom the Father was set to give to Him. (John 17 has all of this information if you look carefully, especially John 17 v 24). Once the Logos sets this plan or Logos in motion, bringing even light and the other laws of physics as we know them into being by speaking that which is in His Plan, then we see it does not take 14 billion years, it takes six days. Six like the six wine barrels at the wedding in Cana, Galilee, which were also filled with vintage wine from water and not wine that appeared to have been made a few minutes earlier. It is a mature creation, it looks partly like it could have evolved, but we are told the real truth, which explains the things that are in it which by no means could have evolved.

Atheists are a bit like some folk who have autism, they have if you like a kind of spiritual autism becuase they look at this world and try to understand it without reference to the Creator. In fact, they really don’t want to know Him.

This is of course very sad, because knowing Him is really all there is, all there is that lasts.

You know what I am talking about.

The Composer in his Garret

Original YT playout date: 10 November 2009
Duration: 11:37

I have been forced to record more of my own awful compositions and to compose more too, since youtube is coming down on a ton of bricks when people put existing music on their films. Don’t blame me, blame them. Anyway, in this film the precise moment I came up with the tune “Don’t Give Up” recently shown here, and also a bit more adlibbing to some flight footage. The arabic sounding bit was composed earlier by me in Moscow. I close off with a few bars of Dvorak’s “Rusalka”, or at least my variation on it.
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Huliganov’s Philadelphia, part 1 – Trouble Crossing

Original YT playout date: 8 November 2009
Duration: 18:03

Welcome to the third series of Huliganov’s North America. This deals with the difficulties of getting across the Atlantic when the first plane to Frankfurt takes off two hours late and the connecting flight has to delay so you can get on. The luggage came two days later. When we arrived in Philadelphia, it was raining the way it rains all the time in America whenever I go there but never seems to on your Hollywood films unless they’ve got George Clooney in, in which case it’s studio hands chucking it from the sides in buckets, and it’s really perfumed rosewater. Here’s where to come to see the real America. And we go to America’s first capital, to where American citizenship all began, to where a bunch of English people abroad decided that they wanted to be something else, and wanting to was, in the end, really all they needed. Now they really are something else, as you will see, as the series unfolds…
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Huliganov murders “I’d rather leave while I’m in love”

Original YT playout date: 7 November 2009
Duration: 3:00

Any fans of this famous piece, switch off now. One commentator called it “certainly a case of cantricide”
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