GoldList Method


The GoldList Method Explained

Here is a new landing page for the GoldList Method.

If you are looking for the original explanation now superseded, please find this here

The new, revised explanation of the GoldList Method is in parts, and these will be published over the coming days as it is all nearly ready (as at 15th June 2018).

Here are the parts

1. The Problem
2. The Basic Concepts
3. How to go about starting a GoldList project – Material Selection and Plan
4. The GoldList Book – Headlist
5. The GoldList Book – Distillations
6. Bronze, Silver, Gold
7. Where to go from here?

We are half-way through part 5 and have the rest still to do as at 14th June 2018, but for people embarking on their GoldList adventure now, it will be enough for the first month of activity, by whch time I will have been able to do most, if not all, of the rest.


  1. Pardon me if I’ve missed it, but I would be pleased to see the link to this new explanation headpage more widely popularized! The only automated notifications for new pages not on the homepage “stream” are sent through WP accounts, and I don’t log into mine all that often. Nevermind those without WP accounts.

    As far as comments on the content, I’ll have to read through it first! At any rate, congratulations on how the system is taking off and helping you to the necessary information and feedback to streamline and clarify.

    If and when you publish a book, I do hope and urge that it be made to a higher level of production and editing “values” than a certain PDF/paperback book which I’ve seen popularized in these circles. I value the historical and personal accounts of that project, but it would be unfortunate if the worth of your system were not adequately presented.


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