Chillout at Chillon

Original YT playout date: 3 August 2009
Duration: 40:14

An evening at Chateau Chillon, an imposing castle with much history at the east end of Lake Geneva
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A look at the Kępiński in Geneva

Original YT playout date: 28 July 2009
Duration: 6:38

This is a fine example of what to expect if you book a room in the Geneva Hotel Kępiński. Please note correct, un-westernised spelling.
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Original YT playout date: 12 July 2009
Duration: 52:12

This visit to Gruyeres starts with the “international” area of Geneva, the place where a number of the UN’s arms and other in my opinion rather questionable organisations all get together, spend our money and decide for us what is to become of us.

After that we see the Head Office of Nestle, the organisation controlling many of the most famous food brands and other sources in the world. From there we go to the medieval town of Gruyeres, to see the beautiful and richly historic castle, along with taking part in such Helvetic activities as alpine horn blowing, wooden cow milking, the hideous and brutal Giger Museum, a Tibetan museum (I didn’t go as I already had taken a big enough risk of being infected with unwholesomeness at the Giger Museum and I didn’t need the old Shangri-La idea as well), local Gruyere cheese and wine tasting and a great fondue meal to round it all off.

There is a gallery section showing photos I took around the castle, but I set it to Russian film music, as I didn’t have any Swiss castle music, and it seems to go with it as well as anything. I know my Russian learner viewers will enjoy that.
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The Happy Swingers play on Lake Geneva

Original YT playout date: 9 July 2009
Duration: 7:55

You can see Damien Faure and his group who so obliged us with this fine performance out on the Lac also on their website which is You can book these artistes for your venue or event and please let them know you got them from here. They are a great act.
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Geneva evening e-video

Playout date: 4 February 2007
Duration: 11:03
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Camera: Logitech Webcam
Post Production: None
Location: Home
Other people featured: Christopher Chadwick, Katarzyna Ogrodnik-Zawadzka
Genre: Environmental
Music used: Die Lorelei, and Auf Fluegeln des Gesanges bei Heine, and Roeslein rot in Japanese.
Languages used: English, French, German, others
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks:

Visiting Geneva or Senf, as the Germans have it, on business, seeing the Rat Museum, the Place de Nerves, and watching a game of wizard chess with colleagues and hearing a chess song from Armenia, before going on to visit the wall of the Reformers and seeing all the important Calvinists and the Church Calvin preached in, as well as eating at the Carnivore Restaurant, where charcuterie calls for sharp cutlery. Finally finishing off at Lemon Lake. A good time was had by all.