Russian Course

My thanks to Natasha Brown for putting this lot together in the correct order with all the links:

Уроки с Виктором Дмитриевичем Хулигановым

  1. Francisco Ugarte

    Estimado Huliganov

    Disculpe la intimidad, pero es así como nos tratamos en nuestra cultura.

    He estudiado varios idiomas, pero apenas soy fluente en tres: inglés, portugués y castellano.

    Su método y particularmente su personalidad, son extraordinariamente atractivos.

    Lo felicito por su creación.

    Un gran abrazo.

    Si viene a Brasil tendré mucho gusto en recibirlo.

    Francisco Ugarte


  2. james kenney

    sir, your russian lessons have been very helpful to me. this is also true of advice concerning language learning strategy.


  3. H. Allan Aho

    I’ve been learning Russian for about a year now, and your method is very helpful to me. I’m in no particular hurry to become fluent, and I have many distractions, but I stick with it and your Goldlist method is very useful. I also enjoy your music and jokes. As a professional musician, I can also appreciate your singing talent. Russian will be my third language. Presently, I speak English and German equally well, and a curiosity is that both of my parent were Finnish. As it was in many immigrant families of the time when I was young, my parents did not speak Finnish at home (USA), except when the children weren’t supposed to understand. I taught myself German while living and performing in Germany after serving there while in a US Army Band. Some of my relatives are annoyed by the fact that I’ve now chosen to learn Russian, and still do not speak Finnish, but I find the aesthetic properties of Russian irresistible. So, thank you for all that you do.

    I am bothered though, by a statement you make in lesson 12 RL102.That is to remember the Red Army for the liberation of Europe. You will probably expect me to say that the other allies should take more credit, but I’ll leave that aside. For me, it is important to make the point that the Red Army also invaded Finland, and took Karelia. This was certainly no liberation and it should not be forgotten. There is no way to whitewash what happened in Finland and ignoring the facts is almost as bad as denying them. It doesn’t wonder me that Estonia has removed some Soviet statues and monuments, being that the Estonians and Finns are brothers and sisters with the Karelians in ethnicity. Nevertheless, thanks again for a very informative website. One last thing, if you are interested, take a look at the Russian film “Кукушка”, a gripping story of a Finnish soldier, a Russian soldier, and a Karelian farm girl.


    • Russia under Stalin was not a well-behaved country but the fact remains that most of Europe is freer now than it would be if Hitler had won. Finland did not do that for us.

      Finland had its own war with Russia and fought well. They are respected by Russian people for their toughness and this is a major reason why Russia gave them back their country at the end of the war. Or anyway most of it. Finland was far better treated than Poland, for instance, another valiant country.

      Finland of course is no angel itself. Many of the peoples under its rule are Lapps or Swedes and not Finnish at all. You can hardly complain then if some ethnic Finns live in a place considered Russia.

      All in all, countries are useless, man-made boxes but the blood shed by ordinary soldiers defending liberty is real enough.


  4. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you for being kind to share them!


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