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Thanks, China!

Original YT playout date: 31 December 2009
Duration: 1:53

Thank you for being yourselves, not getting pushed about like every other country.

Thank you for managing to feed and clothe one quarter of the human race in relative comfort, increasing greatly the standard of living of the average citizen of China, and, as such, the average human being on this planet.

Thank you for regarding with skepticism the directions western politicians seem to think we should go.

Thank you for being an alternative.

Thank you for being the host nation of the world’s largest ever Christian revival, and those of you that do not share the Christian faith, thank you for the relaxation of distrust towards Christian people. It is not necessarily a western faith – it is said some of the apostles reached China before the message ever set foot in Europe.

Please don’t judge ordinary British people on the statements of its government – if there were an election tomorrow, they would lose. If we were free to have a referendum on capital punishment for drug pushers, we’d probably vote for it.

Of the oil and other carbon resources that are left, you and other countries that had been less developed before (partly thanks to the British pushing of drugs there in previous centuries), have the same right as anyone else to buy and use them. You know as well as we do what will happen when they run out, and don’t need a lecture or bullying from the West on that score. Success in business for China has meant less success for us – let’s keep a sporting and a fair outlook on that. If we all do business in an ethical way then we can afford to be philosophical – win some, lose some, as the various inequities of wealth around this planet get sorted out by the free market economics you have come to gain mastery of.

Your ancient and complex culture is too hard for many of us to understand, whereas so many of you have learned our languages and understand us well. Help us to learn your language and civilisation, so that we can overcome our fear of each other and go forward as one human race into the future.”
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One of Tommy’s Best Ever Soliloquys (on Atlas Shrugged)

Original YT playout date: 29 December 2009
Duration: 28:21

Edited from the podcast of 10th March 2009. Which is where I am on the podcast catch up right now. It’s an open secret that “Connor” is actually none other than the Atlanta correspondent of “Downfall” fame doing a persona. Tommy gets very passionate and ranty, and although he has no callers in this show he lets himself go with the flow and we get some classic Boyd as a result.


Oddly I am actually listening only now to the audiobook of Atlas Shrugged after hearing it from Tommy Boyd 12 years previously. Its popularity is not dimishing and it is even more actual today than it ever was.

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Shall we take that as a yes, then, Ireland?

Original YT playout date: 4 October 2009
Duration: 1:52

Behind-the-scenes Bilderberger Leonard E. Mentell QC has his maiden appearance on this channel celebrating in the Lodge over Ireland’s capitulation to the pro-Lisbon propaganda they have been bombarded with over the last 17 months. Now they can get on with the next phase of compromising democracy and pushing modern enslavement structures all over this once proud continent.
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The End of US Hegemony? Tommy Boyd and Callers

Original YT playout date: 19 September 2009
Duration: 29:25

“Twas the night before Anti-Christmas, and all through the net

Play radio was broadcasting the usual shhh…stuff.

The listeners were opening their skypes and their feeds

In the hopes that the Boydster would fill their talkradio needs

So on the night before the day when Barack Obama

Was due to take over from a Texan cattle farmer

Old Tommy was exploring a brand new idea

That with Barack the end of US power was near

More vapid than beagles his callers they came

And seeing them on Skype he called them by name

“On Eduardo! On Viktor! On Steve from Atlanta!

Just give us a bit of talk radio banter”

When all is done and the stories are told

We will look back and say “that was radio gold”
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Why I’m Not Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine

A friend of mine who reads this modest blog enquired of me whether I intended to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The answer I gave is as follows: I had this disease twice and if I could beat it twice I’ll beat it a third and a fourth time. Eventually it should start becoming like catching any of the other coronaviruses, of which we’ve all had several in our time. While we were kids we took them in our strides. Of course they also mutate, which is why we still get colds, and for someone whose gone a few rounds with it already, it’s going to be like a cold on subsequent iterations.

Not that you can’t die of it, but you can die of a cold and we accepted that as a tolerable risk, pretty much we’ve all gone through life expecting that some people can die of that if they are old and in the past it would have been called dying of old age. We didn’t use to expect to be immortal. We are, but not as far as this flesh is concerned. That’s why it’s called “the mortal coil”. It is like something that is going to die, it is born to die, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet called it a ‘coil’ in his famous 2B/N2B discourse, referencing no doubt the helix of the DNA molecule, to be discovered some 300 years down the track.

The Pfizer vaccine is of course made for profit, unlike the Astra Zeneca one which is being pumped out at cost, they say. I find it a bit hard to believe that Astra Zeneca are really not making any kind of profit on their vaccine, but stranger things have happened in the name of getting a lot of public goodwill for your brand.  In any event, Astra Zeneca’s technology is more a tried and tested one, and not an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. 

Pfizer made a clinical trial based on the view that if they give it to as many as 45,000 people then it justifies the fact that it is being done in months not years. After all, you don’t usually need anything like that many, but you do need to have it go on for some time. In the case of new technologies that muck around with the instructions inside cells, like this mRNA technology, you’d normally expect that people to wait and see what happens to be longer and not shorter, as I’ll explain if you, dear reader, have the patience to read on.

There has never been an mRNA-based vaccine, this is a whole new ball game. The theory looks like good science to those in more of the know than I can lay claim to, but we all know that the proof of various puddings is in the eating thereof.

I find it stretches my credulity to accept that having 10 times the usual number of people taking part in clinical trials means that you can come to sound conclusions about negative effects especially when it is something that involves new and little understood matters. And especially when it is being done by Pfizer, whose business model is personified by Viagra, their flagship “medicine”, which creates a dependency by preventing the erectile tissue from functioning without it any more (so that what could have been a lack of potency occasioned by stress or obesity becomes a permanent feature and can only be dealt with by gradually increasing amounts of the drug). Can I trust them to be anything less crafty when it comes to this? Their MO is well known and well established!

Moderna is the other mRNA-based one. And that’s a company linked to Bill Gates. I have read comments from him on population control going back a long time.  I remember reading his thoughts on the matter well before the current crisis. He is also known as one who makes a lot of money out of making systems that let viruses in and then selling the Antivirus for it, in computer systems, so there’s also no secret about his MO either. 

Quite frankly I can get where these population control people are coming from and if I were not a Christian I probably would be all in favour of it myself, especially if you can find a way to select out less productive people, and also do it painlessly, by rendering people infertile. It sure beats famine, incurable plagues that wipe everyone out, or world wars. We are coming to a point in food and energy sustainability where some depopulating event is practically inevitable. Malthus has been mocked and “disproven” for a long long time, but only because of agriculture being able to keep pace with world population growth by dint of taking over more land (which was how it grew in the nineteenth century, but now by the end of the twentieth cannot take much more land without reaching a tipping point for world biodiversity) or by technology in the twentieth, be that the tractor or the gene gun. Borlaug’s dwarf wheat alone has probably already kept populations from famine, but this has been at cost of an even more mysterious and complex gluten (remember gluten isn’t just one protein but a mix of similar proteins with all manner of characteristics, and it’s supported by a hexuploid set of chromosomes with an immense amount of protein coding info included in it. We never bothered to run proper FDA tests on that dwarf wheat as it was the product of hybridization, but the increase of gluten related disease tells its own story, as this wheat dominates over other Triticums and Triticum aestivum itself over other cereals on a practically world-wide scale.

In short we are now at the point of saturation in several areas of life. We are running out of space, including the space to grow crops. We have reached the limits of miniaturization for computers so they’re unlikely to get much faster, now they can keep getting bigger but they’ll start to get slower again. And we are closer to peak oil, unless the biological origin of oil theory is wrong, as I think it probably is, but that may or may not help us. Other than peak oil, we have peak phosphorus and peak potassium to worry about in the next 100-300 years. Each new billion of human mouths to feed pushes the envelope and you get a new billion humans every few years, and especially you get them in places which are unable to sustain them. Little wonder then that those “in the know” regard it as a mercy to curtail the climb of human population by stealth, and that this expediency overrides all sorts of normal ethical considerations. I understand it very well. But I am also “in the know”, in another way. I know my Bible. I know my God. I know what “pru u rvu” means. I don’t see a specific time or numerical target after which “go forth and multiply” can be abandoned. I do see a time after which the Earth will be put away by the plan and foreknowledge of God, “whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting”, but that day is down to Him and not to some overwealthed elite self-styled benefactor of mankind. It belongs to Jesus. He is the Door. Gates is not the Door. So I understand the depopulation plan, but I am never going to go along with it. I will oppose it. This piece of deathless prose is, indeed, part of the opposition to it, a simple explanation about it, placed in the public thoroughfare. My those who are supposed to, come hither, read and understand.

The ideal population control drug applied to humans by stealth would be a drug which did a useful job, and enabled the people who took it to not have any side effects on fertiity initially, but only after a prolonged period, or in the F1 generation, which is geneticists’ speak for “first filial’ or, effectvely, you get kids but oddly no grandkids. Many plants and animals when hybridised remain fertile as they are but become infertile in the F1 generation. Look up ligers if you think I’m lion’ about that.  If this dream drug that you get practically a whole planet to take has no major negative effect and seems to do a job, but has that F1 effect, that would be ideal, wouldn’t it?  Only twenty years down the line would it start to come out that very few people could have children and people would start to be putting two and two together and blaming the long gone Coronavirus pandemic and it;s jabs way back then. A 38 year-old Greta Thunberg will be blaming it all on mercury pollution and microplastics, and they for sure will also be playing a role but only a secondary one.  Mainstream media will be telling people in 2040, if the Lord hasn’t returned by then and kicked them into touch, that anyone who blames the old jab is a conspiracy theorist nutjob, and when finally enough dissident voices prove it was  indeed the jab, well, the mainstream will then start blaming Bill Gates but he will have been already dead and buried and they can vilify him then all they like. Or maybe the main thrust of public opinion would be by that time to accept the expediency of doing Project Kwaheri or whatever name they want to give it (Swahili is pretty cool for project names though) rather than the alternatives which are clearly inevitable and rather worse.

If we were, in theory, to jab everyone from early childhood until the close of life over the next ten years and then stop when it looks like the virus is done, and the kids born from now on cannot have kids themselves,  and that means anyone born to someone born themselves between 1910 and 2030. And that means everyone. Except for anyone where both partners were in on the secret. Those people can remain as meek as they like, they inherit the earth. Clearly they will have to bring up their kids in strict segregation as folk could kill them out of a desire for revenge, but the best way to achieve a situation where that didn’t happen is to have only about 80% of people vaccinated and leave it up to people’s free will. Then you get some who are fertile still and maybe you end up with an Attwoodian, Handmaid’s Tale style future coming about in the 2060’s and 2070’s.

This would suit a lot of very powerful people who have in the past made zero secret of their eugeneticist sympathies. And therefore there is no reason why this shouldn’t be executed, if these rich elites can find the right technology to do it. My guess is, they have.

It is of course quite possible that they have engineered the whole thing so that we get back to that Georgia Guidestones figure of 500 million once all of this is done. But they would like to control who those people are rather than have people self-select for survival by refusing the jab.  They don’t get to do this. They shouldn’t be trying to do this. It is playing God.

I won’t even mention what could possibly go wrong, but imagine there’s one religion, it isn’t hard to do, where women have eight children, and we have only two. Imagine all the people, enacting Shariah law? Hoo hoo! You may say I’m a dreamer, I daresay it’s not just me who worries about that, and the more of us who do the more can engage these depopulationist elites into understanding that with this imbalance with regard to reproductive policy between the enemy religion and everyone else isn’t a way to long-term utopia, unless you consider the Meccans inheriting the Earth to be what Jesus had in mind in the Sermon on the Mount. For sure the world would live as one. One big mess.

And hence, while I am already of an age where I won’t have any more children myself, and don’t need to fear infertility, I don’t want to succumb to their strategy.  They’ve already effectively done this to me anyway but other strategies, like the mercury in vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella – the Thimerosal was there even if you avoid the triple vac and I gave mine single vacs from Russia and it still didn’t help. Dr Wakefield was really on to something but he probably got the mechanism wrong, and there’s his downfall.  He’s still a good lad in my book, we all make mistakes.  And I’m not against vaccines, I’m against bad science.  If Thimerosal was great science, why is it not used today?  Having 2 out of 100 kids coming out autistic at the peak of this abuse was all about scaring many parents in the west out of having kids altogether. And for sure there are falling birth rates all over the western world, including traditionally Catholic countries, during this period at rates surely not just down to the heuristic of urbanisation.  I have three autistic children because of these people. In a sense it is a gift because Heaven is guaranteed to these ones, but who would choose this life for their kids and themselves? If you are going to use the argument that innocent kids go to heaven, you could use it to justify the abortion holocaust if you are not careful.  We don’t do evil that good may come.

Basically, I cannot recommend to others that they ‘stand sure’ like an Anderson clansman and resist, if I don’t delve into my own Anderson genes and ‘stand sure’ myself.

Whether this is something to do with the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13, I don’t know. I certainly cannot exclude it when the powers of this world are starting to behave around this thing as if it were that mark without which you can neither buy nor sell. And even if it’s only a precursor to ‘soften us all up’, then sorry, but I have no desire to be softened up.

I trust God. I see what God says in Psalm 91. You can either read your Bibles as I’m not going to quote it I’d rather you open it for yourselves, or you can grab a Bible in your language in the recently revised Gideons Bible App. I know there are Christians who don’t think this is the Mark. All I can say to such brethren is ‘don’t drive your car too close to a cliff edge at night’. I am grateful to God who in His Providence enabled me and my family to be ‘early adopters’ of this particular pathogen, we had already in January 2020 and then we got reinfected in September 2020. We expect a few more run-ins with it, but it’s going to be more and more like having a bad cold. God gave us a marvellous gift in the immune system. Christians need to trust Him.

Tommy Boyd and Viktor Huliganov discuss Tommy’s social experiment on media-fuelled outrage

Original YT playout date: 27 June 2009
Duration: 24:18

This was a live radio broadcast on Play Talk UK on 16th December 2008. Tommy Boyd and Nicky in the Studio received a skype call from this channel’s very own Viktor D. Huliganov, and the topics of discussion include:

1) Tommy’s famous “”set-up”” of Off Com and the powers that be by feigning that part of the country had down time. In fact what he did was fade down all the programme, so that no-body heard anything, following which he played pre-recorded complaints about what he was supposed to have said in the meantime. Find out what happened next …

2) Discussion of Viz, and why it isn’t translatable into other languages

3) A review of the internet project

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750th Video: Lech Wałęsa and Lech Balcerowicz – 20 years of Polish Freedom

Original YT playout date: 12 March 2009
Duration: 41:59

Warsaw Voice selected these two amazing people as joint winners of the chair of the two decades of Polish freedom, and 20 years also of the Warsaw Voice. This is the premier English language weekly in Poland. Lech Walesa and Leszek Balcerowicz need little if any introduction, and this great video, showing more of the evening and their speeches than was shown on TV, is a fine piece to place at the 3/4 spot in my collection here. We are three quarters of the way to the thousand videos goal I want to achieve before introducing some new ideas and formats. I hope Polish speakers will enjoy the speeches of the two great Polish heroes. I am aware that the sound level is not high enough, but I had to work with what I had. For non-Polish speakers, I hope you get a glimpse of what was a tremendous evening, one of my life’s highlights so far.
Don’t miss the Grupa Strategia logo on the board at the back! We were sponsors of the event.

***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 1,539
Likes at the time added to HTV: 4
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 3
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 57.1%
Comments at time added: 0
Total interactions at time added: 7
Total interactions to views 0.5%
Location: At Europejski hotel
Other people featured: Lech Walesa, Lech Balcerowicz
Genre: Gala
Music used: Background only
Languages used: English, Polish,
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: You cannot be in Poland for long before seeing important, historical people.

Shouldn’t Poland be taking in more African refugees? Poland is a large EU country with a booming economy.

Last time I looked, Poland wasn’t the First Safe Country for any African country. Nor any Middle Eastern one. It is, however, First Safe Country for Ukraine, so in accordance with the relevant international treaty that is actually signed up to by our nations, namely the Dublin Accord, (as opposed to making new laws up as you go along, which is what some leaders in the EU, notably Merkel, have been doing) it accepts refugees from that country, and has done so far in excess of its duty, with about a million Ukrainians having benefited from an open door to Poland. And this in spite of Ukrainians having been responsible for some of the worst massacres against Poles in living memory. They are not exactly natural allies. In the main Ukrainians get on OK, and are popular, but there are those who need to keep their views to themselves as they would be quickly excoriated if they expressed Banderista tendencies in Poland.  As long as they treat the Poles as friends, it is reciprocated.


We don’t need to import the desert – we’re the only EU country to have its own one! (Photo of Pustynia Błędowska by Manfred Rackelhuhn CC BY-SA 3.0)

As far as economic migrants are concerned there is no point in accepting these from Africa in a big lump but for sure there might be some who have skills we need, and indeed you do see Africans around, and I have been to a fine Nigerian doctor here in Warsaw, probably some of the people from Poland reading this post know who I mean, I will not embarrass him by naming him but there are several African doctors here and people like this man will always have an open door to Poland.

But they are also needed by their home countries, so accepting Africa’s best is not necessarily a brilliant moral high ground either.  Still, I do believe in freedom of movement for those who have talent and hard work. It is up to them, after that, what they do for their country of origin. On the one hand it seems unfair to drain the best brains from Nigeria, but on the other hand we can expect that among 200 million there will be some more with brains who would like to solve the considerable problems that country still has. Maybe a partnership between them and their countrymen and tribesmen resident in Europe and America will enable them to do more. I only hope the best for the Nigeria people as any African nation.

Now I should say clearly one more thing. Poland is not interested in allowing armies in. When Ukrainians come, we see couples, families, and singles of both sexes. When North Africans come we see men who ought to be fighting for their homes, not leaving women and children behind to fight us for our spaces, which they will go on to ruin because the sort of people who cannot make their own country right cannot make ours right either.

We’ve been told by al-Baghdadi and his baggy buddies that the refugee stream will contain trained jihadis but so far this threat doesn’t seem to have been taken seriously enough in Europe. I get “innocent till proven guilty” but when you consider that the people who have been barging into Europe have already broken multiple laws to get here and linked themselves up with gangs on insalubrious people, I think we would be justified in suspending that grand maxim of jurisprudence in the interests of the safety of those we already have in our part of the world who live peaceably and pay their taxes.

I will admit that it is a major headscratch to know how to distinguish jihadies from ordinary people, it is not like they walk around with “I’m a jihadi” written on their faces (they don’t do tattoos, that’s one thing I actually like about them), but the most serious agents are of course going to have like a “dispensation” to behave in a non-Islamic manner to avoid suspicion. Just because someone has a drink with you and enjoys a ham sandwich and is nowhere near the Masjid on a Friday night – it’s no guarantee, I’m afraid. On the other hand there are plenty in the Masjid who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and you can’t tell for sure who they are, either.

People used to say that Russians were like matryoshka dolls, with different levels that you peel off to get to the next one, but in my experience, Russians are “Israelites in whom there is no guile” in comparison with the sons of the desert. And Uighurs, I have heard it said, are like onions.

If people genuinely fleeing conflict need help in the First Safe Country for sure Poland will send aid commensurate with its economy and in accordance with what the law intends and not Mrs Merkel and her great solo performance of holiday help. Poland has footed its share of the bill for measures undertaken both in Turkey and in Greece. And Greece itself is only First Safe Country if you say that Turkey is unsafe. I think the jury may well be out on that one.

(First published on Quora by me and now rewritten given that the original answer, which was not as full as this one, received 1.6 thousand views and 72 upvotes.)

Puławska Street and politics

Original YT playout date: 2 March 2009
Duration: 19:02

We have a drive through Mokotow and the talk turns to politics…
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How the devil plays both sides.

There is a Truther movement out there, in which many people actually unmask some conspiracies and talk a lot of truth, but if we follow them, we are no better off than if we believed the conspiracies in the first place.

Do you remember that bit in Acts of the Apostles where there is a soothsayer lady who follows Paul and Silas, telling everyone that they were servants of God and shewing the way of salvation? This is Acts 16:16, by the way. Have a look, it is interesting. She says true things but Paul can tell that she has a demon and casts it out, in the name of Jesus Christ.

This shows us how the devil’s servants will be perfectly happy to tell quite a lot of truth in order to get in on the inside, and then subvert. This is one of the ways how infiltration and subversion has happened in many (read “most, to a greater or lesser extent”) churches.  The bad guys only wear black hats and the good guys wear white hats in the cowboy films, in real life it is far more nuanced and complex. In the second of the Temptations of Christ, Satan shows him all the worldly powers and says he can hand them to Him if He will only bow to him, which he does not. But Jesus also does not deny that these worldly powers were indeed put under Satan’s control. We therefore can assume that Satan has his emissaries in charge in many, many situations and has infiltrated all sorts of situations and he plays the cards and rolls his loaded dice on both sides of the game. There are many portions of scripture where the same is inculcated to us in God’s word for us.

You get these shady elites who wield power and right now are making governments borrow from them so that the power of Antichrist to demand mandatory vaccines and chips, and the movement to world single government and universal false religion will be facilitated because the countries which pretend to democracies will have mortgaged themselves to the hilt to these people. China etc are long since owned by them.  These are hurrying in the scenario we read of in Revelation. Then you get other shady Truther  people who, like the soothsayer in Acts, point this out, and yet blame the wrong thing, they blame the Jews, they blame the Lizards, they blame the Christians, the Communists, the Trumpists, the Chinese, the Zionists, the Muslims, all sorts. And they are able to find fault with all these groups and make apparently convincing arguments, so that a Christian could easily get defocused.  They just don’t ever explain how Satan is playing everyone and how the only way out is to turn with all one’s heart to the Biblical Jesus and find Him in prayer.  Whoever understands this has the main explanation and has the compass to hold onto to come out of all of this safe. Who doesn’t have this focus but tries to unravel the various paths and mechanisms of this evil in their own strength quickly gets lost.

And David Icke’s role, and not only his, there are quite a few others, is to look like the guy who has the answers, and all that happens is people end up believing in the Age of Aquarius coming which will allow humanity to gain enough positive vibrations to unite and defeat the alien lizards. At the same time he brings out all the old chestnuts of how people have had legitimate grievances with the Church (usually because of some Satanic infiltration by the same one who is playing Icke). So in the end he presents a complete alternative, Christless gospel. Every lie has some truth, or it has no power. There is indeed a “reptile”, whom the Bible calls the old Serpent. But this is Satan, and not some gang of aliens. There are vibrations of course in everything, waves of all frequencies are passing through all molecules all the time, but then putting ideas like “good and bad” onto these is spurious and unhelpful. It is not relevant to what we need to know to be saved. The answer in Jesus Himself, the Way, the Truth and the Life. We don’t need “truthers”, “truthing”, etc, we need the One who is the Truth. We need to embrace the living Christ in repentance and faith.

The Name of Jesus has power over all demons, those on the one side and on the other, and on the one behind all these subterfuges and nuances of evil. Paul only needed this one name of Jesus Christ, the name that is above all other nomenclature, whether natural or supernatural.

That’s how it works, my friends, and I delight over every brother or sister who gets it.

Everyone considers her the liar of the country…

“Twenty years of silence
Were bottled up inside her
She wasn’t holding nothing back
The media got it all
When Charlotte left the press room
Not a Johnsonite was standing
She said “This one’s for Brexit!”
As she watched the last one fall.”

Beijing, Georgia and Reading…


Original YT playout date: 12 August 2008
Duration: 38:15

This is the Huliganov Rant for August. It gave rise to some comments so evidently some foound it controversial. Read the rest of this entry

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