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The bumpy forehead and the little spoilsport

30 December 2021

Original YT playout date: 4 June 2010
Duration: 13:18

This April weekend I had the spot come back which occasionally I get right between the eyebrows. I noticed that if anything is big about a person, that causes them the biggest problems, and I have a big belly and big eyebrows so that’s where I have my problems. Here my longsuffering wife adminsters tea-tree oil in an attempt to reduce the swelling. The next day we go to the new big playground at ul Bytnara and Tanya takes to upsetting everyone’s ball games. People are very nice about it though.
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A drive and a walk, and plenty of talk

Original YT playout date: 4 June 2010
Duration: 41:24

“Most people say my videos are too long, not edited enough, and too full of my own opinions. I say, there’s not only my videos available on the internet, by all means enjoy some other channels where they are better at making short, leanly cut video with soundbites in rather than meanderings, or even just go watch TV, where what you’ll see is an edited version of reality designed to reduce your concentration span and shelter you from alternative thinking. But this is the more true to life, though. If you edit hard enough, you edit away the fact that life is not like a leanly edited film. At the same time, as I observe in this film, if you switch the camera on, something will happen.

I am privileged enough to have loyal viewers who watch/listen and enjoy these longer ones enough to actually complain when I do the shorts that they need the longer ones – to get to sleep presumably, but there’s nothing wrong with that, I fall asleep to talk radio podcasts myself.

There’s a bit of history going on all around, but this video contains me ALMOST seeing the remains of some Smolensk crash victims returning to Warsaw, and then FAILING to catch the moment of frog song in the Ochota pond. You cannot always be in the right place in the right time in life. On TV they always are – they wouldn’t broadcast something like this. But this is real life, this is true to what people actually can and do experience. That’s why the more open-eyed people prefer this sort of thing to TV, which they no longer trust.”
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One Big Vehicle

Original YT playout date: 3 June 2010
Duration: 6:18

They parked up this modern version of a road roller near our office. The video also contains footage of the Lutheran Church attended by Jerzy Buzek, former prime minister, who is now chairman of the European Commission.
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In favour of slavery?

Slavery, shackles,
Manille sur le Quai, by Remi Jouan

I satted on a recent discussion the following. “Anti-slavery is overrated. I look at some people and think that a few years of being put to servitude would do them, and maybe the economy also, a world of good.

Clearly there would have to be some safeguards to avoid abuse around it. It wouldn’t be the twenty-first century without the government go stickin’ its warty nose in at multiple levels and spoiling everything.”

Well some pinko reacted to this, and came back with the following:

In this scenario, who would you get to actually do the enslaving? You currently are afraid to even raise your voice around the people that you’d hope to enslave. Correct?

That’s right, someone who barely knows me and is clearly terrified themselves projecting all their fear onto me. As per usual.

The full reply

Here’s the reply, and I thought it worth saving here, as comments can easily be deleted. I’d like the work I did on this and the thought I put in not to be erased at the whim of one of the IQ-less offensariat.

“I thought I had just raised it, and unlike yourself I have a traceable ID and a valid photo pic. The people who should be doing the enslaving of these people are the ones currently enslaving me. Namely the state which takes my taxes as a hard-working man who cannot afford to be other than a hard-working man and gives that money to shirkers and border breakers, keeping them in hotels at my expense.

I see no sense for me to grab guns and shackles when I have already been paying for others to do that. Why keep a dog and bark yourself? Instead of paying for the praetorian guard of the elite, we thought we were financing our own police force, to look after the ones actually paying for it.

There should be a citizen-class protection force that we pay for instead of the current Praetorian guard. They should be looking out for our interests first, because the police we are currently paying for seem to have no time for us. They protect criminals as well as the upper class and help these two boards to squeeze the taxpayer like a cattle clamp.

Fair solution

The State should accept newcomers who are looking to come into a better situation that we have looking at their circumstances and what they can offer. Some will find willing sponsors in the private sector immediately, but there’s no market place for them to offer in or us to know whom we could hire from their number. If there are no obvious matches, the matter should be settled by putting these migrants into indenture, and not cushy hotels.

They should serve seven years like the good book says, obviously not in sex slavery or anything so demeaning, there should be inspections as part of the system, but in work that benefits society. Work like clearing plastic wastes and working on recycling plants to make useful things from waste which they sort. Or in looking after the elderly under supervision. Generally doing things we don’t have willing hands for but which are essential tasks.

They should receive clothing, housing food and healthcare but at a basic level. Their children should be educate at the same level as locals; this is a fair investment. They should receive 50 dollars a week for their own disposal subject to the good carrying out of their duties.

The outcome of the indenture

At the end of their seven years, the Agency should review their work. If the work is good and they have folk who will vouch for them, then they join society on the same basis as those who have paid taxes all their lives and who therefore also been slaves. Fair’s fair. It’s just that our slavery happened intermingled with our freedom, whereas they have it in one go. Afterwards no-one cantell them they have not paid their dues because they will have paid them that way. Or by military service as the French used to do, which could mean serving in an armed service to the point where they perform a medal-level act of valour or five years if shorter.

This will be particularly useful for those fleeing despots – they will acquire skills useful for the liberation of their countries. This latter military option should be for persons who have had extensive psychological evaluation and monitoring. It is not something we would want to offer to anyone who evinces philosophical or religious objections to a pluralistic, Western, democratic society.

Exceptional cases

If they are refugees of war or seekers of political asylum, then they should be at liberty to return if peace comes and they will receive the value of the work they did at minimum wage, to take with them, help them rebuild. Should they be simply economic migrants who change their mind, or those who found work at minimum wage or better, then they get no exit refunds.

If they endured persecution as intellectuals and applied for political asylum, or indeed anyone who has a needed skill, if they find sponsors or employers to give them a better deal for working on in their specialisation, then they may obviate the indenture system. The sponsor becomes co-responsible should they commit criminal acts during the seven years from arrival.

This form of slavery would be necessary to keep our kind of society strong and not succumb to such states as China where the masses are in genuine servitude in all but name, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Now please go ahead and tell me that I am wrong, but don’t tell me I will not raise my voice for it.”

By all means discuss below. I think this place threads better than other places and I only boot for spam and personalised abuse of other readers, as well as outright racism and anti-Semitism.

Tczew Tczew Train

Original YT playout date: 1 June 2010
Duration: 28:26

I went to Tczew and this was going to incorporate more than just the train ride. I had grand ideas about updating the earlier videos I took in the older part of Tczew and maybe even popping to Gdansk to film a bit, but in the event I was just too busy. So you’ve got some train footage, and a few comments, and that’s it, I’m afraid. You get to see train food, the high water on the Vistula and the work going on to improve the track. And there’s a mildly amusing story of the woman who marched out of the carriage when I got in like I was some kind of leper or potential rapist, only to be caught with an invalid ticket by the guards with no small amount of brou-ha-ha a little later.
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Supermarket Dash

Original YT playout date: 31 May 2010
Duration: 15:17

This is a slant on reality – a Polish supermarket in Ochota, Warsaw. Shoppers do their shopping here as in thousands of other supermarkets around the world, but here I use the trolley as a dolly and film the whole of my weekly shop. The camera is “hidden in plain sight” attached with a bendy desk tripod to the trolley.
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Family Saturday

Original YT playout date: 30 May 2010
Duration: 18:57

This is a typical recent Saturday at home, and out on the rickshaw.
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Happy Anniversushi!

Original YT playout date: 29 May 2010
Duration: 5:22

It’s our wedding anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than to get the sushis in? This time from .


By the way, Besuto is going strong unlike many of the places that have appeared in my films which now have a mainly memorial character.
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Sophie’s Class visit the European Bison

20 December 2021

Original YT playout date: 29 May 2010
Duration: 49:29

This is a first ever on my channel – Sophie had a school trip to see European bison, deer, wolves, lynxes, wild boar and wild horses that there are in the Bialowiezska forest, which is the border between Poland and Belarus. It is the only place that the wisent, or European bison survives in its wild state, although some of them are in enclosures so that the public can look at them.

Sophie asked to take my old video camera with her and this is what she did, with no help from anybody. Even the postproduction I simply sat and took her instructions on the font for the titles, the colours, the choice of background music. could we have a film-maker in the making?
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Christmas and New Year Message

Dear subscribers and also casual readers of Huliganov.TV

I pray many blessings for all of  you for a joyful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2022.

In a studio.

I will not be saying “Happy Holidays”, as for one thing I never say it as it is simply dismissive rather than being inclusive, and for another the Chanukkah festival which does sometimes coincide with Christmas was earlier this year and I gave out my Chag Chanukkah Sameach to individuals and on Facebook at the time, and took the flack from some ignorant anti-Semites who mistakenly think they are Christians while abusing the remainder of the earthly host nation and particular people of Jesus Christ. Real Christians don’t do that, OK?

And yes, we all know it’s probably not Jesus’ real birthday and yes we all know that birthday celebrations are not commanded in scripture anyway. I find it of little relevance. It’s not like I don’t think about the Incarnation all the year round, and the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection also for that matter.

This is just a time set aside to focus on this aspect, and as far as I can see it makes sense to take advantage of that. If someone is a Christian and doesn’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it, but try not to make a long face and a bad witness for everyone when this is a time it is actually possible to witness a bit more publically for some of us.

Now I just wanted to keep you up to speed with what I plan for the channel going forward into the New Year, so that you know what to expect.

We are now about half way through putting up here all the YouTube links so that they can be classified out well, kept in collections and placed together thematically with other posts which are not necessarily video posts about similar topics.

I am aware that many of you are not that keen on just watching again quite old video, and this I know because the stats whenever I write a fresh article tend to be better than those on the re-posts of things from the channel.

So it’s clear you don’t really want an unbroken stream of non-current video.

I have got a new webcam for Christmas from Sophie, and I hope this will be a way to re-ignite fresh “talking head” style video. The webcam in the machine I have is not as good as I expected but maybe this will be a good solution. I didn’t go for the cheapest model and as far as microphones are concerned I invested during the year in a Blue Yeti, which is an upper range, maybe you could even say a professional microphone. I have a lot of new things I want to say, some of them along the same lines as what you will have heard me say, others sharpened by recent events and of course I will want to address recent events.

In addition to that, I do intend to write more. I have noted that the tend to de-platform people who disagree with the left is still continuing. I have now had various threats of de-platforming on various places where I have in the past invested time to explain things to people or answer questions. I take these threats as an insult. I gave time but at least I expect it to be respected. I did not do so for my productions to be deleted. But thankfully I do have this place, and so far nobody has threatened me here but if this recent news means what I fear it may mean, then I may find that changing.

Therefore, in the past for some years now the algorithm has been to publish these older videos on Monday to Thursday and then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday freee in case anything else comes along. I also chose an evening, after work slot in Europe for the timing.

From the beginning of January I propose to change this about a bit. Days with odd numbers will have video posted, working through the second half of the old videos available on YT. Even number days will be the transfer of written articles made elsewhere so that they are not lost forever if I get kicked out. Starting in January 2, these will be posted on alternative days in order of the upvotes they received in these other locations. I am likely to update or amend them or supplement them as need and time allow so in some cases they will be improved articles.

I hope that you will all enjoy these ones, and stick around for them. As with the video, they do take a broad brush to paint life and there is not just one topic dealt with, although you’ll find the topics I have been talking about also reflected in a lot of these articles, so the one type of content should still complement the other kind.

For both of these I will change the timing of the posting to a morning slot, so as to arrive in subscribers’ inboxes shortly after they start work in Europe and of course before they even wake up in the USA. The evening slot used before now will be for any content which is entirely new and reactive to what is currently going on.

Another thing, there are too many adverts on this blog, and all that has come of this is that without even having made it to the minimum pay-out which is $100, I have had verious adverts all over my work, so as soon as I do make it to the pay-out of what has been earned on here over the last few years, I plan to make it free of these ads. I have received more from people very kindly donating to my paypal than I had from adverts.

On the topic of donation, I would like to say that right now I am in a much better place financially than I was two years back and so those of you who did support me back then can rest assured that I’ll be fine if they spread the love to more needy cases at this given time.

I do have a very special charitable project in mind, I will say more about it when the time comes but for now the codeword is Project Tumilat. Once this is all properly set-up I will say what it is and for sure be asking for donations for its beneficiaries, both the human and the non-human ones, which is a clue but I am not dropping more than that right now. Until Project Tumilat is ready, don’t worry about sending me any money those who were kind enough to support in our time of need. The Lord has provided, and may God richly bless you.

The GoldList Method book has stood still largely because I have been working very hard on other things and that’s likely to continue, but in the above navigations you still have access to the best I have written on the topic and all free, and hopefully very soon even ad-free.

Please subscribe if you haven’t, then read, like (or dislike if you prefer, it’s better than no reaction at all!) share the content using the buttons on each of the pages, and please do comment, and I hope there will be some interaction between regular commentors as that’s my idea of a gold standard for a blog other magazine or feed-style website – when it becomes a community. People are far too obsessed with the big social media places where they can get kicked out, deleted, edited. I have never done that, I only boot for spam and anti-Semitism or other serious racism or other clear forms of psychopathy. Valid opinions can stand on their own merits whether I agree with them or not.

Incidentally, this one is showing up in my stats today as my 1,400th post, so hopefully before long there will be another 1,400 posts on this site. I think it is also time for an upgrade to the WordPress level I have so this may enable other interesting improvements going forward, such as better searching, etc. 

See you all again soon on Huliganov.TV

Best redrags,

David James




A walk in the dusk Prague (PV 28a)

Original YT playout date: 24 May 2010
Duration: 1:36:23

This is a long one, we walk about 6 km and discuss all manner of topics. Enjoy the French cinema style intro. (This didn’t get a Prague Vlog number so I am calling it 28a)
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Eurovision 2010 Scandal

Original YT playout date: 23 May 2010
Duration: 1:06

The Spanish entrant Daniel Digame has a bit of boyish fun, saying a rude word as he leaves the lavatory – presumably talking about what the title of his song refers to – but does that mean that the Eurovision people should be including that in the footage leading up to the big event this week? I say definitely not. I think this is, and always has been, a family show, and that needs to include all the trailers and behind the scenes bits of “reality Eurovision” that have become fashionable this year to put out onto YouTube ahead of the contest. It is a pity that, in addition to all the vagaries of nationalistic voting and the whole questionability of most of the acts being allowed these days to sing in English, which defeats the whole object of a Eurovision song contest – in the old days only UK, Ireland and the tax havens were allowed to sing in English – and the resigning of Terry Wogan, this scandal has to be added to the things that this contest has to deal with going forward. See the original on
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