Sophie’s Class visit the European Bison

20 December 2021

Original YT playout date: 29 May 2010
Duration: 49:29

This is a first ever on my channel – Sophie had a school trip to see European bison, deer, wolves, lynxes, wild boar and wild horses that there are in the Bialowiezska forest, which is the border between Poland and Belarus. It is the only place that the wisent, or European bison survives in its wild state, although some of them are in enclosures so that the public can look at them.

Sophie asked to take my old video camera with her and this is what she did, with no help from anybody. Even the postproduction I simply sat and took her instructions on the font for the titles, the colours, the choice of background music. could we have a film-maker in the making?
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Christmas and New Year Message

Dear subscribers and also casual readers of Huliganov.TV

I pray many blessings for all of  you for a joyful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2022.

In a studio.

I will not be saying “Happy Holidays”, as for one thing I never say it as it is simply dismissive rather than being inclusive, and for another the Chanukkah festival which does sometimes coincide with Christmas was earlier this year and I gave out my Chag Chanukkah Sameach to individuals and on Facebook at the time, and took the flack from some ignorant anti-Semites who mistakenly think they are Christians while abusing the remainder of the earthly host nation and particular people of Jesus Christ. Real Christians don’t do that, OK?

And yes, we all know it’s probably not Jesus’ real birthday and yes we all know that birthday celebrations are not commanded in scripture anyway. I find it of little relevance. It’s not like I don’t think about the Incarnation all the year round, and the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection also for that matter.

This is just a time set aside to focus on this aspect, and as far as I can see it makes sense to take advantage of that. If someone is a Christian and doesn’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it, but try not to make a long face and a bad witness for everyone when this is a time it is actually possible to witness a bit more publically for some of us.

Now I just wanted to keep you up to speed with what I plan for the channel going forward into the New Year, so that you know what to expect.

We are now about half way through putting up here all the YouTube links so that they can be classified out well, kept in collections and placed together thematically with other posts which are not necessarily video posts about similar topics.

I am aware that many of you are not that keen on just watching again quite old video, and this I know because the stats whenever I write a fresh article tend to be better than those on the re-posts of things from the channel.

So it’s clear you don’t really want an unbroken stream of non-current video.

I have got a new webcam for Christmas from Sophie, and I hope this will be a way to re-ignite fresh “talking head” style video. The webcam in the machine I have is not as good as I expected but maybe this will be a good solution. I didn’t go for the cheapest model and as far as microphones are concerned I invested during the year in a Blue Yeti, which is an upper range, maybe you could even say a professional microphone. I have a lot of new things I want to say, some of them along the same lines as what you will have heard me say, others sharpened by recent events and of course I will want to address recent events.

In addition to that, I do intend to write more. I have noted that the tend to de-platform people who disagree with the left is still continuing. I have now had various threats of de-platforming on various places where I have in the past invested time to explain things to people or answer questions. I take these threats as an insult. I gave time but at least I expect it to be respected. I did not do so for my productions to be deleted. But thankfully I do have this place, and so far nobody has threatened me here but if this recent news means what I fear it may mean, then I may find that changing.

Therefore, in the past for some years now the algorithm has been to publish these older videos on Monday to Thursday and then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday freee in case anything else comes along. I also chose an evening, after work slot in Europe for the timing.

From the beginning of January I propose to change this about a bit. Days with odd numbers will have video posted, working through the second half of the old videos available on YT. Even number days will be the transfer of written articles made elsewhere so that they are not lost forever if I get kicked out. Starting in January 2, these will be posted on alternative days in order of the upvotes they received in these other locations. I am likely to update or amend them or supplement them as need and time allow so in some cases they will be improved articles.

I hope that you will all enjoy these ones, and stick around for them. As with the video, they do take a broad brush to paint life and there is not just one topic dealt with, although you’ll find the topics I have been talking about also reflected in a lot of these articles, so the one type of content should still complement the other kind.

For both of these I will change the timing of the posting to a morning slot, so as to arrive in subscribers’ inboxes shortly after they start work in Europe and of course before they even wake up in the USA. The evening slot used before now will be for any content which is entirely new and reactive to what is currently going on.

Another thing, there are too many adverts on this blog, and all that has come of this is that without even having made it to the minimum pay-out which is $100, I have had verious adverts all over my work, so as soon as I do make it to the pay-out of what has been earned on here over the last few years, I plan to make it free of these ads. I have received more from people very kindly donating to my paypal than I had from adverts.

On the topic of donation, I would like to say that right now I am in a much better place financially than I was two years back and so those of you who did support me back then can rest assured that I’ll be fine if they spread the love to more needy cases at this given time.

I do have a very special charitable project in mind, I will say more about it when the time comes but for now the codeword is Project Tumilat. Once this is all properly set-up I will say what it is and for sure be asking for donations for its beneficiaries, both the human and the non-human ones, which is a clue but I am not dropping more than that right now. Until Project Tumilat is ready, don’t worry about sending me any money those who were kind enough to support in our time of need. The Lord has provided, and may God richly bless you.

The GoldList Method book has stood still largely because I have been working very hard on other things and that’s likely to continue, but in the above navigations you still have access to the best I have written on the topic and all free, and hopefully very soon even ad-free.

Please subscribe if you haven’t, then read, like (or dislike if you prefer, it’s better than no reaction at all!) share the content using the buttons on each of the pages, and please do comment, and I hope there will be some interaction between regular commentors as that’s my idea of a gold standard for a blog other magazine or feed-style website – when it becomes a community. People are far too obsessed with the big social media places where they can get kicked out, deleted, edited. I have never done that, I only boot for spam and anti-Semitism or other serious racism or other clear forms of psychopathy. Valid opinions can stand on their own merits whether I agree with them or not.

Incidentally, this one is showing up in my stats today as my 1,400th post, so hopefully before long there will be another 1,400 posts on this site. I think it is also time for an upgrade to the WordPress level I have so this may enable other interesting improvements going forward, such as better searching, etc. 

See you all again soon on Huliganov.TV

Best redrags,

David James