Why did God create the world knowing that it would fall into sin? (from a private conversation, by kind permission)

Victor Berrjod
Davey, why did God create the world knowing that it would fall into sin?

Because through fall and redemption man achieves a oneness and intimacy with God that no angel ever had. As Jesus put it “he who is forgiven much, loves much”.
But what about those who don’t believe?
If they don’t believe that they need forgiveness, then they won’t ask for it or believe that they can have it, and then neither will they love.
It’s definitely a better deal to believe.
I was about to say that if there was no Fall, then everybody could know God forever, but then I remembered Satan.
So why did God create Satan knowing that he would betray Him?
In the main people disbelieve because they choose to disbelieve, because they love something else, usually a sin, more than God and wish to continue in the rebellion against God, and the biggest rebellion against God is to disacknowledge Him entirely by unbelief.
Why did God make Satan or angels capable of falling? A precursor probably to human redemption. Angels are from the beginning supposed to minister to the heirs of salvation. Human believers will judge angels. If Satan was made fallible, it was also for our good.
When it says “all things work together for good to them that love God, to those that are called according to his promises” I take it literally.
Even what Satan determines for our ill becomes good, just as Joseph said to his brothers that they intended him harm, but God intended it for good.
Do you think I should share these explanations with a broader public on HTV?
Yes. They are important topics
And it’s a good answer.
Do you mind being quoted or shall I say “one friend asks”?
You can quote me.
Since you are open about answering, I can be open about asking.

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  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something that I think I
    would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me.
    I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the
    hang of it!

  2. It’s counterintuitive, but sin and all of it’s downstream tragedy is a consequence of God’s love for humanity. God wants a relationship with people based on mutual love, and the only way mankind can love God meaningfuly is if they first have the capacity to turn against him and chose by their own free will to not rebel but to obey. Unfortunately humanity did rebel, hence the world as it is today. God will not interfere to stop the madness because he respects our free will too much to violate it even if to do so would be in our own best interest. This will only change when the events of the book of revelation unfold and mankind is no longer in charge of the world. The enemy of man tries to convince people that God’s apparent lack of action on our behalf means that he approves of all the evil and tragegy that is happening to us, however such is not the case.

  3. God has given us free will and that is important in understanding why he has created us. It is through free will that we can choose good or evil. God wants us to do good but it has to be our decision. To a certain extent we entertain God. If one is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent it might get a little boring. Creating beings that have free will ought to keep things lively.

    • I would just change the I in your final word to an O. God shows in my view His love in the way He offers us forgiveness and union but then leaves it to us to choose.

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