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Why I’m Not Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine

A friend of mine who reads this modest blog enquired of me whether I intended to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The answer I gave is as follows: I had this disease twice and if I could beat it twice I’ll beat it a third and a fourth time. Eventually it should start becoming like catching any of the other coronaviruses, of which we’ve all had several in our time. While we were kids we took them in our strides. Of course they also mutate, which is why we still get colds, and for someone whose gone a few rounds with it already, it’s going to be like a cold on subsequent iterations.

Not that you can’t die of it, but you can die of a cold and we accepted that as a tolerable risk, pretty much we’ve all gone through life expecting that some people can die of that if they are old and in the past it would have been called dying of old age. We didn’t use to expect to be immortal. We are, but not as far as this flesh is concerned. That’s why it’s called “the mortal coil”. It is like something that is going to die, it is born to die, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet called it a ‘coil’ in his famous 2B/N2B discourse, referencing no doubt the helix of the DNA molecule, to be discovered some 300 years down the track.

The Pfizer vaccine is of course made for profit, unlike the Astra Zeneca one which is being pumped out at cost, they say. I find it a bit hard to believe that Astra Zeneca are really not making any kind of profit on their vaccine, but stranger things have happened in the name of getting a lot of public goodwill for your brand.  In any event, Astra Zeneca’s technology is more a tried and tested one, and not an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. 

Pfizer made a clinical trial based on the view that if they give it to as many as 45,000 people then it justifies the fact that it is being done in months not years. After all, you don’t usually need anything like that many, but you do need to have it go on for some time. In the case of new technologies that muck around with the instructions inside cells, like this mRNA technology, you’d normally expect that people to wait and see what happens to be longer and not shorter, as I’ll explain if you, dear reader, have the patience to read on.

There has never been an mRNA-based vaccine, this is a whole new ball game. The theory looks like good science to those in more of the know than I can lay claim to, but we all know that the proof of various puddings is in the eating thereof.

I find it stretches my credulity to accept that having 10 times the usual number of people taking part in clinical trials means that you can come to sound conclusions about negative effects especially when it is something that involves new and little understood matters. And especially when it is being done by Pfizer, whose business model is personified by Viagra, their flagship “medicine”, which creates a dependency by preventing the erectile tissue from functioning without it any more (so that what could have been a lack of potency occasioned by stress or obesity becomes a permanent feature and can only be dealt with by gradually increasing amounts of the drug). Can I trust them to be anything less crafty when it comes to this? Their MO is well known and well established!

Moderna is the other mRNA-based one. And that’s a company linked to Bill Gates. I have read comments from him on population control going back a long time.  I remember reading his thoughts on the matter well before the current crisis. He is also known as one who makes a lot of money out of making systems that let viruses in and then selling the Antivirus for it, in computer systems, so there’s also no secret about his MO either. 

Quite frankly I can get where these population control people are coming from and if I were not a Christian I probably would be all in favour of it myself, especially if you can find a way to select out less productive people, and also do it painlessly, by rendering people infertile. It sure beats famine, incurable plagues that wipe everyone out, or world wars. We are coming to a point in food and energy sustainability where some depopulating event is practically inevitable. Malthus has been mocked and “disproven” for a long long time, but only because of agriculture being able to keep pace with world population growth by dint of taking over more land (which was how it grew in the nineteenth century, but now by the end of the twentieth cannot take much more land without reaching a tipping point for world biodiversity) or by technology in the twentieth, be that the tractor or the gene gun. Borlaug’s dwarf wheat alone has probably already kept populations from famine, but this has been at cost of an even more mysterious and complex gluten (remember gluten isn’t just one protein but a mix of similar proteins with all manner of characteristics, and it’s supported by a hexuploid set of chromosomes with an immense amount of protein coding info included in it. We never bothered to run proper FDA tests on that dwarf wheat as it was the product of hybridization, but the increase of gluten related disease tells its own story, as this wheat dominates over other Triticums and Triticum aestivum itself over other cereals on a practically world-wide scale.

In short we are now at the point of saturation in several areas of life. We are running out of space, including the space to grow crops. We have reached the limits of miniaturization for computers so they’re unlikely to get much faster, now they can keep getting bigger but they’ll start to get slower again. And we are closer to peak oil, unless the biological origin of oil theory is wrong, as I think it probably is, but that may or may not help us. Other than peak oil, we have peak phosphorus and peak potassium to worry about in the next 100-300 years. Each new billion of human mouths to feed pushes the envelope and you get a new billion humans every few years, and especially you get them in places which are unable to sustain them. Little wonder then that those “in the know” regard it as a mercy to curtail the climb of human population by stealth, and that this expediency overrides all sorts of normal ethical considerations. I understand it very well. But I am also “in the know”, in another way. I know my Bible. I know my God. I know what “pru u rvu” means. I don’t see a specific time or numerical target after which “go forth and multiply” can be abandoned. I do see a time after which the Earth will be put away by the plan and foreknowledge of God, “whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting”, but that day is down to Him and not to some overwealthed elite self-styled benefactor of mankind. It belongs to Jesus. He is the Door. Gates is not the Door. So I understand the depopulation plan, but I am never going to go along with it. I will oppose it. This piece of deathless prose is, indeed, part of the opposition to it, a simple explanation about it, placed in the public thoroughfare. My those who are supposed to, come hither, read and understand.

The ideal population control drug applied to humans by stealth would be a drug which did a useful job, and enabled the people who took it to not have any side effects on fertiity initially, but only after a prolonged period, or in the F1 generation, which is geneticists’ speak for “first filial’ or, effectvely, you get kids but oddly no grandkids. Many plants and animals when hybridised remain fertile as they are but become infertile in the F1 generation. Look up ligers if you think I’m lion’ about that.  If this dream drug that you get practically a whole planet to take has no major negative effect and seems to do a job, but has that F1 effect, that would be ideal, wouldn’t it?  Only twenty years down the line would it start to come out that very few people could have children and people would start to be putting two and two together and blaming the long gone Coronavirus pandemic and it;s jabs way back then. A 38 year-old Greta Thunberg will be blaming it all on mercury pollution and microplastics, and they for sure will also be playing a role but only a secondary one.  Mainstream media will be telling people in 2040, if the Lord hasn’t returned by then and kicked them into touch, that anyone who blames the old jab is a conspiracy theorist nutjob, and when finally enough dissident voices prove it was  indeed the jab, well, the mainstream will then start blaming Bill Gates but he will have been already dead and buried and they can vilify him then all they like. Or maybe the main thrust of public opinion would be by that time to accept the expediency of doing Project Kwaheri or whatever name they want to give it (Swahili is pretty cool for project names though) rather than the alternatives which are clearly inevitable and rather worse.

If we were, in theory, to jab everyone from early childhood until the close of life over the next ten years and then stop when it looks like the virus is done, and the kids born from now on cannot have kids themselves,  and that means anyone born to someone born themselves between 1910 and 2030. And that means everyone. Except for anyone where both partners were in on the secret. Those people can remain as meek as they like, they inherit the earth. Clearly they will have to bring up their kids in strict segregation as folk could kill them out of a desire for revenge, but the best way to achieve a situation where that didn’t happen is to have only about 80% of people vaccinated and leave it up to people’s free will. Then you get some who are fertile still and maybe you end up with an Attwoodian, Handmaid’s Tale style future coming about in the 2060’s and 2070’s.

This would suit a lot of very powerful people who have in the past made zero secret of their eugeneticist sympathies. And therefore there is no reason why this shouldn’t be executed, if these rich elites can find the right technology to do it. My guess is, they have.

It is of course quite possible that they have engineered the whole thing so that we get back to that Georgia Guidestones figure of 500 million once all of this is done. But they would like to control who those people are rather than have people self-select for survival by refusing the jab.  They don’t get to do this. They shouldn’t be trying to do this. It is playing God.

I won’t even mention what could possibly go wrong, but imagine there’s one religion, it isn’t hard to do, where women have eight children, and we have only two. Imagine all the people, enacting Shariah law? Hoo hoo! You may say I’m a dreamer, I daresay it’s not just me who worries about that, and the more of us who do the more can engage these depopulationist elites into understanding that with this imbalance with regard to reproductive policy between the enemy religion and everyone else isn’t a way to long-term utopia, unless you consider the Meccans inheriting the Earth to be what Jesus had in mind in the Sermon on the Mount. For sure the world would live as one. One big mess.

And hence, while I am already of an age where I won’t have any more children myself, and don’t need to fear infertility, I don’t want to succumb to their strategy.  They’ve already effectively done this to me anyway but other strategies, like the mercury in vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella – the Thimerosal was there even if you avoid the triple vac and I gave mine single vacs from Russia and it still didn’t help. Dr Wakefield was really on to something but he probably got the mechanism wrong, and there’s his downfall.  He’s still a good lad in my book, we all make mistakes.  And I’m not against vaccines, I’m against bad science.  If Thimerosal was great science, why is it not used today?  Having 2 out of 100 kids coming out autistic at the peak of this abuse was all about scaring many parents in the west out of having kids altogether. And for sure there are falling birth rates all over the western world, including traditionally Catholic countries, during this period at rates surely not just down to the heuristic of urbanisation.  I have three autistic children because of these people. In a sense it is a gift because Heaven is guaranteed to these ones, but who would choose this life for their kids and themselves? If you are going to use the argument that innocent kids go to heaven, you could use it to justify the abortion holocaust if you are not careful.  We don’t do evil that good may come.

Basically, I cannot recommend to others that they ‘stand sure’ like an Anderson clansman and resist, if I don’t delve into my own Anderson genes and ‘stand sure’ myself.

Whether this is something to do with the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13, I don’t know. I certainly cannot exclude it when the powers of this world are starting to behave around this thing as if it were that mark without which you can neither buy nor sell. And even if it’s only a precursor to ‘soften us all up’, then sorry, but I have no desire to be softened up.

I trust God. I see what God says in Psalm 91. You can either read your Bibles as I’m not going to quote it I’d rather you open it for yourselves, or you can grab a Bible in your language in the recently revised Gideons Bible App. I know there are Christians who don’t think this is the Mark. All I can say to such brethren is ‘don’t drive your car too close to a cliff edge at night’. I am grateful to God who in His Providence enabled me and my family to be ‘early adopters’ of this particular pathogen, we had already in January 2020 and then we got reinfected in September 2020. We expect a few more run-ins with it, but it’s going to be more and more like having a bad cold. God gave us a marvellous gift in the immune system. Christians need to trust Him.

Back in England

Original YT playout date: 16 August 2009
Duration: 46:00

A small break with Sophie in the UK.

The story about Daniel Zammit is here:

To be fair, I think that while what the Telegraph did on the MPs expenses is one of teh most splendid pieces of journalism in history, some people whose expenses were probably legitimate have come a cropper over this. If Mr Zammit wouldn’t have hired a morning suit other than for his function, or he bought the TV only because of his function, then who’s to say the expenses were not OK? After all, in business people wouldn’t think twice about claiming for things they needed for work and most bosses will waive that sort of expenditure through. If we could hold the government to the same standards as business, that would be enough, but now we have MPs being blamed for making claims any business would get away with, while the EU Parliament still keeps its books in the kind of mess that would have any UK business closed down.

Please let’s put some common sense back into the discussion about claims.
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Jacob Chansley threatens civilisation as we know it.


DCF Lesson

Monday, November 30, 2020
DCF, Lesson, discounted cash flow,

Original YT playout date: 22 April 2009
Duration: 43:32

A quick lesson on how to do DCF (Discounted Cash Flow calculations) with all the steps, rather than simply use a function in Excel without being sure what goes into it.

The emphasis is on understanding, and it is worth having a good grasp as this is basic to a lot of business, and helps to understand all manner of projects and investments.

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“When someone dies, their consciousness turns off and everything doesn’t exist then. So why, in this case, do religious people still believe in God?” (Question asked of me in social media today and my answer)

This is an expression of what you want to be the case and not what you can demonstrate to be the case.

When you think about consciousness, can you explain how it actually happens from the biological processes you can observe and measure? You can see all these nerves and synapses in a brain and you could even make electronic copies of these in a supercomputer. Will it be conscious? Will it have a sense of self? Will it ponder eternal truths, wonder about its origins, worry about its destiny?

So unless you can actually demonstrate which life processes enable your consciousness to happen, then you have no idea whether this living organism has caused your consciousness or is merely its vehicle.

And if it is merely its vehicle, then on death it would make sense that another residency for the conscious should exist, another experience of yourself in what could be a quite different vehicle.

Christians look for a resurrected form of their personal body. This is said to be like that of the resurrected Jesus, Who was able to eat fish and touch people, his voice made audible vibrations in the air and his form reflected light so that he could be seen in colour, but He was also capable of rising into the air, disappearing, walking through locked doors, making Himself unrecognisable at will. This is a clear indication that as far as the physical properties of this eternal and indestructible body are concerned, it is more than a mere upgrade on our physical bodies as we have them now.

It makes no sense for such a destiny not to exist, since every other hunger known to man exists because the fulfillment of that perceived need exists. Sex drive exists because sexual partners exist, hunger exists because food exists, thirst exists because drink exists, and the yearning to know God and experience everlasting life and to know all things exists also because the fulfillment of this exists and were that not so, then evolution would never have made such an inefficient and absurd organism which wastes its energy on seeking the unfindable.

What do you say to that?

For those who would like to access the Excel template for the GoldList Method

That can be done here.


An analysis at what may be the half-way mark

Here is my analysis of the medals table as run by Worldometer. The source data is theirs with some additional analysis by me, and in particular the countries are arranged by persons recorded to have died of Covid19, and I have added in the column deaths per case, and made a colour-scaling on the top 100 countries, by deaths, both of cases per thousand inhabitants  (“C/Th”) and deaths per case as a percentage (“D/C”).

The scalings serve to assist us visually in the making of a number of observations, and namely:

1. There is little correlation between cases per thousand and deaths per case. I would have expected a slight negative correlation, which would corroborate the thesis that a higher number of cases per thousand is noted by countries with higher testing while the same would give a lower deaths per case rate, and this is not really seen, however the cases per thousand figure range is skewed by the outlier San Marino.

2. Which segues into the second point, that the range of cases per thousand is very broad indeed, even when counting only the top 100 countries on the medals table for number of deaths so far. San Marino is a clear outlier, Andorra also, but below 5/1000 they start to come thick and fast, but still there are those in the top 100 even which are coming in at fewer than 0.25/1000. A high population country like Tanzania is able to record 0.1, just under the top 100 by deaths, and within the top 100, India and China seem to pull the scale average down strongly with 0.07 and 0.06 cases per thousand respectively.  For the Indians reading that’s 70 cases per lakh, by the way.  This is a sizeable range of incidence of cases and seems to have little correlation to geography or economy. Certainly economy is almost working against this statistic, as some of the highest sufferers are also high GDP/capita countries. The total of that column is meaningless as it is a sum of those percentages, it should of course show the world average which is 0.61, kept so low by India and China’s 0.06 and 0.07 C/Th readings, given that they together make up 36.4% of the world’s population but only 2.4% of the global deaths so far.

3.  The other observation I would like to make is the range of deaths per case reported, even among countries of big populations and big incidences. Belgium at 16.37% is the highest, but is not even an outlier as you have France, UK and Italy following not far behind.  From the bottom of the graph we see a world average of 6.62% and most countries have kept below that figure, with Poland at 5% and Germany at 4.6%. The figures which may surprise us though come from Russia at 0.93% and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Belarus and some others also claiming results below 1% fatalities on Covid cases.

Either these people have different biologies – I know the phrase in Russian “Что русскому здоровье, то немцу смерть” (ie “what’s healthy for the Russian means death for the German”) but I don’t take it quite that literally – or else they are classifying their diseases quite differently.

Now if this were a real Olympic medal table, like the one they were supposed to be making in Japan right now, to prepare for a real international sporting event, and each nation made up its own rules for the way the games and sports should be done, it would be chaos, there would be accusations of cheating and the result would not be something that anyone could make any fair conclusions from.

This is the problem here – we may be able to get our act together internationally on how to play silly games and run around a field, but on an important matter of this consequence, where we have swept the Olympics aside over it, as well as our livelihoods and educations of our children and their futures, we cannot get any consensus.

Russia is saying “if someone has something that would probably have killed them in the foreseeable future anyway, and this death has only been hastened by Covid, then we still say that that other illness is the reason for the death”, while most western countries are saying “if a person dies having Corona virus, then they die OF Corona virus, and many have co-morbidities”.  Many in the West may well agree with Russia’s take,  or may say that the truth is in the middle, which is probably where Germany is defining it. Either that or they have really good treatments they are not telling us about, the rotters.

Before blaming these countries, though, consider closer to home, the misreporting of care home deaths first in France, then in the UK which needed correction. And then the refusal by the UK or the Netherlands to published “recovered” statistics and therefore not allow the active cases curve on a world basis to assume the reassuring parabola it has taken on in many countries. There seems to be no consensus on what a “recovered” case looks like, but if we don’t have that information then we cannot make important decisions, on an international basis, including when to allow travel between countries.

Countries with similar incidences, similar approaches to containment and are at a similar point in the curve may be able to open borders between each other on an exclusive basis, gradually gathering other countries in, but at present there is little basis for doing so as the way these things are even talked about and measured is inconsistent. This is a number one lesson to learn in the very near future, so that the second half of this crisis is managed a bit better than the first half.

If it isn’t, then it won’t be the second half, but the greater part of it. And with very good management it could be that we are well pasrt half-way.

Now the thing is, it calls for international co-operation. The EU had no international health policy simply referring all that back to the WHO. The WHO lost credibility with a number of countries. Now with or without the WHO there will be calls for more international level health government, and this is a very easy way for world government to push one stage nearer. A world government which belongs only to Christ but which will be first assumed by the Usurper, as we know from very ancient texts.

The speed at which this could now go, and the technology that can be applied with its implications in terms of freedoms and invigilation by the State, is something all too recognisable to anyone versed in scripture.

Uncle Davey’s Warsaw #2 – Ochota


Original YT playout date: 5 December 2008
Duration: 35:02

So, in this second part in a series of occasional films about the city I live in, we take the camera for a walk through Ochota and up to the centre via the old Ghetto.
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Podsumowanie po polsku mojego artykułu wczorajszego

Wczoraj napisałem artykuł tutaj, i dostałem prośbę o jego tłumaczeniu w język polski.

Zamiast jego tłumaczyć w całości, chciałem zaprezentować główne punkty w języku polskim, ewentualnie w innych językach.

1. Ludzie w tej chwili dzielą się różnymi memami w socjalnych mediach, i są różne posty oskarżające raz Chiny, raz Amerykę, raz kogoś innego za Koronawirus. Są idee, ze wirus nie jest realny, lub nie jest taki poważny, lub jest bardziej poważny. Każdy ma jakiś argument mniej lub bardziej przekonujący, nie mogą wszyscy być prawidłowe, aczkolwiek może być tak, że troche prawdy jest w większości z nich. Mniejsza z tym. Nie ma sensu szukać w innych ludziach źródło wszystkich problemów naszej ziemi, powinniśmy raczej spojrzeć na własne niedociągnięcia i mieć trochą samokrytyki, no i spojrzeć na to, co ja mogę zrobić, aby ulepszyć sytuację.

2. Tez zauważyłem, ze wśród tych mem i artykułów znajduję się niemało hejtu na religię, bądź to na ewangelicznych chrześcijan, bądź to na katolików, na muzułmanów, no i oczywiście na Żydów, tak jak zawsze. Nie musimy zbytnio czuć się zobowiązani zmienić się aby tym ludziom się spodobać, bo wiadomo, nigdy nie będą nas lubić, ale co najmniej mamy obowiązek nie dawać ze swej strony usprawiedliwienia ich nienawiściom.

3. Przytaczałem ze 40 jest liczbą używaną 159 razy w Biblii i w historii człowieka na okresy próby, czyszczenia, kwarantanna od dżumy i tak dalej. Nawet tu dodam, ze po rosyjsku słowo “srok” i “sorok” pochodzą z tatarskiego wyrazu, dlatego nie ma tego w języku polskim (sroki tutaj są łaciatymi wronami o długich ogonach, a nie terminy, ani nie idą w grupach 40stu osobników). Najdłuższy post miał 40 dni, i to było zrobione w odłączeniu od społeczeństwa, i tak praktykowane przez Mojżesza, Eliasza oraz sam Pana Jezusa Chrystusa. Element samotności, czyli bycie “w pustyni” był w tych postach taki sam ważny element, jak ograniczenia jedzenia lub picia. Również powiedziałem ze mimo ze Wielki Post w tradycji katolicyzmu jest PRZED Wielkiej Nocy, sam Jezus powiedział (Mateusz 9:15) ze Jego ucznia będą poscic wtedy kiedy Jego nie ma – no i chyba miedzy Pesach i Shavuot (Wielkiej Nocy i Zielonym Świętem)jest 50 dni, z których jeszcze ze 10 dni Jezus jawił się uczniom swoim przed wniebowstąpieniem Swoim, a potem czas na 40 dniowy post przed rozdawaniem Duch Świetego na Shawuoth/Pentecost/Zielone Święta.

4. W tym roku, Ramadan kończy się 23 maja, 40 dni po Wielkiej Nocy. To daje wierzącym w Boga Stworzyciela unikalną szansę, wspólne ćwiczenia pokory i ubłaganie laski na ludzkość poprzez wspólny post, z element ważnym odosobnienia (czyli bez iftarów poza bezpośrednią rodziną, z pozostawaniem w domu jako dzisiejszy symbol pustyni) i z takimi ograniczeniami jedzenia jakie każdy uważa za siebie, wspólny element jest pozostanie w domu w ścisły sposób, i używanie ten czas na modlitwę. Ja nie jestem fanem ani zwolennikiem teologii Islamu, uważam ze brakuje w nim przede wszystkim prawidłowe miejsce Jezusa Chrystusa, ale tym niemniej Bóg widocznie jeszcze ochronił ich ponieważ biorą pewne rzeczy na poważnie a my pewne rzeczy niepoważnie, mimo ze sam Jezus ich instruował, rzeczy takie jak klękniecie przed Bogiem, jak posty, jak dawanie jałmużn i wiele inne rzeczy które jednak nie są fakultatywnym elementem chrześcijańskiego życia, mimo ze od nich nie należy nasze zbawienie, lecz jedynie w Jego świętej krwi. Zwę dlatego do imamow i leaderów Koscioł i synagogow do wspólnego postu od 13 kwietnia do 23 maja, włączając Ramadan. Zwę do producentów gier terytorialnych o dawanie madelow dla niegrania podczas tego czasu, chodzi mi o takich gier typu Ingress czy Pokemon go, i wzywam do ateistów również, żeby nie były gorszy od nas, skoro chcą myśleć, ze wiedza lepiej. Nawet jeżeli ktoś trzymał Wielki Post, to było by bardzo dobrze akurat w tym roku zrobić również taką dyscyplinę duchową na rzecz ubłagania Bogu o zaprzestanie zarazy.

5. Również powiedziałem ze są nadzieje naukowe – powody do kojarzenia wyników szczepienia Bacillus Calmette-Guerin na gruźlicę z mniejszą umieralnością koronowirusem. Inne leki tez zaczęli pokazać bardzo dobre efekty w Australii i w Ameryce. Im więcej dajemy naukowcom szanse myśleć i sprawdzać, i liniom dostawy czas na produkcji i dostarczenia rozwiązań, tym bardziej można ratować życia i mieć nadzieję na sprawny powrót do normalności, jakiej mieliśmy przed zarazą, albo do czegoś bliskiego.

6. Unia Europejska pokazała w tym wszystkim opłakany brak dowództwa i pomocy Włochom, Hiszpanii, itd. Wręcz przeciwnie ich Wysoki Sąd mówił, że Polska i inne kraje tego regionu musza przyjąć uchodźców wbrew brzmienia Akordu Dublinskiego, oraz wbrew chęci Polaków. nie wiem czy projekt UE jest w stanie przeżyć tak nieudane zachowanie się ich dowódców podczas epidemii. Ale jeszcze jest szansa, aby zrobili cos godnego: powinni fundować powtórzenie tego roku szkolnego dla każdego ucznia od pierwszego roku kindergartenu aż do PhD. powinni powiedzieć ze ten rok był egzamin in blanko tylko, a każdy powtórzy ten rok w następnym roku akademickim. Od tego czasu każdy rocznik w edukacji powinien być o rok starzy. Przecież żyjemy dłużej, mamy pracować dłużej do emerytury o dwa lata, ekstra rok na fazie przygotowawczej wobec tego jest tylko czymś współmiernym do tego. taka inwestycja znaczy, ze każdy dziecko przyszłości będzie dojrzalszy, w stanie więcej skorzystać z każdej klasy. I, bardzo waznie, brak wychodzących na rynek pracy latem będzie pozwolić na szybkie angażowanie z powrotem bezrobotnych tego kryzysu. Edukacja jest najważniejszą inwestycją cywilizowanych krajów, a UE stworzyła system ogólnych “kredytów” w edukacji. Więc tylko UE może to zrobić i fundować i to jest to jedyne teraz, co mogliby zrobić, aby usprawiedliwić ich dalsze istnienia po tym opłakanym braku dowództwa w kryzysie dotychczas.

Proszę o korektę mojej polszczyzny i/lub stosowanie się do tematyki. Proszę oczywiście również o subsrybowanie się do tego blogu mimo, ze rzadko publikuję po polsku.


A brave new world? Or a cowardly one? Two solutions to this crisis, one spiritual and for individuals, the other for the EU and public policy

If you are a liberal, the following is probably the most reactionary thing you will have recently read, so read it and bleat all you like. I dont regard your whining as a reason to withhold truth.


A few days ago I wrote an article here entitled  “How to end this epidemic, fast!” on this site.

In it, I spoke of the responsibility individuals have, especially believing individuals, to practice introspection and mortification of the flesh, namely fasting (in which I include the practice of staying a season in isolation at home, as a kind of fasting, which may or may not be accompanied by dietary or clothing restrictions) and pointed out how quarantine is a Bible idea (indeed the 40 days which quarantine literally means, despite the words itself being coined in 13th Century Venice, are reflected in the Bible). In his excellent book “Fasting” Franklin Jentezen points out how the longest fasting period is 40 days coinciding with the longest life cycle of the disease-causing flies that upset the human condition.

I am not one to go seeking a lot of numerology in Scripture, although more powerful intellects than mine have tried to do that, including Isaac Newton. Had anything much been obtained by doing so, I get the feeling Newton would have got to it before most of us.

Nevertheless, the number 40 is mentioned in the Bible no less than 159 times in Scripture, and often in contexts of trying, testing and judgement. Fasting for 40 days and – note this well, in seclusion – was practised by Moses and Elijah and Jesus Christ himself, and there are also the cases of the 40 days and nights of rain in the Flood, the 40 days of mockery by Goliath, the largest number of lashes that could be administered was forty (Deuteronomy 25:3), the Israelites were under the Philistines 40 years and in the Book of Jonah 40 days was the deadline given to Nineveh to repent.

This is why we ought to observe a strict fast and seclusion throughout April and most of May. The time between Easter Sunday (the close of Lent, another 40 day fast most have failed to observe, include those who claim to believe in it) and the end of Ramadan this year is about 40 days. May 23rd is the last day of Ramadan this year when a third of the world will be fasting, and so Easter Monday morning would be the beginning of 40 days ending on that night.

My belief is, that if all believing people observe at this time the fast of seclusion, in keeping apart for forty days, with dietary restrictions (exact details on these may vary), that it would be a certain way to stem the flood of this virus, or at least would put believing people out of the frame for it. Unbelieving people have been sharing memes showing Christian, Muslim and Jewish acts of worship with a view to blaming religion and the practice of faith in God for this epidemic.

Now I am not a big ecumenist. I have plenty of theological differences even with other Protestants, let alone non-Protestant Christians and I will be honest and say that Islam for me is not valid as a way to please God because Jesus in Islam is just a good man and a prophet, while we know that He is very God who entered His own Creation as part of it, so that in that way, the way of suffering on our behalf, he could bring us out into a perfect fellowship with Him and the Father, and the only way to do this is by repentance and faith in his death on the cross and resurrection.

That having been said, I believe God has been merciful to many Muslims, partly because they have been more concerned about maintaining righteousness in civil life than we have. They have not killed millions of their sons with abortions and thus God has ordained in His justice that in spite of their rejection of Jesus they still could come into previously Christian lands and their children would fill the vacuum created by the murdered children of those who think falsely that they are Christian. So in countries which have had 7 million abortions in the last forty years, you have 7 million Islamic immigrants, in countries where you had 5 million abortions you have five million Muslims coming in, and in places like Poland which have had very few abortions, they had very few Muslim immigrants because there is no vacuum for the sons of the desert to fill.

This ought to be told very clearly by Poland, Hungary, etc to the High Court judges of the EU who ruled that, despite the current coronavirus crisis and the fact that in Greece they have become a vector of this and other infections, and have breached the borders of that country by violence, we should be accepting quotas. In doing so they risk a Visegrad Four rebellion, with Poland, Hungary and probably the Czech s and Slovaks if not other nations from the Eastern side simply deciding to make their own Brexit Referendum with the other choice on the ballot sheet being a union along less dictatorial lines with each other and the UK and any others (most likely Italy which has already begun the process of taking down EU flags from public places) who care to join.

As it is the EU have not shown any solidarity or leadership during this crisis at all. All they have managed to do is to faff and do a newly-clothed Emperor dance in front of its remaining citizens, telling them what to do but offering no help. Showing that they have learned nothing at all from Brexit.

Back to that line of thought in a minute, first I would like to conclude the thought about the value of a Christian-Muslim joint fast. We do not get saved by observing fasts. But fasting is a display of sorrow and contrition which adds power to our lives and to our prayers. I would suggest that if Christians are willing to repeat a Lenten style fast after Easter [after all, Jesus said Himself to the disciples of John the Baptist that His disciples would fast after the Bridegroom was gone and not before (Matthew 9:15), so it is hard to understand why the Lenten tradition precedes Easter] including staying secluded as part of this 40 day fast and Muslims are willing to start Ramadan early this year and also give themselves the additional burden of not visiting outside their nuclear household for iftars (in exchange for this consideration they should possibly relax some other stringency, for example drinking water during the day), then I am telling you that I understand from the Spirit of God that this plague will be stayed regardless of what the ungodly do. This is not one of the seven plagues of Revelation 15 and 16. We are apparently not in that period yet, although it may be in our lifetime. Probably this episode will move those events one step closer, or more than one. But that is a separate matter.

I hope that imams and Christian leaders and Rabbis will support a common imploring of God in fasting and seclusion for forty days between Easter and the end of Ramadan. I am putting this out in the hope that it will be heard, and will be the basis of much prayer to God and attention to the discipline of our flesh and carnality, and of repentance, repentance leading to faith and the obtaining of God’s forgiveness in Jesus.

A second, more prosaic call is to the EU leaders generally.

The best think that you can do in the area of public policy, having done really next to nothing so far for all your people, is to declare that this academic year will simply not exist, it will be repeated next year. Whether we are talking about Kindergarten or people in the final year of their post doctorate diplomas. All  the way through. They should be told that the EU will pick up the tab for their tuition fees and maintenance and everyone in schools at this time will be given that year again.

The absence of school leavers and university graduates in 2020 will rapidly serve to soak up the mass unemployment currently taking place and avoid its aggravation in the Summer.

Henceforth, children would enter each phase of education one year later and go through their O level or GCSE level equivalent a year later and do their university stage a year later. This would enable these younger people to get much more out of their education, especially those years of education after the point at which they have expressed a preference for one or other course of studies or “pillar”. It would enable ore maturity of those entering tertiary education, thus greatly increasing return on investment in the sector. It would make the preparatory phase of life maintain its proper proportions to the working life and retirement phase, both of which are strained by the prospect of increased longevity.  This would be the way to get a positive lasting legacy from the Coronavirus outbreak and turn a tragedy into an heroic and epic achievement of civilisation.

Have we got the courage to do this? Either of the things I am suggesting in this post?

Please share with as many people as you can. Maybe someone will listen, maybe someone will see the truth in what I have put forward today.

PS: one possible light in the tunnel for some places may be if people have had their BCGs

More analyses are appearing to see if there is a statistically significant link, in the meantime, I urge any readers of mine who have not had thie BCGs to get them if they can.

Ensuring good levels of sleep and Vitamins C and D together with Magnesium and Zinc and drinking lots of water are also sound advice, but these you can read in a lot of places, and people come to Huliganov.TV for original thoughts. Which is why there are so few of you here.




How to end this epidemic, fast!

I noted today that someone had written the abbreviation “g/l” somewhere, and I wondered what the GoldList Method had to do with it.

It transpired that the abbreviation meant “gains by losses”. Someone wanted to calculate the ration of occasions a certain investment had gained over the month by the amount of times it had lost – irrespective of amount. This was a bit counterintuitive but the guy needs it to build a trading algorithm.

It seemed to me that “gains by losses” is actually not a bad description of our GoldList approach also. You first need to find out what your memory lost in order to give it a chance to gain it on the next pass, rather than spend time repeating what you know already. Mentioning no names but Anki and Supermemo are looking a bit shifty there in the back row, along with Duo and a few others…

The materials used for learning, although some are better than others, are usually not at fault, but rather our phobia of forgetting, which puts the learner off and they go through frenetic attempts to make jolly sure this forgetting business doesn’t happen to them. It is like trying to stop the Coronavirus, ie ain’t gonna happen. Instead we have controlled forgetting, just as we are having a controlled and monitored level of getting the virus planned as we go through a summer of relaxing and then reimposing lockdowns and social distancing measures, whilst behind the scenes making as much equipment as we can and trying to get a vaccine and better tests.

Interesting how “14 days” has been in the news a lot, although the correct timing for quarantining for a population lockdown should be 40 days. This is borne out by Bible revelation and human history. What we actually need is a common fast, maybe even with the Muslims whom I would recommend to extend Ramadan this year and start it early so that we can fast to God for 40 days and stay at home and pray that his hand will be stayed. Atheists are blaming Christians and Muslims alike for the outbreak and they may even be correct, but not in the way they think…

We forget that fasting is commanded by the words and example of Jesus, we forget that 40 days is a period mentioned in the Bible dozens of times in both Old and New Testament, with Noah, Moses and many others using it. There are also 40 years in the wilderness. It is a healing number. We forgot all about it. Even Catholics who do have a joint large fast at Lent for 40 days usually forget what they are doing within days and out come the things they were meaning to give up. Is it any wonder this epidemic coincides so closely with the Lenten period? Where we forget, there there will be reminding. And with the reminding, learning.

So don’t be afraid of forgetting. It’s part of the learning process. Getting sick is part of the healing process, or if not being sick then imposing flesh-curbs on oneself, by the discipline of fasting.

Stay safe, and please use the sedentary time in isolation to push up your results above the targets originally made, this is the best thing you can do in this situation, other than to fast, read the Bible and pray, of course, and sing hymns of praise to the Lord. Certainly I wouldn’t want learning to get in the way of that, to everything there is a season.

Fasting doesn’t add to your salvation, it is by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone, but still it adds a lot of blessing. It strengthens prayer and it strengthens the organism. Jesus Christ took it seriously and His 40 day fast is right at the beginning of His ministry. Even now He is fasting, but this fast of His may be nearing its end “I will not drink from this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s Kingdom”.

People are full of blaming governments for this, other religions for that, the Chinese here, the Americans there, the British, the Swedes, etc etc. People should look to their own fauts and putting a curb on themselves. Dietary or clothing restrictions are a way of doing his and quarantine or social distancing is also, and one which has been known about for a long time. We should curb our eating with our curb in movement. In fact these two go hand in hand unless you want to gain weight while being sedentary.

This is how to end the current epidemic, fast. If all Christians and Muslims do it, staying at home, extending the period and forgoing the pleasant aspect of the iftar, then I know for a certainty that the outcome will be much better than it otherwise would be, and furthermore thise who despise the very idea of God will have no more occasion to criticise us and blaspheme the more against God. They of course will anyway, but at least we will not have given them occasion. We will be clear.

Integration at Piknik 44 part 2/2



Original YT playout date: 16 November 2008
Duration: 31:04

The second and final part of our team integration exercise in Piknik 44. See inmpressive ropewalking and backwards medecine ball chucking activities and experience llamas and goats up close and personal!
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