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This is where there’s no TV here on Huliganov TV. It gathers together in one place where I’ve just used words and images without video links.



Original YT playout date: 8 August 2008
Duration: 1:01:09

An account from the first day of the second army of pilgrims from Warsaw heading out for the shrine of the Black Madonna, on the annual footsore migration of hundreds of thousands of people over a route of well over 200 km, many (such as Lord Moggy of lordmoggy channel featured here) subsisting on mere bread and water for nine days in their quest for fellowship and blessing.

I make a few comments about what I witnessed form a Protestant perspective, but I do mean the remarks in a kindly way, as at the end of the day atheists and islamists need to see Christians standing up and being counted, which is what these people are doing.

Also features in one part an attempt at Chaucer’s famous opening to the Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English. Some of my older viewers can tell me whether I got the pronunciation right or not.

I am actual posting it here on Huliganov.TV during pilgrimage time 11 years later. It goes to show that precisely 11 years ago I got down to below 120 kgs and right now I have a good chance of repeating that, having eaveraged 10 or more kgs more in the interim, sometimes even 20 kgs more.


***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 746
Likes at the time added to HTV: 5
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 0
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 100.0%
Comments at time added: 0
Total interactions at time added: 5
Total interactions to views 0.7%
Location: On the route out of Warsaw towards Krakow
Other people featured: Adam, Lord Moggy
Genre: Reportage
Music used: Ambient
Languages used: English, Polish
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks:


Huliganov’s Barcelona Experience #7/7 – Flight back from Barcelona


Original YT playout date: 10 June 2008
Duration: 9:46

The seventh and final part of the Barcelona series. This gives some stirring ariel views of the mountains in Europe from one of the Embrayers of LOT Polish Airlines
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A small request…

I have mentioned a few times about the images that are in the header. I am not sure that they work in the mobile phone interface of this blog, but they are there in the computer screen version at the top in a kind of long thin crop.

There are about 200 of these and they come up randomly.

Of the 200 about 190 are my own work, here and there are some I can use but are not strictly mine. I was wondering if you can look though a  few of them (done just by clicking on the header to get to the main page or by clicking the refresh button in your browser anywhere, so as to have a look at a few of them, and give me a bit of feedback, whether you think they are good, or not good, and why, whether they add anything to this site. I have to say I do quite enjoy seeing them myself.

Any feedback on these photographic efforts will be most appreciated.

1000 years of Bible Translation


The name David Morgan will be familiar to those who have read my autobiographical account of the sources for my thinking about language learning, culminating in the GoldList Method. He was my German teacher and the first one to bring home to me that languages are not taught by teachers, only ever self-taught by students and the teacher is at best a guide and coach.  This fine Christian man then went on to join the Wycliffians and translated Bible texts into the Lobala language in Congo.

In the document below you can also read his brilliant and inspiring article on 1000 years of Bible Translation, from pages 14 to 20. For those who want answers to why we live in a world of pain when there is a Creator, the earlier part of the same document has answers for you also, prepared by another Christian.

Here you are. Enjoy and read with blessing.

words for life summer 2018

O etatele Iloɓa aɓaka, Iloɓa aɓaka oka Nwaphongo, Iloɓa aɓaka Nwaphongo. O etatele aɓaka oka Nwaphongo.  Mbolo isɔ yakyelama nde nɛ, ɓo sɛɛ phe ekpele yɔnɔyɔ nde teyakyelama.  Isɔ yaakyelama nɛ ili na ɓomɔɔ, emba ɓomɔɔ phaɓaka moo nwa ɓato.  Moo mungyɛngyɛ onte ya enzɔmbi, emba enzɔmbi teikyikoka imozimya.

Thursday Poll #3 The Battle of Covington!

This is the third Thursday Poll, some of the earlier ones of which tool place on Wednesday, but that’s a relatively minor detail and I don’t want to distract you by going into that point.

Today, a very topical talking point, which maybe people reading this back in the future won’t remember, but the question relates to the Covington High School Native American Debacle.

Who comes out of this with any credit?

Please go ahead and argue your corner in the comments below.

Should the 70 Day Challenges have an entry fee? Thursday Poll

I see a lot of people have come in to the Challenges, stated that they got a lot from them but haven’t the staying power to keep in the game every time.

This is not art for art’s sake: learning languages is a long marathon. The 70 day challenges are here to help you and in any case there are sizeable breaks between them. It is a bit like University terms. They are suited for people who take study that seriously, as well as beginners or hobbyists. The size of the challenge you take is up to you. In the outset I suggested 5,000 was like a marathon leve achievement, and I think this has turned out to be true, although 10,000 has been achieved on rare occasions.

As a result of recent declension, the thirteenth Challenge which fell on the last Quarter of 2018 had a very low result, only one third of the level we reported at the end of the first challenge of that year.

Next Monday, 21st January, we have the 14th challenge starting.  The 14th Challenge I have decided is the last one that will have no joining fee.

I understand from observation of how little people respect this system, that folks do not appreciate what is free and only appreciate when they pay for something.

And it’s not like I have no costs to keep going with this site. Every year I hand over nearly 100 EUR to WP, and although I did add advertising recently, there have only been pennies coming in from that.

So the plan is, from the 15th Challenge (April-June 19) onwards, new Entrants to the Challenge will be asked to pay a joiner’s fee, and if someone was a member but had lapsed two whole challenges consecutively (initially that would mean that in neither DC13 nor DC14 had they taken part and done at least 400 lines, or if their total from the previous two challenges went under 400 lines) then if they wanted to rejoin, they would have to pay the fee again as a rejoiners’ fee.

On the other hand, I don’t want to do anything undemocratically, so the amount will be the average of what you, the community vote for in this poll. You can tell me what you think all this is worth.

Go ahead and discuss the matter in comments if you want to do more than just select an option among those given.


Just an update for subscribers

Probably you are wondering where these promised new articles and content is, and I should tell you what is going on.

The first thing is, quite a lot of work, through there’s nothing new about hat, and being basically self-employed, that is definitely preferable to the converse situation.

The other problem is, though, that on Monday a series of not great things happened. I managed to forget my computer lead in Poznan last week coming back on Friday to Warsaw, and over the weekend I ran out the battery. On Monday the lead was sent over by colleagues and I got it Tuesday, but I decided to make the best use of a computer-free day by arranging to see as many people as I could that day, and get as many pending meetings in Warsaw as possible dealt with and use the time that way.

I made in fact enough appointments to get into some time stress, and the weather was not great so taxis were not being reliable. I was therefore catching a bus and needed to run to the bus. It closed the door just as I ran in, probably due to the bloody-mindedness of the driver, which ZTM drivers are famous for, and I tripped and bashed my head against some hard element in the bus, and scraped my shin on the threshold of the bus.

I licked my wounds and as far as Tuesday and Wednesday were concerned I had a two productive days, catching up with what hadn’t been doable without the computer lead. The problem happened on Thursday morning. I still had headaches from the head bash, and these were intensifying, what worried me more was the infected state of the leg wound, which appears to have developed Erysipelas, which is rather worrying. It is pretty painful and gets in the way of a lot of things. I went to the doctor, who happens to be a Nigerian Prince working in Warsaw, and got told off for not coming earlier, and for not getting a scan. I am now on antibiotics and told to take it easy. So that’s what’s happening.  Apparently in recovery from concussion you are supposed to think as little as possible, and I don’t really want to write thoughtless articles, so I will go to bed, and either sleep or just hack my daughter’s Netflix account. That’s how bad it is. Read the rest of this entry

HNY 19

(Re-edited 6th January with a new production schedule)

It’s the first post in a New Year, the tenth of this Blog. 2018 started very well and looked as if I would break the views annual record for the blog, but after a splendid June everything seemed to go quiet in the second half year despite regular posts.

Last year in total 299 posts were made and of these the vast majority involved rehearsing the YouTube channel ensuring that everything on there is properly tagged and classified and aiming to allow a forum for comment outside YT itself.

This idea is the reason why I called this site Huliganov TV. I chose the .TV area code because I knew that video and my channel would make up the bulk of what is on here, and Viktor Huliganov was for the first few years the flagship “character” on the Channel.

Between that point in time and this, much has happened, of course. YouTube itself has become the two tier system that it is, with corporate players taking precedence over the community of individuals who really made it take off to the point where Google was interested and bought it. Much of the content is more professional even parallel to established TV channels and the community style, one person channel struggles more and more for views unless they can find a particular angle or specialism and develop an audience around that.

I never really wanted to do that, as I have a number of different interests and instead of running many channels as some have done in order to develop audiences and revenue streams, I wanted a channel which simply recorded me, and reflected my various thoughts and opinions and experiences for the benefit of a smaller number who would appreciate that mix or at least be willing to work around the bits they didn’t like.

In retrospect, that may have been a big mistake. If I had known ten years ago what I know now I could be making thousands of dollars a month online. And passive income is not to be sniffed at as one gets older. Anyway, what’s done is done.

So having set out to do this I do mean to finish it, and one quarter is done with three quarters of the films to go. It will take years more to get them all over here. And the stats show that doing this is not massively interesting for the audience so I have to do some other things while this is going on.

So I thought that I would put up other items on different days of the week this year. I will still try to produce a post every morning for you, but it will be like this:

At this point I am editing on 6th January, because I was fortunate enough to have a very productive meeting with my good friend Alan Heath whom some of you will know from YouTube and his camper van videos and website. He has, by dint of hard work over 12 years, achieved a point where he is able to regard keeping his channel going as a part of his living. He gave me some useful perspectives on the initial plan, which was:

Mondays – a new language related article
Tuesdays – a video from the channel
Wednesdays – a current affairs comment containing a poll. For this I maintain a paid subscription with a polling engine so let’s make good use of it. I hope my subbers will share these articles with friends.
Thursday to Saturday will be videos, again.
Sunday will be a quiz. Different topics will be covered and a quiz section added to the side navigation.

NOW instead of this schedule, I was advised to go like this: the old videos Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then in the second half of the week when people have a greater chence to relax and enjoy the best new content, there will be the following:

Thursday – The poll
Friday – The foreign languages article (Much Ado About Polish series)
Saturday – A selection of reposts from Quora (I have about 500 Quora answers and recent events have shown that that place is also not secure, so I want to ensure that the work I have done there is maximised, after all, I still do own my answers. Some will be posted both here and in my business site in the case of those related to business or accountancy. In whichever of my blogs they are they will be classified by theme as well as in a special section in the side navigation, namely “Quora posts”.
Sunday – the Quiz, as above. Always 10 questions, multiple choice A, B, C, D. They will also be classified in their own Quiz section and in the section of the kind of theme they contain. Hopefully they will help to teach you things which can be of more use than mere trivia.

This gives three video uploads to four fresh items per week. I hope this mix will encourage you to give this place a bit more engagement. Especially shares and comments. I always hope a community will develop here with people talking to each other in the comments but these days it seems Facebook groups have a near monopoly on that.

It means of course that it will take me longer ever to get up to date full with the old YT channel, plus the remainder of the material from five years ago, 2014’s videos, which are still being put through post-production and posted up there. Once that happens I even have a lot of old photographs that also could do with being placed up on line, but maybe I will use a photo-specific place for that, one of those where you can actually trade in them if anyone wants to buy one of them. Not very likely, but who knows?

I hope that finally in 2019 I can break the viewing records which I didn’t quite manage to break in 2018. All I am asking for is 150 views a day, which on a worldwide scale is peanuts. Please subscribe and click on the mails when they come, enjoy the show and engage and share onward!

There will be lots to see, read and talk about.

Happy New Year to all my readers and viewers.

Generational change

“The only two certain things” Franklin may have said, possibly referencing a line by Defoe “are death and taxes”.

However, those who are “in the know” are aware that these things are far from certain, either. The very poor are unaware of taxes, and not really experiencing them, and often not even the benefit of other people paying them. The very rich are also capable of making their tax burdens rather uncertain as to the absolute quantum, and God alone knows what percentage of any particular man or woman’s real efforts have been taken from him in one form of taxation or another and of those which percentage actually used to good effect.

Death also is not certain for the Christian, it is written that some “will not taste of death”, which is generally taken to mean that they will be raptured and changed into their resurrection states in the “twinkling of an eye” (I Cor 15:52). We are also shown in the Bible how Enoch and Elijah are taken bodily to heaven, without dying (Genesis 5:24, 2 Kings 2:11), possibly in order to be the two witnesses we read about in Revelation 11:3-12.

So is anything certain, then? Yes. The certainty is change. The only certainty is that given enough time nothing is certain. Everything must change. And nowhere more is the effect of change seen than when one generation hands over to the next generation. We have another Pharaoh in Exodus who “knew not Joseph” and so the position of the Hebrews in the Egyptian kingdom starts to deteriorate, leading eventually to the Exodus in the parted waters of the Red Sea.  But also we see throughout human history how what was decided by one generation in a dynasty is often overturned in the next.

The Nazis wanted to destroy the intellectuals of Poland, and so they executed officers, teachers, theatre directors, librarians, poets, anyone who could lead the people intellectually, along with their families. The children of ordinary farmers and factory workers, they thought, would not be in any state to replace the ones they took. But each time meiosis happens, it is the shuffling and redealing of a much bigger pack of cards than we might think, and genius which was not at all evident in the parents starts to come to the fore in the children. Now Poland is full of clever managers, inventors, thinkers whose parents drove trams or cleaned around in hospitals. I have met such people again and again, and also the opposite, which is a humbling thing, really. We all hope our children will be as clever or cleverer than we are, but this is not always the case either. Some of my readers may even be discovering this at the moment and having to come to terms with it.

A good rule to follow in business succession planning, by the way, is to consider that if you want one of your kids to take over your business from you, you’d better have four, as only 50% of them will have the intelligence needed to do it and only 50% will have the inclination and wish to do it. Both of these are needed and they are not dependent variables. Yes, I know people will turn around and say, “there you go again, GoldList Method Boy, stating things which are not science as if they were when genetics puts all of this differently and goes into detail and contradicts some of what you say”. Well, OK. Nevertheless, this actually works and is a pretty effective way of expressing how you need to prepare if you would like to have a business dynasty.

In the light of all the above, I had a meditation today on one popular story, well known to the kids of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

They say that “they all lived happily ever after”, but as far as the seven dwarfs was concerned, the next generation was were it started to go pear-shaped.  Grumpy’s kids were all sweetness and light, Sleepy’s kids were workaholics, Sneezy’s kids didn’t have any allergoes to anything and rarely caught colds, Doc’s kids on the other hand were hopelessly unhealthy and also far too thick to be candidates for the medical profession, which was headed by Dopey’s son, the Surgeon general, Happy’s kids were all chronic depressives and Bashful’s lot were never off the television screen unless they were coming sozzled out of nighclubs singing at the tops of their voices with a retinue of fans in tow. This could be the premise for a nice screenplay or telenovella, in which case I am bagging it now and anyone else who does it has to pay me copyright fees? Why? Because my parents were very nice and wouldn’t have asked for copyright fees off annyone.

Aquarium in Warsaw Airport

Original YT playout date: 10 May 2008
Duration: 7:23

This is a new aquarium in the “Business Shark” bar in the departures area of the new terminal at Warsaw airport.

They have a snail problem – nothing a few clown loaches couldn’t solve, but then they might have to kiss their shrimps goodbye too…

Statistics and Credits
Views at the time added to HTV: 1,416
Likes at the time added to HTV: 4
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 1
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 80.0%
Comments at time added: 0
Total interactions at time added: 5
Total interactions to views 0.4%
Location: Warsaw Chopin Airport – Business shark café.
Other people featured: None
Genre: Aquarium
Music used: 出水清蓮 – 王珣
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Numerous species of aquarium fishes, notably cardinal tetras and rummy nose tetras.

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