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This is where there’s no TV here on Huliganov TV. It gathers together in one place where I’ve just used words and images without video links.

Why are there so many Polish immigrants in the UK? Why is Poland such a bad country to live in?

First of all, if Poland were a bad country to live in, I wouldn’t live here. I am, after all, British. And there are a lot of British people living here, some in cities, some in more rural locations. As well as more and more other foreigners.

The reason you see a lot of Polish people is that this country has the same population as all the countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia combined. Percentagewise, more Lithuanians have emigrated than Poles, but that doesn’t mean that Lithuania is a bad country either.  However, because there are thirty Poles in the world to every Lithuanian, you’re still not going to run into them as often.


Polish Exploration – the example of Mikołaj Przewalski

Poles are more adventurous than most peoples. They have had more than their share of explorers and discoverers. They were not by any means always looking for an easy life, but simply highly interested in the whole world and what is in it. One example I can easily give is a wild horse species, now endangered, which lives over in Mongolia. This was discovered by a Polish guy called Przewalski and is to this day called “Przewalski’s horse”.  He also has a Przewalski’s gazelle, which is less known, and was the first to describe to science te wild Bactrian camel, although clearly that was well-known from time immemorial. What was not known, though, was that this wild Bactrian camel was a separate species to the domestic Bactrian camel. This by the way I very much doubt would stand up to genetic analysis, because people are saying that dogs are basically the same species as wolves, but apparently what domestic Bactrian camels evolved from was really a different thing entirely, so there you go.

Mikołaj Przewalski (or as he was known in Russian Николай Михайлович Пржевальский),  was born in Smolensk, a perennial favorite haunt of Poles, in the Spring of 1839, and died in a place called Karakol (yes, I know, Turkish for “police station” but this is I think an actual town in Kirgizia which bore the name Pzhevask in his honour for a while before the Turkic police stations, the black arm gang, took over, and exploration and zoology put on the back-burner) in 1888, a good ten years after the birth of Stalin, not sayin’ anything, but you have to admit the moustache has a certain familiar look…

This chap was a Russian citizen, as at that time Poland was not even on the map, and Poles were either Prussian citizens, Russian citizens or Austro-Hungarian citizens. He used his “nash chelovek” status to explore all over Central Asia wherever the Russians went. He was so adventurous, that some people even reckon that he was Stalin’s real dad, but that’s probably just an urban legend.

These days some criticism is levelled at him for being quite high-handed towards the native peoples of the places he went to, which just goes to show that it was not just the British and other West Europeans that took an Imperialist stance it was everyone, and if we had been on the receiving end instead of the dishing-out end, it is highly unlikely to have been better.

Here you can penetrate anywhere, only not with the Gospels under your arm, but with money in your pocket, a carbine in one hand and a whip in the other. Europeans must use these to come and bear away in the name of civilisation all these dregs of the human race. A thousand of our soldiers would be enough to subdue all Asia from Lake Baykal to the Himalayas….Here the exploits of Cortez can still be repeated.

(N. M. Przewalski on Asia)


But above all for him it was exploration, science, nature, collecting specimens of unknown plants, insects and higher life which really got him his Vega medal.

How Przewalski's gazelle appears in Sclater's "The Book of Antelopes", a seminal work on these Bovidae from 1894.

Philip Sclater, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons The_book_of_antelopes (1894) Procapra przewalskii.

This is the same spirit that sends people to the UK. They believe that it will improve their English, which in turn will enable them to communicate on a world-wide scale and they want a nice classy English (unfortunately on building sites they tend to pick up something less than classy, but of course they don’t know that, and proceed with their h-dropping and “effing and blinding” when they get back and are trying to use English for the purposes of international tax consulting, or something equally august). They want to experience something different to their own country and culture, but which is still relatively friendly. The pay of course doesn’t hurt either, but for many it is not the prime consideration.


Some will stay in the UK, appreciating the education system as the grass is always greener on the other side, and wanting good UK universities and qualifications for their kids. Some are merely saving money and will use it to buy back in Poland in lush countryside a bigger mansion than any of their work colleagues in the UK will ever have.
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What happened to Polish People?

Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, póki my żyjemy...

This is part of a new series where I bring over the best of my answers to questions on Quora. I did a few of these in earlier years in chronological order. From 2022 I am reworking them in the order of the number of upvotes received. These being the ones I would most regret losing – which is what they threatened me with over there for not being a Neo-Marxist.

On even numbered dates in the months, I plan to bring home to as many of the best of these as I can manage. I will of course be improving them, updating them, adding images. I warmly invite discussion below in each case. Enjoy!

Original Posting Date on Quora : 06/03/2018
Question as answered What happened to Polish People?

Views at the time added to HTV: 10,600
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Historical perspective

They had a huge country in the Middle Ages and were a paragon of civilisation, with links to other Nations all over the world. Then they were wiped off the map twice by their enemies. They finally arrived back on the map after World War I but endured invasion again in World War II, by Germans and Russians. Both, motivated by various forms of Socialism (National and International respectively), wished to take back what they had before the First World War. Poland’s military leadership assisted the allies and was instrumental in the Battle of Britain among other battles. The resistance wore down Hitler’s supply lines throughout the war.

After the war, they came under the hegemony of to the Soviet Union for their troubles. They did receive a new set of borders on the map, much smaller but rather with a center of gravity to the west of the one they had had previously. They managed to pioneer the breakout from Russian Socialism and its oppressions largely due to the Catholic majority (I speak as a Protestant, but credit where credit is due). The reborn nation worked very hard to make up the difference between itself and the west. Now despite what statistics say there’s little difference between the lifestyle in Poland and in the UK.

Current status

The average Polish house is larger, garden too, food of higher quality, better public transport systems and other benefits. The tax regime which is not so onerous but which offers not such a high level of benefits. It remains a safety net for the needy but does not constitute a comfy hammock for the indolent as in Western countries. That’s why Poles work, and why their economy grows. Now it is the hub of Central Europe, with a regionally leading Stock Exchange. The zloty has been strong against the EUR in the last couple of years.

Some Polish people, yesterday.

Poles achieved a lot by their hard work, they joined the EU to get a bit more of what the West owed them for the big backstab last century. However, they are not about to have Germany, which made one very big attempt to alter their demographics to suit themselves 70 years or so ago, do the same thing again. Just with a slightly curvier pant suit on and no silly moustache. So therefore this insistence, coupled with threats, by Germany and its multiple panders in the EU like Mr Verhopeless, Mr Schulds, Mr Junky and others to allow Poland to become less Polish and a little bit more Islamic are not going to meet with with any kind of sympathy. Neither are attempts by Germany to blame Poland for what they did likely to make any normal, sane Pole happy.

The peeves of the pervs

Of late, the politicians have all changed and some of the situation has become worse, and some better. Germany seems to have opened its eyes to the reality of accepting migrants with open arms. Now Germany is not so open and Poland has refused to join Belarussia’s quisling act in injecting the carriers of militant Islam into Western Europe. Finally the Polish approach has gained respect. Still the left are all the more determined to make trouble. Turów coal plant, the democratisation of the juridiciary and the refusal to allow unbridled genderism, are among their current peeves.

Uncomfortable politics?

They voted for a party which asserts their right to have an own view, to be different, to be Polish, even if that’s inconvenient for the funded elite and their plans for Europe. This appears to be a very big problem for the remnants of the Socialists who now sit like parasites in the West. They control a lot of opinion as their news outlets go bankrupt one after another unless bailed out by certain interests. Yet the more they rage and rant and threaten in a manner devoid of understanding either of history, or the Polish identity, the more certain it is that Poles will rally and will compound their successes in the arts, sport, businesses and general influence in the world today. So the Poles become even more inconveniently and gloriously Polish.

Karlin in the Rain (PV#29)


Original YT playout date: 5 June 2010
Duration: 14:58

The twenty-ninth Prague Vlog shows a few scenes, culminating in the Karlin area, as it starts to rain.

There is one erratum here, and that is that the name for aardvark is not Kvida – that’s the name they gave to one of the aardvarks at the zoo. I only found this out after doing this film. Hrabac kapsky is the standard term for an aardvark. So it is not like hroch and klokan with regards to being a name taken from nowhere for a non-native animal. There are still a number of hroch and klokan types still undiscovered, though, I’m sure.
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In favour of slavery?

Slavery, shackles,
Manille sur le Quai, by Remi Jouan

I satted on a recent discussion the following. “Anti-slavery is overrated. I look at some people and think that a few years of being put to servitude would do them, and maybe the economy also, a world of good.

Clearly there would have to be some safeguards to avoid abuse around it. It wouldn’t be the twenty-first century without the government go stickin’ its warty nose in at multiple levels and spoiling everything.”

Well some pinko reacted to this, and came back with the following:

In this scenario, who would you get to actually do the enslaving? You currently are afraid to even raise your voice around the people that you’d hope to enslave. Correct?

That’s right, someone who barely knows me and is clearly terrified themselves projecting all their fear onto me. As per usual.

The full reply

Here’s the reply, and I thought it worth saving here, as comments can easily be deleted. I’d like the work I did on this and the thought I put in not to be erased at the whim of one of the IQ-less offensariat.

“I thought I had just raised it, and unlike yourself I have a traceable ID and a valid photo pic. The people who should be doing the enslaving of these people are the ones currently enslaving me. Namely the state which takes my taxes as a hard-working man who cannot afford to be other than a hard-working man and gives that money to shirkers and border breakers, keeping them in hotels at my expense.

I see no sense for me to grab guns and shackles when I have already been paying for others to do that. Why keep a dog and bark yourself? Instead of paying for the praetorian guard of the elite, we thought we were financing our own police force, to look after the ones actually paying for it.

There should be a citizen-class protection force that we pay for instead of the current Praetorian guard. They should be looking out for our interests first, because the police we are currently paying for seem to have no time for us. They protect criminals as well as the upper class and help these two boards to squeeze the taxpayer like a cattle clamp.

Fair solution

The State should accept newcomers who are looking to come into a better situation that we have looking at their circumstances and what they can offer. Some will find willing sponsors in the private sector immediately, but there’s no market place for them to offer in or us to know whom we could hire from their number. If there are no obvious matches, the matter should be settled by putting these migrants into indenture, and not cushy hotels.

They should serve seven years like the good book says, obviously not in sex slavery or anything so demeaning, there should be inspections as part of the system, but in work that benefits society. Work like clearing plastic wastes and working on recycling plants to make useful things from waste which they sort. Or in looking after the elderly under supervision. Generally doing things we don’t have willing hands for but which are essential tasks.

They should receive clothing, housing food and healthcare but at a basic level. Their children should be educate at the same level as locals; this is a fair investment. They should receive 50 dollars a week for their own disposal subject to the good carrying out of their duties.

The outcome of the indenture

At the end of their seven years, the Agency should review their work. If the work is good and they have folk who will vouch for them, then they join society on the same basis as those who have paid taxes all their lives and who therefore also been slaves. Fair’s fair. It’s just that our slavery happened intermingled with our freedom, whereas they have it in one go. Afterwards no-one cantell them they have not paid their dues because they will have paid them that way. Or by military service as the French used to do, which could mean serving in an armed service to the point where they perform a medal-level act of valour or five years if shorter.

This will be particularly useful for those fleeing despots – they will acquire skills useful for the liberation of their countries. This latter military option should be for persons who have had extensive psychological evaluation and monitoring. It is not something we would want to offer to anyone who evinces philosophical or religious objections to a pluralistic, Western, democratic society.

Exceptional cases

If they are refugees of war or seekers of political asylum, then they should be at liberty to return if peace comes and they will receive the value of the work they did at minimum wage, to take with them, help them rebuild. Should they be simply economic migrants who change their mind, or those who found work at minimum wage or better, then they get no exit refunds.

If they endured persecution as intellectuals and applied for political asylum, or indeed anyone who has a needed skill, if they find sponsors or employers to give them a better deal for working on in their specialisation, then they may obviate the indenture system. The sponsor becomes co-responsible should they commit criminal acts during the seven years from arrival.

This form of slavery would be necessary to keep our kind of society strong and not succumb to such states as China where the masses are in genuine servitude in all but name, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Now please go ahead and tell me that I am wrong, but don’t tell me I will not raise my voice for it.”

By all means discuss below. I think this place threads better than other places and I only boot for spam and personalised abuse of other readers, as well as outright racism and anti-Semitism.

Christmas and New Year Message

Dear subscribers and also casual readers of Huliganov.TV

I pray many blessings for all of  you for a joyful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2022.

In a studio.

I will not be saying “Happy Holidays”, as for one thing I never say it as it is simply dismissive rather than being inclusive, and for another the Chanukkah festival which does sometimes coincide with Christmas was earlier this year and I gave out my Chag Chanukkah Sameach to individuals and on Facebook at the time, and took the flack from some ignorant anti-Semites who mistakenly think they are Christians while abusing the remainder of the earthly host nation and particular people of Jesus Christ. Real Christians don’t do that, OK?

And yes, we all know it’s probably not Jesus’ real birthday and yes we all know that birthday celebrations are not commanded in scripture anyway. I find it of little relevance. It’s not like I don’t think about the Incarnation all the year round, and the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection also for that matter.

This is just a time set aside to focus on this aspect, and as far as I can see it makes sense to take advantage of that. If someone is a Christian and doesn’t want to do it, you don’t have to do it, but try not to make a long face and a bad witness for everyone when this is a time it is actually possible to witness a bit more publically for some of us.

Now I just wanted to keep you up to speed with what I plan for the channel going forward into the New Year, so that you know what to expect.

We are now about half way through putting up here all the YouTube links so that they can be classified out well, kept in collections and placed together thematically with other posts which are not necessarily video posts about similar topics.

I am aware that many of you are not that keen on just watching again quite old video, and this I know because the stats whenever I write a fresh article tend to be better than those on the re-posts of things from the channel.

So it’s clear you don’t really want an unbroken stream of non-current video.

I have got a new webcam for Christmas from Sophie, and I hope this will be a way to re-ignite fresh “talking head” style video. The webcam in the machine I have is not as good as I expected but maybe this will be a good solution. I didn’t go for the cheapest model and as far as microphones are concerned I invested during the year in a Blue Yeti, which is an upper range, maybe you could even say a professional microphone. I have a lot of new things I want to say, some of them along the same lines as what you will have heard me say, others sharpened by recent events and of course I will want to address recent events.

In addition to that, I do intend to write more. I have noted that the tend to de-platform people who disagree with the left is still continuing. I have now had various threats of de-platforming on various places where I have in the past invested time to explain things to people or answer questions. I take these threats as an insult. I gave time but at least I expect it to be respected. I did not do so for my productions to be deleted. But thankfully I do have this place, and so far nobody has threatened me here but if this recent news means what I fear it may mean, then I may find that changing.

Therefore, in the past for some years now the algorithm has been to publish these older videos on Monday to Thursday and then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday freee in case anything else comes along. I also chose an evening, after work slot in Europe for the timing.

From the beginning of January I propose to change this about a bit. Days with odd numbers will have video posted, working through the second half of the old videos available on YT. Even number days will be the transfer of written articles made elsewhere so that they are not lost forever if I get kicked out. Starting in January 2, these will be posted on alternative days in order of the upvotes they received in these other locations. I am likely to update or amend them or supplement them as need and time allow so in some cases they will be improved articles.

I hope that you will all enjoy these ones, and stick around for them. As with the video, they do take a broad brush to paint life and there is not just one topic dealt with, although you’ll find the topics I have been talking about also reflected in a lot of these articles, so the one type of content should still complement the other kind.

For both of these I will change the timing of the posting to a morning slot, so as to arrive in subscribers’ inboxes shortly after they start work in Europe and of course before they even wake up in the USA. The evening slot used before now will be for any content which is entirely new and reactive to what is currently going on.

Another thing, there are too many adverts on this blog, and all that has come of this is that without even having made it to the minimum pay-out which is $100, I have had verious adverts all over my work, so as soon as I do make it to the pay-out of what has been earned on here over the last few years, I plan to make it free of these ads. I have received more from people very kindly donating to my paypal than I had from adverts.

On the topic of donation, I would like to say that right now I am in a much better place financially than I was two years back and so those of you who did support me back then can rest assured that I’ll be fine if they spread the love to more needy cases at this given time.

I do have a very special charitable project in mind, I will say more about it when the time comes but for now the codeword is Project Tumilat. Once this is all properly set-up I will say what it is and for sure be asking for donations for its beneficiaries, both the human and the non-human ones, which is a clue but I am not dropping more than that right now. Until Project Tumilat is ready, don’t worry about sending me any money those who were kind enough to support in our time of need. The Lord has provided, and may God richly bless you.

The GoldList Method book has stood still largely because I have been working very hard on other things and that’s likely to continue, but in the above navigations you still have access to the best I have written on the topic and all free, and hopefully very soon even ad-free.

Please subscribe if you haven’t, then read, like (or dislike if you prefer, it’s better than no reaction at all!) share the content using the buttons on each of the pages, and please do comment, and I hope there will be some interaction between regular commentors as that’s my idea of a gold standard for a blog other magazine or feed-style website – when it becomes a community. People are far too obsessed with the big social media places where they can get kicked out, deleted, edited. I have never done that, I only boot for spam and anti-Semitism or other serious racism or other clear forms of psychopathy. Valid opinions can stand on their own merits whether I agree with them or not.

Incidentally, this one is showing up in my stats today as my 1,400th post, so hopefully before long there will be another 1,400 posts on this site. I think it is also time for an upgrade to the WordPress level I have so this may enable other interesting improvements going forward, such as better searching, etc. 

See you all again soon on Huliganov.TV

Best redrags,

David James




What do I need to know about choosing a career as an accountant? (First published by me on Quora)

You need to know that accountancy is a big field, with lots of specialisations. In this regard it is like law or medicine and the qualifications available are in some cases no less hard to achieve than in those professions. Some roles and qualifications are relatively easy and don’t require university level studies, like bought ledger clerk in a business with few products and suppliers. In between someone happy in a bought ledger job in a modest business on the one hand to someone who is in charge of forensic investigations in a large international network of Firms on the other there is a huge gulf in terms of the mental challenges involved and the skill sets that have to be developed.

Some roles need very little verbal or presentation skills, others need excellent draftsmanship, precise use of language in addition to mastery of figures, and some roles can require or at least benefit from foreign languages to be spoken and I have lost count of how many I have needed to use in the course of my work. Some roles need little more maths than +/-* and some need you to be able to run Black Scholes or even delve into the arcane realms of industrial mathematics, which I personally would not last five minutes in. Some roles are in public practice, some inside companies. Some roles are forward-looking and involve planning, budgeting, while some are concerned with examining and reporting facts that have already happened. Some roles are static at one desk in one place, while at the other extreme there are roles demand that you practically live out of a suitcase. Accountancy has taken me to more than thirty countries, to well over thirty branches of the economy, to understand as few other than insiders ever can. In some roles you might manage a team of dozens of people, in others you might be practically a lone player. I think this is probably more varied than what you get in many other professions, and it should be attractive to various people to look at this profession, especially at the stage in your career when you don’t want to box your options.

Therefore, I don’t agree with some of your other respondents that the profession per se is boring – anything but! However, for sure there are boring roles and there are definitely boring approaches by boring people to roles which could be fun and interesting. And one man’s boring is another man’s “fascinating, Captain”.

Lion-taming it may not be, but if you have ever had to do due-diligence on an Eastern business only to find out who controls it, and still walk out without being sent to the taiga, just, then you might be as happy with lions,

The immunity from recession, the job security and high salary guarantees we used to talk about are sadly a thing of the past, maybe hopefully also a thing of the not too distant future again as we do have a slight uptick going on right now, but in any event it will put bread on the table, give you a useful skill and assist your overall understanding and analysis of business even if you learn some of it and then move into a totally different business role. And in the end there is the self-respect and the respect accorded from others because in addition to being a player in business, you are a member of a profession and adhering to the high professional standards of ethics and competence which go hand in hand with that.

Pizza Hut Fail

Original YT playout date: 24 April 2010
Duration: 3:35

So, some people think I should not use my leverage to complain about bad service, that I am spoiled as so many people do not get any pizza at all, substandard service or not.

To this I say, when I am earning the money I have, I take care to make the people paying happy. So is it that:
a) when I am paying out the money, I also have the right to expect the same attitude shown to me, or
b) I am stupid to try to give value when obviously I cannot expect to get value, I shouldn’t bother bothering when I am doing the service, or
c) I should accept that my role in life is to to my best for others while others just take advantage of me.

In fact, I just renewed my Crowdsignal today so let’s do a poll.

Many thanks if you added your voice to that.

Now here’s what I originally wrote with this clip.

“This is what customers of Pizza Hut can expect in Poland. Orders not fulfilled properly, and complaints answered with promises that are not kept.

Would they get away with this in America? It doesn’t cost any less in Poland, so why don’t they think we deserve an equivalent service for takeouts?

Waiting for an explanation.”
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An ode to Scotland’s independence being controlled by Brussels

Oh flower of Scotland
When will we see its like again
It’s green and ball-shaped
Of leaves so tightly turned
Its boiled alongside
King Edwards potatoes
And left on side of plate
Tae stink again.

Covid-19 is a Trial Run. Take Advantage of It.

So nice to see something that echoes my own thinking so exactly.

Maker and Redeemer

I have been working a bit on music of late, which is maybe putting it a bit too ambitiously given that I am not very musically educated and don’t even read the notes on the staves fluently, but I just felt like a play, and some extemporaneous music came out, which I expect to record when I can play it more faultlessly.

I wanted to basically fit the words to Glory be to Jesus which has the tune shown nicely here:

which I hasten to add is not mine as you may be able to tell when they skip one of my favorite hymn verses of all time.

What is sung there is called the tune Casnell by William Henry Monk (known for having composed the best-known tunes for “Abide with me”, “All things bright and beautiful” and many others). Whoever wrote that book they are playing from I know not, but as far as I can tell the correct name of that tune isn’t Casnell, at all, as I can’t find any other mentions of such a name. The correct information is that a German Lutheran composer called Friedrich Filitz composed it in 1847 for the tune “Wem in Leidenstagen”, which I cannot find any performances of. It is sometimes called Caswall in English, but still attributed to Filitz.

Edward Caswall in turn was the person who made the English words of Glory be to Jesus having translated it from Italian.

Here are the Italian words:

Viva! Viva! Gesù! che per mio bene
Tutto il sangue verso dalle sue vene.
Il sangue di Gesù fu la mia vita;
Benedetta la Sua bontà infinita.
Questo sangue in eterno sia lodato,
Che dall’ inferno il mondo ha riscattato.
Questo Sangue si fe’ nostra bevanda
E delle anime nostre la lavanda.
Il Sangue di Gesù placa lo sdegno
Del Genitore e ci conduce al Regno.
D’Abele il sangue gridava venedetta.
Quel di Gesù per noi perdono aspetta.
Se di tal Sangue è asperso il nostro cuore,
Fugge il Ministro del divin furore.
Se di Gesù si esalta il divin sangue,
Tripudia il ciel, trema l’abisso e langue.
Diciamo dunque insiem con energia
Al sangue di Gesù gloria si dia. Amen 

Ascr. St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787).

I will be adding more to this later on to show the chorus I have added, both tune and words, but the refrain (i am planning for the refrain to develop over the course of the hymn but the culminating refrain, so to speak, will be:

Maker and Redeemer
Bathe us in Thy Blood!
Bring us home to Glory
Thou our Lord and God!

Watch this space for the whole thing and hopefully God willing a musical arrangement also.

Thoughts on the nihilism of David Uncleborough

There was a discussion in the Australian edition of the Spectator about how this doyen of British broadcasting has slipped ever more into an anti-human stance, even stating that the planet would be better off without us.

The guy has had an immensely charmed life and while he is not the only one to be blessed, what you can say about those who are greatly blessed is that they fall into roughly three camps.

1. The So-Whatters. Those who seem to take it for granted and see no need to be thankful. Frankly I find such people equal and opposite to the handwringers and equally wrong.

2. The Hand Wringers. People who feel guilty about about the fact they had it better than others and feel as though it would be better if everyone was engulfed in equal misery. Communism is where that ends.

3. The Thankful. People who believe in and worship God understand that He gave them the blessings they have. They examine their lives and say, I was blessed here, I was challenged there, God sometimes took away. I regard myself as blessed and bless God’s name. I read that where much is given, much is required, and so I do what I can, but simply giving it all away to all comers cannot be the right answer, as God could have done that in the first place if that’s what He had in mind. My job is to turn ten talents into ten more, and not be surprised if one-talent guy even has to give me his one.

At the outset of his career we might have thought Uncleborough was a 3 but he seems to have found his way into the 2 camp and this does tend to happen with those whose faith in a creator and Redeemer is weak.

If you wanna be a Job, you gotta know that your Redeemer liveth. Job had a lot, lost the lot, accepted the sovereignty of God in giving and taking, and then got back everything he lost and more.

But while he and his mates got into a mode of whining about environmentalism and other guilt-trippy tropes, God came along in a whirlwind and slapped them all verbally about the head.

I don’t want David Uncleborough to die, despite him chucking Spicer off a bannister and trying to get the lovely Carol Marsh to shoot herself as a kid, and then chucking a bunch of walruses off a cliff in his dotage, I want him to be thankful to God, faithful and believing, and then to live forever in paradise which I fully expect to have even more new species in it than the old one had.

David on the Komodos Islands, in search of the last living Sealeocanth.

It is not possible for this universe to have been a better place without humans, for, as shown in John’s gospel and other parts of the Bible, without the fact that this was to be the home and stage for the history of salvation, where God the Father would give to God the Son all those souls He had appointed for Him, God the Son, our blessed Jesus Christ would never have made this world and this universe in the first place. Yesterday’s blogpost on this Channel should have made it clear to you why that can be stated unequivocally.

Do animals evolve into new kinds?

They don’t evolve from one kind to another in observable time. There is some speciation since the flood, but it’s only in short generation animals. They cannot change from kind to kind, the variety within the Kind just gets bigger. Usually taxonomic families of vertebrates which have huge numbers of species in, or species with huge numbers of subspecies and races are short generation animals and those with few are long-generation animals. If you look at that and see where the lines all converge we can conclude that the Flood could have been about 7,000 years ago.

None of that though is particularly relevant to the question of whether humans are animals. This depends on how you define animals. That there is an analogy in Creation between humans and a series of specieisdered notional forebears is not necessarily relevant to that question either. It is all down to the philosophical stance one takes, especially with regard to the finest spiritual revelations that we have, namely the Bible.

I do not have a problem when atheists start wittering on about how great apes and we have all got a deficiency in the gene to make our own vitamin C, this and other things have no bearing on the fact that God could have made us last Thursday, but for the fact He tells us it was a few thousand years earlier than that. Before that you have 14 billion years of universe production, a spurious and impossible in fact start to life and living cells, and then a chain of evolution, culminating in a standing naked ape which gets language and thought in a conundrum not less impossible to understand than the first living cell coming from soup, all of which of course happened only in the eternal foreknowledge of God the Son, who wrote this in His own mind as a plan, so as to make a home and set the stage for those whom the Father was set to give to Him. (John 17 has all of this information if you look carefully, especially John 17 v 24). Once the Logos sets this plan or Logos in motion, bringing even light and the other laws of physics as we know them into being by speaking that which is in His Plan, then we see it does not take 14 billion years, it takes six days. Six like the six wine barrels at the wedding in Cana, Galilee, which were also filled with vintage wine from water and not wine that appeared to have been made a few minutes earlier. It is a mature creation, it looks partly like it could have evolved, but we are told the real truth, which explains the things that are in it which by no means could have evolved.

Atheists are a bit like some folk who have autism, they have if you like a kind of spiritual autism becuase they look at this world and try to understand it without reference to the Creator. In fact, they really don’t want to know Him.

This is of course very sad, because knowing Him is really all there is, all there is that lasts.

You know what I am talking about.

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