If Cassetteboy can do it, why can’t I?

Original YT playout date: 12 December 2009
Duration: 4:41

This film is made with material from the BBC website’s Digital Revolution section. There is a share-alike license allowing any YouTuber to do a Cassetteboy wannabe attempt on a collection of interview footage and other programme collateral such as music and graphics and city shots. I don’t have time to make a very serious competition entry, but since it’s allowed I thought I’d have a little mischief with Stephen Fry, Marissa Mayer, Chad Hurley et al, here. The link to the site if you want to join in is at the end of the film.
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My New Exit Clip


Original YT playout date: 6 December 2008
Duration: 0.07

The reason for the OIOIOIO is that the domain OIOIOIO.com belongs to me. I picked it as there are not that many domain names 7 or fewer letters which can be flipped around backwards and forwards, up and down and always say the same thing.

I only had three exit clips or outroes for te whole of the YouTube collection. If I go on again post Coronavirus, then I think a new one for the new films would be in order.
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Tiger Man


Original YT playout date: 21 September 2008
Duration: 0:30

Mr Putin came face to face last month with a Siberian tiger in the Russian far East. He shot it with a tranquiliser dart as it began to attack his team. Now we know that the President has a bit of the tiger in him. Esso said “put the tiger in your tank” when selling their petrol, but this tiger has plenty of tanks of his own!
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The Bionic Binary

Original YT playout date: 28 April 2008
Duration: 0:30

“Jamie Sommers was Lindsay Wagner, my first TV crush, but hopelessly too old for me as I was, like, nine and she in her thirties. Now Jamie Sommers is 24 year old achingly beautiful Michelle Ryan, and hopelessly too young for me. I’m one of those “”in betweenies”” the Goodies sang about in their old song.

But we have the technology to make the world’s first bionic binary morphy richards mix of the two bionic beauties, and if you look in the middle of this you will find a carefully reconstructed bionic beauty who is not quite Michelle, not quite Lindsay, and yet both at the same time. Is this the real Jamie Sommers? Sometimes when you morph two beautiful people, the mix produces something oddly hideous, but here something strange happened: I actually like my Pygmorphian construct, my Jamieliza Doolittle-Sommers, better than either of the two component actresses! Your mileage may vary, of course, but she ought to do about 200 to the gallon.

All footage belongs to the film companies. Look on imdb.com if you want to know which ones they are. Mine is only the idea of combining them in this way, in order to end up with one born neither too early, nor too late, for me!”
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News at Ten – Blair becomes Pope

Original playout date: 22 December 2007
Duration: 0:18

Following his 2007 connversion to Roman Catholicism, Bliar had a serie of meetings to become the first Pope to have been converted into the faith only days previously, and to be beatified while still alive and serving as EU President as St Antonius Bliarius, patron saint of war criminals.
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