If Cassetteboy can do it, why can’t I?

Original YT playout date: 12 December 2009
Duration: 4:41

This film is made with material from the BBC website’s Digital Revolution section. There is a share-alike license allowing any YouTuber to do a Cassetteboy wannabe attempt on a collection of interview footage and other programme collateral such as music and graphics and city shots. I don’t have time to make a very serious competition entry, but since it’s allowed I thought I’d have a little mischief with Stephen Fry, Marissa Mayer, Chad Hurley et al, here. The link to the site if you want to join in is at the end of the film.

Obviously I am under no illusions that my skills could equal those of the real cassetteboy, and a number of other youtubers in a similar genre who do make some of my favourite content, especially the ones who do it to dubstep and other music tracks, often make by themselves. But it was a nice thing just to see the detail and time needed to be taken to do something like that.

All sorts of things are possible if you just slow everything right down in the video maker and work at what you might thing of as a macro level. Then when  you speed it up, you get the effect you want. In audio and video, ie time based art, slowing things down seems to be the equivalent of painting with a magnifying glass or doing computer art zoomed up to the very pixel, in order to produce what you want and then run it back to normal size and speed. It is for people who are both incredibly patient and who can harness technical skills (otherwise their lives would not be long enough to turn their reserves of patience into finished work.

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