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Thomas P. Jameson III does a “Laoshu” on Japanese…

Here we see Thomas P. Jameson III doing a Laoshu on Japanese.

Original YT playout date: 14 August 2010
Duration: 21:11

In the style of the late great Moses McCormick, the Texan cowboy reviews a stack of Japanese learning


The Wikipedia image of Laoshu (Moses McCormick) in his prime, with signature baseball cap.


Moses died while still young but he was a beloved member of the expat community who helped many of us out. He helped me personally on multiple occasions. Laoshu also supported my channel giving me mentions from time to time in his own videos. Moses will be greatly missed. Of course, he was still going strong at the time I made the above.

May he “level up” in peace.

Don’t miss the Texan Scots.

This is also one of my personal favorite videos from my collection.
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Has a stranger ever yelled at your child?

Yes. My kids are autistic. When someone intervenes they receive this information. They generally are then quick to apologise. If they carry on regardless, then I give them plenty of verbal abuse in a loud voice and explain to them for the benefit of themselves and society how deficient they are both in mind and in soul. I have a low tolerance for imbeciles who think they know it all and the world revolves around their tiny tush.

We have only had the term “Karens” for a short time and it is a horrible term very unfair on many nice people who bear that name. The sort of person described by this term is nothing new though. I could give numerous stories of people who in their own minds become instant experts on what needs to be done with autistic children, I mean really autistic children, even if they have barely heard that tem used and would be unable to define it.

This was the last in the group where I have uploaded them in order of the number of upvotes. As from two days hence I will be uploading this series from the ones with the highest views to date on Quora.

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Warsaw’s Cross … Very!

Original YT playout date: 14 August 2010
Duration: 45:28

Here we see what is going on in Krakowskie Przedmiescie, the actions of the right wing group Solidarni 2010 and their demand to have the Smolensk disaster investigated as well as the victims properly remembered.

We see some of the atmosphere as activists engage with people on the streets and enter into discussion with someone who claimed that he was making private comments when as you will see he was de facto, whether he realised in or not, addressing a crowd of about 12-15 people. He asked for his comments not to be viewed as public statements, but that’s fine, because we can keep them just in my group of viewers which probably won’t get over a thousand views a year anyway, which is still pretty private by media standards.
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Why shouldn’t we eat catfish?


Who are “we” to say?

Firstly, that depends who “we”” are.

If “we” are vegans, it is because catfish are not vegetables.

If “we” are Jews, it is because Siluroides do not have scales, but either naked skin or bony plates. Therefore they are not kosher. Not kosher is not kosher, don’t ask me to justify it biologically. If you want to be frum, eat kosher, that’s all.

If “we” are anyone else, then the question turns on what do we mean by “catfish”.

The huge biodiversity of catfishes

There are over 3000 species of catfish in the world and they demonstrate vast diversity. From the candirù of South America which swims up people’s urethra if they urinate in the water, all the way up to giant Pangasias or Siluris species among the largest freshwater fishes of the world. Plus various marine species also.

“My name is Vandellia / They call me Candiru / It won’t be you be eating me / It’s me be eating you.”

Just to be clear about how astonishing that fact is, it means that 1 in 20 of the vertebrate species in the world is a species of catfish, in Siluriformes. There’s no other order of vertebrates like that. And the cladists have been trying to break it down until they were looking like clado-masochists, and the geneticists have been getting frenetic and still the Siluriformes is reckoned to be all the product of a single putative common ancestor.

Some species of catfish deliver toxins, some electric shocks, some like Corydoras or Otocinclus are too tiny to be of use as food, but are very popular in aquaria. Some species makes sounds, some get out of the water and walk about, some are transparent and you can see right through them.

There is one catfish fossil despite all of this, its name is Corydoras revelatus and the author has held it in the palm of his hand in the non-public area of the British Museum of Natural History thanks to the kindness of the late Dr Gordon Howes, ichthyologist.

Catfishes which are regularly eaten

The catfishes most commonly farmed as food are European catfish, Silurus glanis. As long as you have got one from sustainable sources they make good eating. I recommend “som fri”” in Russia or the Ukraine. Clearly they are a sports fish too, and in these cases we put them back, we don’t take them and eat them.

In the US it is channel cats, the Ictalurus and Ameiurus species which the song “Walking in Memphis”” references in the words “they got catfish on the table””. These are also fine eating as long as they are fished from sustainable and legitimate sources.

In the Amazon region they eat large Loricariids like Plecos. If you should be there as a tourist and are not a Vegan or kosher Jew, you might want to try one.

A lot of tropical rivers though are home to parasites that can transfer to people. And here I come onto the kind of catfish which has become more popular in supermarkets in recent years, namely Panga.

These can be farmed in particularly polluted parts of the Mekong river. I suggest you don’t make these a part of your menu, although trying them once might be ok.


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My 1000th Video – what’s next?

Original YT playout date: 26 June 2010
Duration: 36:20

On the occasion of this making 1000 videos visible on my channel (in fact there are 25 more than that but the other 25 are taken to private on legal advice).

Drivelled and droned

I drivelled and droned on aimlessly for more than half an hour saying what’s in the first 1000 videos, how there’s more minutes of material on this channel, for whatever that might be worth, than any other channel I know (if you know different please let me know) and where it’s gonna go from here.

Basically, at this point, 1000 videos, 1 of my three targets for 2010 has been achieved just before the half year was up. Now the aims of getting 3 million views and 3,500 subbers still need to be achieved. In the meantime I am marking this point in the channel’s history with a small break. I will be in the meantime preparing new stuff to play out when the new season starts, and to find out some of the things I have in mind for that you’ll have to listen to the guff hereby visually and audially (?) appended. One thing’s for sure – it will be better and more experimental than ever. I’m always experimenting and the mix will change and develop from what has been here till now.

Two WordPress Blogs

In the meantime, please keep up with me on my two wordpress blogs. The serious one with all business and that in it is, and the one which is going to be the repository for all the non-business stuff, including all the films on this channel properly classified. As well as my old website stuff which my former host removed, with my hymns, various articles and posts from different places, the poems of Julia Stroganova and the entire canon of stuff about the goldlist, and much more, is . See you there, and see you back here in the new season.

Needless to say, if you haven’t subscribed, you won’t know when the next season kicks off, so please sub up, watch some of the old stuff again in the meantime, and stay in touch with your ratings and comments.
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Is it possible to marry a Polish girl?

Duck soup for the soul … of discretion!

If you are a man, it is. Poland doesn’t do same-sex marriage.

The next prerequisite is finding a Polish girl who wants to marry you.

You then need to visit her family. On the last evening, when there is a big meal and you are the guest of honour, it is the time when you formally ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage. This you do after the main course but if you were given duck blood soup, a dark sweet soup called czernina as the first course, then it is a signal not to ask, as she is already intended for another nobleman.

Once these formalities are concluded the rest is easy.

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They couldn’t drag me away… (PV #36)

Original YT playout date: 26 June 2010
Duration: 12:29

The scariest thing I’ve done this year was get in the chair lift in Prague Zoo. It doesn’t stop for anyone. I wasn’t sitting very square in it and the drop was quite a long way to the wire net below.

When they saw me get on it, the lift operators started calling on the name of the second person of the Trinity and His earthly mother, which didn’t bode well.  Anyway, I filmed the whole thing. I supposed the ski lift could drag me away despite their fears that it might not hold, but the wild horses to be found at the top of it couldn’t drag me out of Prague Zoo before closing time, even though the battery was only good for the six small films you have here. I could certainly do another six at least with what’s left to show, but I’ll save that for another time.
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Are fish tanks cruel?

Are fish tanks cruel? It depends. If the fish tank is too small for the fish or the equipment in it and water changes all in combination aren’t giving the right quality of water, heat and light then that’s cruel for at least those species of fish that aren’t being catered for. Fish also have the right to hidey holes where they can enjoy their privacy for the species that need it. Of course, some individuals within a species might need it more than others. Fish differ not only between species but within a species. They even differ in their behaviour within one spawning of fry. Such is life, for organisms that reproduce sexually. It is one of the so-called “joys of sex” that Alex Comfort neglected to mention as he was more concerned with the prurient. In fact, I hope my readers haven’t even heard of him.

BB Radio – einfach der beste Mix

The mix of fish is what people tend to get wrong the most though. Putting together fish of different sizes so that the smaller ones end up getting eaten is not fair on them. Also, you should not put fin-nippers or biters like barbs or puffer fish or overly playful fish like botias in with delicate fish which don’t like to be chased around, like discus or mormyrids. Everyone should know not to mix two male Bettas, but you could have a similar result over a longer period with a lot of kinds of cichlids. When you breed fish not taking care to have males and females from separate bloodstock, this also can lead to unintentional cruelty. That is because the number of young with genetic issues and deformities is likely to be higher.

Nuh’un gemisi sizin evdedir

If you avoid those problems, there is nothing intrinsically cruel about the aquarium hobby. Our well-maintained aquarium fishes have a much better quality of life much better than that in the wild. Whole species are now being maintained in hobbyist collections which are extinct in the wild. The German hobby and Hans-Georg Evers in particular brought the Noah’s Ark capability of our hobby to peoples attention already in the 1980s.

Many livebearers and even cherry barbs are maintained despite habitat destruction in captive collections.  Other hobbyists have gone so far as to describe species to science which they have found wither coming through trade channels or in their own explorations of the Amazon.

The image shows Brachyrhamdia marthae, named by my old friend and mentor Dr. David D. Sands in honour of his then wife. David Sands used to write many articles promoting non-cruel fishkeeping, avoiding for instance keeping very large fish like red-tailed catfishes in small fish tanks where they would not thrive.

I hope some aquarists reading this will aspire to be part of some cottage conservation project, and dedicate some nice tanks to this idea.

Aqua cuna vitae, ager nobis

So, you see why it depends. Depending on what you do with your tank it can be heaven or hell for your piscine companions. In itself it is not cruel, it is a set of panes of glass.

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The Big Cat House of Prague Zoo (PV#35)

Original YT playout date: 25 June 2010
Duration: 20:36

Some big cats and some surprises too, Prague Zoo style.
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If an enemy ran up to a tank and tried to put C4s on it, what would the tank driver do?

Someone asked me to answer this as a fish tanks question.  It doesn’t look like the fish kind of tank, but if it is, then I imagine the tank owner will remove himself from the vicinity as quickly as possible on seeing the C4s, whatever they are.  If there are irreplaceable fish inside he might try to net them and carry them away in a carrier bag with water. For sure he or she will look for a replacement aquarium quickly. Obviously it’s not a situation any fishkeeper hopes for.

Supplementary question

A Quoran called Patrick Zhong then replied to the above with the question “Please inform, how do you drive a fish tank?”.


I replied “Very carefully, otherwise all the water slops out when you accelerate, brake, or turn corners.” Patrick then said “And how do I safely turn the fish tank in place at high rotational speeds to generate a whirlpool without killing all the fish?” My answer to this is as follows:
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Poxy wife, poxy kids…

19 January 2022

Original YT playout date: 24 June 2010
Duration: 5:07

They all had chickenpox, but they got better quite quickly…
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Barbarians Invade Civilisations

Censorship strikes again

I was not even able to upload this answer someone talking to me on Quora, whose name is Alberto. I will put it here and you’ll be able to work out from the context what he was saying. Anyone wishing to comment is welcome, I only censor for spam and not politics. It is just as well I have my own outlet and am not fully in thrall to other people’s sites and their rules.


Some historical examples

I picked out the Phoenicians as an example because I thought that was your best argument out of them. Saying that the Greeks were educated by Egyptians is rather silly. All of these big libraries which were in due course destroyed by the Moors you so idolise were Graeco-Roman.  They were not originally Egyptian, as the Ptolemaic line was totally subordinate to Graeco-Roman power.

Egyptians came under the influence of Semitic tribes, among others the Hebrews and Phoenicians, and it was the Akkadians who brought literacy to Sumeria, so that we don’t even really know much about the original Sumerian language.

That all aside, I would like to point out a certain inconsistency in your arguments.


Inconsistency in your arguments

You are arguing that earlier cultures have been culturally more rich and civilised than invading cultures. There has been a tendency in history for advanced civilisations to become complacent and then the barbarians invade them. You reference the Vikings, ok, let’s take the vikings. Scandinavia was the “officina gentium aut certe velut vagina nationum“ as Jordanes wisely if naughtily puts it. From its territories the kingdoms and empires of all medieval Europe sprang, from Spain to Russia. And what happened? They became the most civilised parts of the world because they became economically relatively comfortable. Their homelands are among the highest HDIs in the whole world. So much for barbarians.

Obviously we can’t just leave these people on the street…

Now it is others coming in and destroying that. People who may have once been great repositories of culture but who lost it and now in many cases are barely literate. They come in many cases not so much to work as to receive gifts of houses and benefits. We know that because here in Poland, where the benefits even for Poles are meagre, and you need to work, we are not seeing them. Other than as a transit space to Germany and other Frankish and Visigothic and Viking kingdoms where they expect to find a copious social safety net. They even flock on the shores of France to enter the UK via dinghies just for a marginally more generous social crib.

And there’s you, taking the side of the fine culture when it’s Vikings like me invading but when it’s Vikings like me who have the fine culture, and those who long ago forgot their culture are invading as Barbarians, then that’s wrong.

You are like the Kali figure in Sienkiewicz’s trilogy. The epitome of double standards. Poles talk about “Kali’s Law”. That basically means it’s one law for me and another for you.

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