Handy to know…

Not everyone can expect to do Arabic calligraphy...

Hellokittydimaggio asked me on YouTube:

“My handwriting‘s never the same, it changes randomly. does that mean i’m crazy?”

I answered:

“Not necessarily. Some younger people who have mainly written on keyboards and never has a chance to develop their handwriting style can write very erratically, and all it says about them is that they don’t write enough. Or it can be that your mood affects your body language more than with most people. Handwriting is part – a very refined part, but part – of body language.”

I thought it was worth sharing that on here.

2 thoughts on “Handy to know…

  1. This is an interesting post. (like most of them !). I’d never thought of the connection between hand writing style and body language.
    Now that it has been brought to my attention, it raises another intriguing question. Could it be that adults whose handwriting looks “childish” (no disrespect to children, I mean writing that looks as if the writer is not quite at ease with the letter formation), have not matured or have a child’s unease in an adult world. Why do some adults develop a very fluid and attractive style of handwriting and others never do despite many years of writing (the time spent on handwriting being probably much less for this generation than the last). I know uncle davy has touched on the importance of handwriting (rather than typing) in memorising vocabulary. The whole handwriting subject is fascinating and perhaps still has a few undiscovered surprises to offer.

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!