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James Whale Radio Show on Play Radio UK (17th June 2008)

Original YT playout date: 12 July 2008
Duration: 4:00:04

James Whale’s radio show from 24th June, featuring guest calls from Peter Stringfellow and Uri Geller.

Not every YT channel can boast hosting shows containing the likes of Uri Geller.
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James Whale Radio Show on Play Radio UK (17th June 2008 – with Nigel Farage)

Not every channel on YouTube has a unique bit of the legendary Nigel Farage, already many years before the Referendum. Here he is on the James Whale radio show, which I have been privileged enough to be allowed to carry on my channel.

Original YT playout date: 20 June 2008
Duration: 3:13:52

The James Whale Radio Show on PlayTwoUK (part of playradioUK) from Tuesday evening, 17th June 2008. Once again we have slight issues with the camming jamming, but we’ll get there eventually!
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The James Whale Radio Show on Play Two UK #2

Original YT playout date: 4 June 2008
Duration: 4:01:22

This is the James Whale radio show from 3rd June 2008, this time all four hours of it, unlike last week owing to the technical issues back then, with over an hour of David Icke on the telephone to James Whale.
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The James Whale Radio Show on Play Two UK #1

Original YT playout date: 28 May 2008
Duration: 2:06:14

It was an immense middle-class whitey privilege to be allowed to broadcast on my YT channel the sound and also the live cam stream from a series of shows the very well known James Whale did on Play Two UK. James Whale is a personal favorite broadcaster of mine, whatever he might say teasing the Welsh I know he does have a soft spot for us and on top of that he has a great mind for phone in broadcasting. His book “a life time on Night Time” is a big hit among radio fans and larger archives exist of his work on other stations, such as LBC and also on TV. For sure at the time I was permitted to host these many a vlogger will have envied me.
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