Old Usenetposts Gallery #3 Gecko on the Wall

Gallery Page 3 – Gecko on the Wall

Here’s a tropical lizard on the wall of the villa I was staying in. I assume this is a gecko of some sort, but what I don’t know is what sort, exactly. It allowed me to take a load of photos at quite close range, of which this is perhaps the most detailed. Please E-mail or bulletin board if you know what species of lizard this is precisely.

Gordon the Gecko is not wired for sound this time, but was under surveillance anyway

Stay with the tour for more natural history photos, and numerous other topics….

DJJ 13th February 2005

Old Usenetposts Gallery #2 Tropical Birds

(I’m continuing with the repost of old material from the former Usenetposts.com)

Gallery Page 2 – Tropical Birds
Right, still with me? Good. We’re still looking at unidentified fauna. Here we have a kind of gull that I’ve never seen in Europe, with a kind of hairstyle, as it were, of an old English teacher of mine. (I use that possessive pronoun attributively, not possessively, as he would say). Provisionally, therefore, I’ve named it the Saunders gull – but what is its real name? E-mail or bulletin board if you know the answer. Seen in the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo, November 2004.

This seagull is probably not new to science, but it was new to me

Again from the Dominican Republic in November 2004, is this small reddish hawk. The picture doesn’t deserve its own page, as the quality is not good, but still I don’t know the bird so I’m hoping someone will tell me what it is. This is the best of three I managed to take before it flew away.

The tiniest hawk I ever saw

More animals coming up, before moving on to other themes…

DJJ 13th February 2005

Old Usenetposts Gallery #1 Moth

I’m scheduling some reposts of some content I used to have on Usenetposts.com – over the next few days I’ll be showing some old photos I took and placed on the old site as a tour. I’ll be keeping the old original text I wrote some years ago, as this is now not up anywhere else since Usenetposts.com, in the form it was hosted before, was sabotaged by the sad, conceited drug addict who hosted it, whilst pretending to be an Evangelical Christian, which he has since dropped his pretense of being.

Gallery Page 1 – Tropical Moth
Welcome to my picture gallery. This is just a small selection of the photos I’ve been taking. The rule here is to give a small amount of text around the picture, but to give pride of place to the pictures in each page of the gallery, between 1 and 3 pictures per side. They have all been made very small for the net, and if anyone likes any of them particularly, then they can always ask me for a full sized version by e-mail.

I am not making an index to the gallery, but taking it as a tour, so as to encourage people to see all the pictures. I’m not saying at this stage what is around the corner, the best thing is simply to follow the links to the next page at the end of each gallery page. When it is finished it will lead back to the home page of this site, but as this is going to be an ongoing work in progress, as I take photos all the time, you may like to check back in a few weeks and see if there are any more.

DJJ 12th February 2005 (original time of publishing)

Bouquet Throw in San Domingo Barcelo

Nobody caught that one

This was the first ever piece of video I uploaded onto the internet – on 21st February 2006. I had just set up my YouTube channel and this went on as a test.

There are several reasons why this piece is important to me, despite the fact that it is of no particular technical merit and commentators on YT have complained about the lack of light or being able to make out how the bouquet was thrown or who caught it, although as I remember nobody caught it anyway. One main reason is that, just as the bouquet, thrown at a wedding, tells you what happens next, and who will be next to be married, so my “capture” of the bouquet throw marked the start of a hobby – amateur filming for the internet – that has been my companion now through four years (it was actually taken five years ago, in November 2004 – it was in the Dominican Republic in the Hotel barcelo in San Domingo) and taken me through hundreds of topics, and dozens of cities in various parts of the world.

And I’ve never stopped preferring films where something is going on and where there is interesting sound too, even if you can’t see everything.

Another reason I llike it is that it’s the only footage per se that I took in the Dominican Republic – I still had a tiny memory card and I discovered by accident only out there, after having the camera for about a year, that it could take video at all. I never planned to be a videographer when I bought the camera, but I did want to photograph the things I was seeing while travelling so as not to lose the memories. I was to discover that if a picture paints a thousand words, then a movie clip paints millions.

I also like to think that someone who was here that day will stumble upon it in the net one day, and recognise themselves.

The power of YT is such that even a humble clip like this still manages to average at least 10 new views a week.