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Mourners in Warsaw on the eve of the Smolensk tragedy memorial service

Original YT playout date: 17 April 2010
Duration: 37:35

This is a reportage on foot taken on 16th April of the area in which the next day was to host the memorial service for President Kaczynski and the others who died on the presidential plane at Smolensk.
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President Kaczynski’s body is driven from the airport past crowds of mourners in Warsaw

Original YT playout date: 11 April 2010
Duration: 14:02

“Sophie and I go and see the coffin containing, notionally at least, President Lech Kaczynski’s body file past the crowds of mourners on Zwirki and Wigury street – a street actually named for a pair of aviators who died in a plane crash also. This is the main road from Warsaw Airport to the centre. All 7 km of the route to the Presidential Palace from the airport was packed with Warsaw residents paying their respects.

Unfortunately Maria Kaczynska’s body could not accompany her husband’s body – it has remained behind as have the other passengers, and a place is being prepared in Moscow where relatives will go and identify the bodies of the deceased in accordance with Russian law.

Poland had too many successes and was too conservative under Kacynski’s leadership for many people’s liking. There are too many people who begrudged a conservative state having such success in avoiding recession, not wasting money on phoney drugs at the behest of the WHO and remaining a country where abortion is not legal, Islam is at a record low in Europe, and where preference is not yet given to homosexuals over heterosexuals. This record is too much for certain people to take. That’s why there has to be a very careful inspection of everything that happened that day, and on the run up to that day, and many questions asked. My own question is – is it normal for the chief banker of a nation to attend an essentially military remembrance day? Or is it just that Slawomir Skrzypek did what it took for Poland to side-step this planned and choreographed recession? Maybe he wasn’t supposed to have made Poland the only country not to need to report a recession. Maybe that’s why he got invited to something which has nothing whatsoever to do with banking, and met his doom alongside Kaczynski. They probably would have got Ewa Kopacz on there too, if they could possibly have justified it.

Let’s remember that our way of life is something that many other people would like to take away from us by stealth, and let’s remember to vote accordingly in the coming elections…”
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Katastrofa Niewyobrażalna

Original YT playout date: 10 April 2010
Duration: 4:32

O tym nie można mówić słowami – o tym się mówi tylko łzami.
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Huliganov Rant #4 – “Lest we Forgotten”

Original playout date: 13 November 2007
Duration: 32:03

Huliganov talking in another monthly rant, of the sort we did for a short while, this time for November, and November is of course the month for remembering, be it All Souls Day, Bonfire Night or Thanksgiving.
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Katastrofa Niewyobrażalna

O tym nie można mówić słowami – o tym się mówi tylko łzami.


First played out on 6th June 2006, This one has four years later over 40,000 hits and rising, all because any theme involving Polish patriotism is going to get the hits, no doubt about it. It is of course flattening off a bit now, because the personas involved are maybe less central than they were, but it’s an election year and this may go up again.

Over half the voters on the ratings for this film didn’t like it. I don’t especially like it either, I just threw together some random online newspaper images together with audio of leading politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s dire rendition of the Polish National Anthem, and somehow I got something that people found very provocative, even though it doesn’t add up to a great meaning, one way or another. It was only an experiment, as was most of my stuff in the first year I was on YT.

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