Huliganov Rant #4 – “Lest we Forgotten”

Original playout date: 13 November 2007
Duration: 32:03

Huliganov talking in another monthly rant, of the sort we did for a short while, this time for November, and November is of course the month for remembering, be it All Souls Day, Bonfire Night or Thanksgiving.

Here Huli gives his voice against Tusk and in favour of Kaczynski, this battle being an ongoing feature of the Polish political scene until this day.
This shows how Emperor Julius Augustus was inspired by a round of Hochland cheese wedges to place an additional two months to the calendar. Huli carries on in this vein until he bursts out laughing at his own nonsense.
Quote of the clip: “There were a few criminal types, but you can’t get away from that.”

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