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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 41,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 15 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

The difficult area of women’s gifts in the Church.

English: Margaret Thatcher, former UK PM. Fran...

One of a few very rare female leaders who have outshone the men. I call these people “Deborahs” – but they are rarer than you think.

I received the following letter from Jeni, which has blessed me a lot during my recent struggle with pneumonia (firstly misdiagnosed as bronchitis) – I have just emerged from a four day hospital stay with a large bag of different types of pills and I don’t feel fantastic – I have been given another estimate of two weeks before it all goes away, but it’s nothing like what it was. If you haven’t had a bout of pneumonia, you don’t want it. By the way, since the lovely WordPress interface lets me do this, lets just take a check at this point of those of you who had pneumonia already and who didn’t have it yet, that would be quite interesting.

Anyhow, the letter from Jeni which cheered me up a lot is in the comments to one of the trilogy of anti -Watchtower films on this channel. In order to give more prominence to the interesting issues I wanted to give my answer instead as a main article, and thanks to Jeni for waiting patiently for me to get a bit better. I’m not really well enough to be writing about this, but if Calvin can write letters all over Europe when he had about 200 illnesses going on, then who am I to not write a blog post while recovering from Pneumonia? Even if I come up with more than the usual levels of fallibility, surely the Lord will add his blessing, which is the olny important thing.

Here’s Jeni’s letter:

Hi Viktor,

I’m writing you because I watched all 3 You Tube videos on the Jehovah’s Witnesses back to back. I have been “studying” with a JW for a year now in my home and am trying to expose her to scriptures that will open her eyes. It’s a slow process. I think you and your theology is spot on and I wish you were my Sunday school teacher. Basically I just need your prayers as well as the woman with whom I’ve been studying. Please pray for her. I would love to have a house church or other ministry full of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses from my area and disciple them.

Side note, what do you think about the scripture in 2 Timothy where Paul says he doesn’t permit a woman to teach a man? I’ve listened to a little bit from both sides of the argument and I tend to lean toward the conservative view. However I’m a woman and so this is disappointing because I so want to pour out what I believe God tells me in the scriptures to others and there is no avenue for that presently at my church. All the women’s classes have plenty of teachers. Please tell me your view so that I can more fully examine my own.

Love in Christ,

First of all, many thanks to your compliments and desires that I could be your Sunday school teacher. I have in fact never been a Sundeay school teacher and am afraid and greatly tremble at the idea of having that or any other position of “power” in an organised Church. It says in James 3.1 “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation”. A higher level is applied to those who have had the rule in the Church. In particular there are big condemnations awaiting people who have had carnal kickbacks from being rulers in the Church, and by “Carnal kickbacks” I refer to everything from taking advantage of the monetary gifts of the faithful, using the position to gain more tempral influence like improving your CV for a temporal role, and also the utility a person’s pride has from the receipt of a title – Elder This, Deacon That (the Mormons love to leverage that one!) and also the influence over others – the joy of exercising power, and how in many cases we see little popes appear in Churches all over Protestantism – people who rightly reject the Papal claims to be able to tell people what to do in Roman Catholicism above and beyond scripture, or to be the uniques interpreters of scripture to their flock, and in the end they are even more papal in the way they treat their flocks than the very Pope in Rome that they abhor. The worst case of power abuse in the Church and the ultimate “carnal kickback” of leadership of course is the sexual abuse that thrives wherever leadership is put on some unnecessary pedestal. That again we hear of mostly in the media related to Roman Catholicism, but never fear, I am sure that Protestantism contains cases that can absolutely run rings around the worst of them, so let us be humble and circumspect. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Changes to Huliganov.TV


Hi, gentle reader,

You possibly noticed a couple of changes going on around here today, so, since I rarely do anything without appending several paragraphs of justification in true Calvinist fashion, I thought I’d give you the lowdown on what is going on and why, just in case you’re remotely interested.

First off, I got a bit tired of using Quoracy Blue as the background to this blog. I couldn’t get any of the tag colour schemes in WordPress‘s “Mystique” template (which is what I’ve been using for nearly a year now and like it a lot) to work with it, it certainly clashed with many of the header images and on top of that it kind of distracted the eye from the main content. So I decided to exchange it for another of the colours I bought from the Unicef site, namely my wife’s Christmas present (she didn’t use the malaria tablets and water the purchase funded personally, by the way, I believe they went to a village in India) which I called Elena James’ Dark Silver . At the same time I put my tabs to grey, which is one of the six colour options, and unsurprisingly they don’t clash, and even the way most of the header pics look doesn’t clash and also it is a more discrete and elegant colour all round, rather like the woman it is named for.

Anyway, since my wife owns, under the full rigour of international law that an august institution like Unicef represents, the colour with the hex code #505050, I hope people will respect that and not use the colour themselves without remembering to pray to God for her relief from her condition Multiple Sclerosis, and the additional disadvantages of having two autistic children, another child who is pathologically lazy and a fat eccentric workaholic husband who spends too much time goldlisting or messing around on the internet and whose sentences structures are far too long.

Second off, I changed the fonts again today. This one’s called Eigerdals or something. I had FF Dax before. I put both and Huliganov.TV on the same look just for simplicity and a kind of commonality, as it were, but in the end that’s pretty boring and whilst FF Dax is OK, I think that this is a bit more original looking. Probably it will have difficulties with some of the foreign diacritics and I’ll have to improvise. I hope everyone can read it ok, as one size up from this looks less good – the dot on the i runs into the stalk and makes it look like the hard i in Turkish. Your feedback more than welcome.

Third off, as you can see I’ve been doing a post a day for the last ten days or so. That is made easier now by the use of scheduling, so I have started using this feature to spread out the content more evenly, so that subscribers don’t get indundated with posts on a productive day and then nothing for weeks when I’m busy with other things. I would be adding unscheduled ones like this one is on top anyway, and also I’ll be monitoring and answering comments in the same way as I was doing before.

That’s basically it. Hope you enjoy these changes.

Airport shocker

Departure hall of Terminal 2 opened in 2006

If'I'd remembered it in this hall before handing in my case, all would have been well...

OK, this one’s hot off the press, as I am writing about something that happened about ten minutes ago, and I’m writing this from one of the machines in the lounge at Prague airport.

A few days ago I gave a lecture about cross-cultural management to students of Susquehanna University in Prague. At the end of the lecture I was given a bottle of fine Moravian wine.

I forgot that I had this bottle in my briefcase, but naturally the detectors as I passed from streetside to airside at Prague found it.

Now clearly they all recognise me as having been through there eighty or so times before, so there’s no terrorism alarm bells ringing, and you can see how they’re in two minds about whether or not just to let me get on with it. But in the end the three of them say no, they have to do things by the book, which mean that the wine is thrown away.

I’m there saying to them, just take it and drink it yourselves, it’s a sin to throw it away. And of course as they know that I’m a regular, they also know that there’s no risk I’m trying to poison them, give them an exploding oesophagus, or anything like that.

It’s not the loss I’m bothered about. I could make that up just by drinking the free wine that’s flowing like milk and honey (there’s milk and honey too, in the fridge) here in the Lounge. It’s a bit early in the day for me, though, and I’m actually not a big fan of alcohol despite what readers of my blogs and viewers of my vlogs may think.

It is a bit sad that it happened to a present. But most of all it’s  pity to see something like that just thrown into a bin and not enjoyed by anybody. When anyone can see there’s no real risk there. It’s just the over-zealous application of a rule book.

That’s the real shock. That’s what’s really saddened me and sent me running to the production corridors of WordPress to get it off my chest.

Last minute post – and a picture challenge

Today has very nearly been the day I broke my postaday2011 challenge – after all, it’s coming up to the time when the VAT and the books for the year end have to be done and there are audits and accounts to be done left, right and centre, so this can’t be a long post. I have barely been able to follow the news, which is a good source normally for things to write about, and although I said I would soon write about these animal die-offs, this isn’t the time for that either as it needs a bit longer.

So what can I do with this post? Maybe a few photos just to check out the gallery possibilities on here…

Recognise it?

Now where do you think that is? Do you recognise it? Any guesses? Answers in the comments, please!

Something I’ve never talked about…

Non-citizen, diplomatic, travel document, and ...

Pieces of paper or emblems of state?

Yesterday I looked at the Postaday2011 blog – the ones who set the challenge to WordPress bloggers to post at least once every day in this year, to see what sort of topics they have been suggesting to help unblock bloggers’ writers block (something I don’t tend to suffer from, but then I don’t really ‘suffer from’ that much quality either, so maybe it comes as no surprise to you that this nonsense of mine flows fairly freely) and the topic for the day, or challenge for the day yesterday (and you don’t have to follow all the challenges, they are there to help get the creative juices flowing only – you can also give suggestions via the comments there or by mailing them to the blogging community – or at least those who took up the postaday2011 challenge) was to talk about something you’ve never talked about before.

Well, I still can’t think of anything that I’ve never told a living soul, but there are a couple of topics that I haven’t written or broadcast on youtube or spoken about on radio shows until now. So I’ll make those two things the topic of today.

One of them is very apposite, as it is 12th January, this being the birthday of my great grandma. I will not say her name as she was from a generation (Victorians) who did not bandy first names about much, but she was my mother’s mother’s mother. However, owing to a certain accident it was really her and great grandad who brought up my mother. But my mother and I used to call her “Grandma”.

She was like a second mother to me all through my childhood. She was always kind and faithful to Jesus, the epitome of a Christian, I can remember nothing bad about her. She died while I was still at school, but just going into the final year, so I was 17 years of age, and she lived in the granny annexe behind our house. It took me a long time to get over it, for my mother also, and I don’t think we will really be over it until we see her again in the next world.

I always think about her on the 12th of January as it was her birthday. She was 92 when she died, so if she were alive today she would be 122 today. She lives on in our hearts, and more importantly at the feet of her Saviour.

This is a private topic, and so I don’t refer to it much, but today I would like to do so.

A less wholesome memory, one that I haven’t spoken about or written about before but which also came into my mind since yesterday when I wrote that and I thought I would also write about it is that one of my already out-of-date passports (they cut the corners off and give them back when you get the next one as a keepsake of your travels) is very dirty. It has encrusted mud in it, most but not all of which I was able to clean out of it.

These days I only show my passport at hotels and airports as a means of identity proof but it is strictly speaking not needed and a number of other documents could serve, but in the days before Schengen you used to have to show your passport almost at every border crossing. And sometimes at border crossings you have to get out, and a passport of mine has been dropped accidently on the Latvian/Lithuanian border onto wet ground and got a bit muddy, but that is not the incident I am referring to.

In the incident I am referring to I was stopped in the mid 1990s for driving above the speed limit in a Polish town called Klodawa (it is known for its salt mine). I got into the usual discussion with the police person but this chap was unusually aggressive, and started to insult the British for our failure, in his eyes, to prevent Poland from being taken over by the Soviet Union. I have to admit that it was a personal failure on my part to fail to get Rooseveldt to listen to Churchill and to cajole Churchill into not capitulating too readily to Rooseveldt’s eagerness to withdraw American troops from any further hostile European engagement.  I shall have to try harder next time I’m there, and while I’m about it I shall try to get the Americans into the war before 1941, and maybe I’ll have a crack at showing Hitler the error of his ways so that war doesn’t start at all. That probably would involve me in going back to the Versailles Treaty Room and getting them to allow Germany more lenient terms, but then if I had done that then that Klodawa policeman would only have gone and blamed the British for the loss of Gdansk/Danzig.

Either way, he showed his rage against our Queen and country by pretending to spit on my passport, tear it and throw it in the mud. Now I couldn’t find any of his spittle or other saliva/mucus-based products in the passport afterwards, nor any actual tears, but it certainly had a lot of mud on it from where he flung it into the mud puddle.

I have a theory that he was intending to only pretend to throw it just like he pretended to spit and tear it, but got a bit carried away and it actually left his hand without him really intending it to.

If he was astonished he didn’t show it, although I might have missed that as I ducked down to retrieve my document. But he simply walked off after that and there was no fine, so I assume he was cutting his losses.

I didn’t think to complain at the time, but people who I have told about it since have said that it could have raised a lot of a media stink and even a diplomatic incident, that it’s actually a serious matter what he did to my passport, an insult and offense against the state.

But I thought then as I think now, that far too much is made of these silly pieces of paper anyway, and that the real insult and offense is that depending on where you are born various states can limit your freedom to travel through this world that you were born into, and which belongs to the One who made you. And so I was just happy to have avoided the fine.

And that’s probably also the main reason why I haven’t really spoken about it.



Summing up the first year of Huliganov TV on WordPress


The best blog platform in my opinion

I set up Huliganov TV in October 2009 – can’t remember the exact date but there was only one post that month.

The idea was to make a repository in one place where all my youtube work could be:

a) referenced more easily, with categories that enable people to get to the bits of the large collection that they want
b) grouped in similar items
c) made available for more detailed discussion than the commenting mechanisms on YT allow
d) I could see for myself how many different groups and categories have emerged from the work.

I had hoped by now to put many more of the YT collection across here, but I’ve been doing it in historical order, and the first six months have now been done. I have done video number 75 today, and there are 134 posts, including this one. That means in fact that video is not the vast majority of the posting that I thought it might be, but I’m quite happy about that too.

Two major factors caused it, firstly the fact that my old site which was hosted by a certain provider, kicked me off. That provider failed to answer any of my mails and changed the c0ntrols so that I could never add anything, and I wasn’t going to pay for hosting non-dynamic content. So I stopped paying, then I did get emails, and I said why I wasn’t paying, and then the content got kicked off, even though I had been overpaying this guy for years.

However, all that content is backed up and I’ve started putting it up here also. The second factor is that sharing videos directly to WordPress was suspended about six months back by YouTube. They say that it was in response to customers, but I don’t remember being asked, but I suppose they meant their paying customers, the advertisers. In addition I have also just felt from time to time like writing something new for here, or including here on something new I’ve written somewhere else. It may duplicate material which is out there, but on the other hand at least I still have it if it gets wiped in the other place, which can happen and does happen, for sometimes very understandable reasons. So what else has been achieved in this first year? The hit count started to rise up in the second part of the year, from about April, and I’ve had several months now between 1500 and 2000 visits per month. The annual total on my stats was 15,196 visits as of now, and one Sunday in April saw a freak flurry of 154 visitors, the record for one day so far.

I have around 20 subscribers, and if that’s you then many thanks for that. If that’s not you, then please do sub. Also please note if you don’t have a WP account that the whole blogging experience, such as commenting, as well as what you see while reading the blogs is enhanced greatly if you have your own wordpress account. That only requires a free account, none of the plug-ins which you might want to subscribe to which help to support the work of WordPress. 

I finally ought to mention that through most of the year I’ve been using the excellent theme Inove, and now I changed to a recent theme called zBench, just to make a nice cut-off for the second year, and so that things do not get too samey. Inove was great, and I’ll stick to it for the time on my other vlog, which is – please pop in over there also from time to time.

Stay with me for another year, and don’t be a stranger!

Viktor D. Huliganov

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