Last minute post – and a picture challenge

Today has very nearly been the day I broke my postaday2011 challenge – after all, it’s coming up to the time when the VAT and the books for the year end have to be done and there are audits and accounts to be done left, right and centre, so this can’t be a long post. I have barely been able to follow the news, which is a good source normally for things to write about, and although I said I would soon write about these animal die-offs, this isn’t the time for that either as it needs a bit longer.

So what can I do with this post? Maybe a few photos just to check out the gallery possibilities on here…

Recognise it?

Now where do you think that is? Do you recognise it? Any guesses? Answers in the comments, please!

3 thoughts on “Last minute post – and a picture challenge

  1. Hmm. There’s clearly a monument involving horses, a fountain, and uncut (or at least unfinished) rock—limestone, could it be? I haven’t been east of the island of Ireland, so, knowing your usual environs, I doubt I’ve been within 1000 miles of it.

  2. Oh wait! I found it. Amazing what Google can do with a few descriptors (my image search was performed on a text query, mind you, not on an image). SPOILER ALERT! Do not click if you don’t want to see the answer:

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