Someone has had trouble remembering enough words with their Goldlist

Caption below picture: 'Wallachians distilling...
Caption below picture: ‘Wallachians distilling “Slievovitz”‘ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone (sic) wrote to me recently suggesting that the Goldlist was not for them as they had tried to do a distillation and only remembered 2 of 25 words.

Now I am someone who has just discovered that there is more than one metabolic type, that a good 45% of people are Matebolism B types as opposed to Metabolism A types, and that’s why the traditional diets based just on calories and not concerned with the whole sugar question don’t do the job but actually made me worse. Given that fact, I’m perfectly open to the idea that just as there is more than one type of metabolism, there may be another type of memory and that really not everyone will benefit from the Goldlist method – yes it is perfectly possible. I have an open mind on that question.

However, given that the Goldlist Method has indeed helped the overwhelming majority of people who have tried it, including some who could never learn languages using other methods and now can, as well as some others who were already successful polyglots with their own tried and tested methods who nevertheless saw enough merit in the Method to add it to their armoury of tools, I would be reluctant to give up on it just after not having a great result on the first distillation. Instead I would look at the reasons why a person could find that they distil a headlist and only manage to throw out 2 of the 25 and not something like 6, 8, 10, 12 or even 14 as is the experience of most people using the method. Continue reading “Someone has had trouble remembering enough words with their Goldlist”

Intro to a mobile phone GPS-based game voiced over by me

Some friends of mine, very clever folk, have made a smart phone app which is a territory game – based on the Voynich Manuscript which I’ve blogged about on here before. The game is called Modern Wizards and the idea is self-explanatory if you watch the film above. They’ve made it in Polish and now they are making the English version so they asked me to be the “voice” for this in English. I was very flattered.

Here’s my narration and critiques from professional voice actors are much appreciated.

Some of my Japanese mnemonics

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...
Yuumei have heard of this little sodateru…

I don’t hold with using mnemonics usually in language learning, but with Japanese there is so much going on at once in a word – the various readings, the shape of the kanji, etc, that sometimes odd wordgames and things like that can help. It’s a waste of time to try and do it for every word, but here are some of mine which I already shared (to greater or lesser levels of appreciation) on

Here’s just ten to be going on with. I probably have done about a hundred, but to see them you need to join!

1. To Deliver




That square head by the basket is like *Todo the dog with the square head in the Wizard of Oz in Dorothy’s cycle basket. That’s the moment when he jumps out, so he can’t be *delivered to the interfering neighbour.

2. Sand



If you get *sand inside your ear, the *suna you get it out, the better.

(Another, less polite one, is based on the reading of  “suna” backwards, given the fact that if you slide along a beach backwards you’ll probably get some sand in there. But I didn’t put that one up, at least not yet.)

3. Circumstances




If the *circumstances in the company worsen, the boss le-*ts-u-gou..

4.  Or less than, not more than




*Ika-rus was NOT able to get HIGHER THAN other people for long. Is the symbol on the left a bit like his broken wings falling with him the spot in the middle tumbling to the ground?

5. Season




The prisoner warders are issued with new *keysets every *season

6. Airport




“That’s a nice *kuukou clock, where did you buy it?”
“At Geneva *Airport.”

7. Deep




*Fukai didn’t realise it was going to be that *deep!

8. Famous




“Dad, Justin Bieber’s so *famous even *yuu may have heard of him!”


9. Preparation / setup / arrangements




He had made all the *arrangements and *preparations, but, being of a nervous disposition, he was still very *”junbi” (jumpy) before the event…

10. To bring up




Looking at the kanji, you might see the frowning face of a very strict upbringer. He’s a right “sod at err”-ors made by his students.

We made it to 2013, but how much longer have we got?

July 12th, 2008 ~ Vox Populi / Auxilary Outlet
Don’t ask me what this is but it’s got Vox Populi on it…

I thought I would kick-off the 2013 blogging on this channel with a little poll, one that I haven’t exactly seen elsewhere but which might be quite interesting as an experiment. After all, even though the Lord Jesus himself tells us that no man knows the time, there is also a saying “vox populi vox Dei” or “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. So could it be that collectively mankind knows when the end of the world is coming?

In fact, probably not. Was the voice of the people the voice of God when the crowd yelled “Crucify him!”? Hard to say – on the one hand it had to be this so that the prophesies could be fulfilled. In the case of this poll, the only prophesy to be fulfilled will probably be that nobody knows the day nor the hour, which means that our consensus, if the is one, will probably turn out to be hopelessly wrong. Continue reading “We made it to 2013, but how much longer have we got?”