Intro to a mobile phone GPS-based game voiced over by me

Some friends of mine, very clever folk, have made a smart phone app which is a territory game – based on the Voynich Manuscript which I’ve blogged about on here before. The game is called Modern Wizards and the idea is self-explanatory if you watch the film above. They’ve made it in Polish and now they are making the English version so they asked me to be the “voice” for this in English. I was very flattered.

Here’s my narration and critiques from professional voice actors are much appreciated.

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  1. So it was you! You fool me every time! When you linked to David James on Wikipedia, I thought “oh, cool! He’s got a Wikipedia page!”, and when you interpreted for the Russian preacher, it took me a long time to realize (that) it was you. And now this. Congratulations, Davey!

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