We made it to 2013, but how much longer have we got?

July 12th, 2008 ~ Vox Populi / Auxilary Outlet
Don’t ask me what this is but it’s got Vox Populi on it…

I thought I would kick-off the 2013 blogging on this channel with a little poll, one that I haven’t exactly seen elsewhere but which might be quite interesting as an experiment. After all, even though the Lord Jesus himself tells us that no man knows the time, there is also a saying “vox populi vox Dei” or “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. So could it be that collectively mankind knows when the end of the world is coming?

In fact, probably not. Was the voice of the people the voice of God when the crowd yelled “Crucify him!”? Hard to say – on the one hand it had to be this so that the prophesies could be fulfilled. In the case of this poll, the only prophesy to be fulfilled will probably be that nobody knows the day nor the hour, which means that our consensus, if the is one, will probably turn out to be hopelessly wrong.

Worth doing anyway, just as a barometer reading or where people feel we are now in human history? If you think so please vote below – the key is to pick which of the numbers of years we now have left before the end of the world. A broad variety of numbers have been included to cater for optimists and well as pessimists (although which end of the scale is the optimistic one I leave for you to decide).

Enjoy! And as ever, (spam-free) comments and discussion is very welcome.

2 thoughts on “We made it to 2013, but how much longer have we got?

  1. I chose two years to mean the end of this world and the establishment of the New World Order with Antichrist kingdom. My thought is that the full end of this world system with the return of Christ may not come about until the end of 2024, ten years after the beast government is instituted.

    1. It’s certainly possible that the Antichrist Kingdom could kick off in two years. My own feeling is that we have nearer twenty and this ties in to the Muslim demographic, and their likely role in end-times violence. But the west is so supine that in fact you could well be correct with your estimate.

      I believe North Korea needs to fall prior to the end, as the Gospel must be preached to every tribe and nation. There is also the issue of the people on North Sentinel Island. These are a tribe and a nation neither of which have had their time of preaching, I would say. And it says that only then will the end come. It could well be, of course, that there is an overlap of time between Antichrist’s reign and some evangelism in those countries. But in fact a global government is only possible once this handful of unmanageable states is brought into check. There are so few of them now that 20 years seems plenty enough time, while only two seems rather fast.

      I’ll be happy if these things are the way you say they are. The soon Antichrist comes, the sooner Christ will appear. This alone is my hope for me and my family and the planet.

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