Warsaw’s Cross … Very!

Original YT playout date: 14 August 2010
Duration: 45:28

Here we see what is going on in Krakowskie Przedmiescie, the actions of the right wing group Solidarni 2010 and their demand to have the Smolensk disaster investigated as well as the victims properly remembered.

We see some of the atmosphere as activists engage with people on the streets and enter into discussion with someone who claimed that he was making private comments when as you will see he was de facto, whether he realised in or not, addressing a crowd of about 12-15 people. He asked for his comments not to be viewed as public statements, but that’s fine, because we can keep them just in my group of viewers which probably won’t get over a thousand views a year anyway, which is still pretty private by media standards.

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4 thoughts on “Warsaw’s Cross … Very!

  1. Excuse my ignorance (and / or poor memory), but did the Polish authorities eventually address the issue or is it still festering ? Perhaps I should be asking if the authorities had a genuine and meaningful investigation of the issue (if any) or was there a ‘whitewash’ & ‘lip service’ job to try to keep the people quiet. A perfectly warranted question on behalf of all abnormal people.

    1. When the ruling party was the liberal Platforma Obywatelska, with Komorowski slickly taking over the presidency form the deceased of a totally different party (!) they glossed over any kind of proper investigation.

      ONce the PiS party got back into power, and we are today right in the middle of their second consequent term of office, they did of course pull out all the stops to get to the bottom of the matter and also to publicise what was known about it, to the poi t where people actually began to find the matter tiresome, bit up to today there has not been a proper account from the Russian side to various questions. What arrived from the unpleasant task of digging through the remains, mangled and rotting human remains, that were sent back in coffin-like boxes is that what is on the inside of these boxes bears little relation to what is in the list around those boxes or on the labels. So the remains of a person may well be found in several of the boxes intermingled with other remains. It is anyone’s guess whether that was the best that could be done under the circumstances or if it was intentionally worsened to cover up any details.

      Basically the whole investigation has next to nothing to work on, as is very common in such matters.

      In the case of the Malaysian liner, the boot may, or may not, be on the other foot as here it is Russians complaining that the Dutch are not giving them full access.

      There needs to be some kind of international code whereby a multinational team with a leader from a neutral country is empowered to take custody of and make forensic tests on the remains salvaged from international air flights.

      I am sure there is plenty of law and bodies already convocated around this matter, but they do not seem to be supplying the public confidence that should be provided by such institutions.

  2. Thanks for clarifying. It appears world-wide that no national or local public bodies are acting in a way that inspires anything like the public confidence they ought to. They are using distraction and smoke-screen tactics increasingly in the hope that citizens will be too stupid and apathetic to question them.
    Corruption and greed seems at an all-time high with public satisfaction and confidence almost non-existent. Whilst ordinary UK families struggle to cope with the exponential hike in energy costs (driven by international political infighting not by scarcity of resource) and Ukraine has an unpredictable enemy on its doorstep, the British Parliament engages in mere tittle-tattle and witch-hunting about the PM’s alleged illegal parties at number 10. They seem incapable of having a sense of perspective and proportion concerning the real needs of Britain and other countries. Instead they prefer mud-slinging and party (no pun intended) point scoring. In the current circumstances this is shameful and shabby behaviour. Personally I feel they should get out of parliament and their constituency offices and get a hefty dose of the reality of the streets, factories and offices in the UK (they might find them peopled now that the employees have been forced to return to centralised work places, isolation being considered no longer necessary). I can’t see it being much different for the E.U. member states either. Ordinary, that is to say unprivileged, citizens of Spain and France with whom I have contact are no more encouraged by their respective state leaders than I am with ours. The Tom Yorke lyric comes to mind “no alarms and no surprises”.
    At least there is always HTV for a counter-balanced view and and on-the-spot reportage of the events usually portrayed differently by the public proaganda machine !

    1. That’s what we aim to do, even if in some cases we are going over older material. I am working towards more current focus but I do want to have all the old films and articles all together in one place, hence some of this, if good reporting, is not so timely. Maybe some will find it a good source for recent history.

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