Huliganov’s “Carnival is over”

Original playout date: 15 September 2007
Duration: 9:52

“This romantic song by the Seekers is actually originally a Russian folksong of quite brutal content. Huliganov brings the two themes back together again, both culturally and linguistically.


Say goodbye my own true lover
As we sing a lovers song
How it breaks my heart to leave you
Now the carnival is gone
High above the dawn is waiting
And my tears are falling rain
For the carnival is over
We may never meet again

Волга, Волга, мать родная,
Волга – русская река,
Не видала ты подарка
От донского казака!
Чтобы не было раздора
Между вольными людьми,
Волга, Волга, мать родная,
На, красавицу прими!

Мощным взмахом поднимает
Он красавицу княжну
И за борт её бросает
В набежавшую волну.
Now the harbour light is calling
This will be our last goodbye
Though the carnival is over
I will love you till I die
Though the carnival is over
I will love you till I die

Don’t miss the epilogue to the story of Stenka Razin and his plunging princess, right at the end of the video.

Quote of the clip: “Surrealistic change in mood from the heartfelt goodbye from two lovers in Australia to Stenka Razin throwing a Persian princess overboard in Russia, but there is a common theme of “I love you, but we have to part”.”

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