Huliganov’s Finninsh Experience #6 – Kerimaki

Original playout date: 14 January 2008
Duration: 6:23

This Finnish series has some of the most beautiful but also some of the saddest moments I had managed to reproduce in film to this point. The last one was one of the most beautiful and this is now one of the saddest. To see churches which in the past were thriving in the state they now are is heartbreaking really.

I went to Finland once … it was shut. At least, the biggest wooden church in the world, kerimaki, was closed, and not only was it not open right now but also there were no indications when the services might be.

They told me that Lutheranism was largely dead in the Nordic countries, and this kind of brought that home. I suppose it is a question of time before they get handed over to be re-used as mosques. Then the ex-Christians will be punished for their infidelity.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that we see Churches that appear dead, we remind ourselves that Jesus also has power to raise the dead, and that the Church is precious to Him. We therefore pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Scandinavia, to reverse the rot, the loss of Christian culture and identity, the invasion and power grab by the enemies of Christ whatever colour of horse they ride in on.

Quote of the clip: “Kerimaki sound like something vot you could get in a sushi bar…”

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Other remarks: Joel Osteen might fill it, but whether that would get anyone saved is another question.

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