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James Whale Radio Show 26th August 2008 on Playradio UK

Original YT playout date: 16 October 2008
Duration: 3:54:04

One of James’ last shows on PRUK for the time being. James actually does a studio walk out which we took to be staged but which did in fact with hindsight presage his later move into LBC a couple of weeks later…
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Uncle Davey’s Herts Content S3 E7 – 1000 years of Great Britain

Original YT playout date: 12 October 2008
Duration: 1:00:09

Gyles Brandreth, author and former MP, presents his unique perspective on Britain’s past. I ran out of good camera space during this fine address so the last part is with only the back-up camera, but hopefully you will still be able to enjoy that part of this memorable speech from a speaker who has to be heard in the same room to get the full charisma that he has. Try to get him for your event or catch up with him on one of his speaking tours. He is still going strong in 2020.
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