The truth about the Corvid-19 and what you need to know – part 4.

We continue our coverage of the real truth about the Corvid 19 with a move back home to Europe and a closer look at the bird most UK people will have in mind when they hear the word “crow”.

This is practically the type species of the Corvids, and so no Corvid-19 analysis worth its salt should overlook it without needing to eat it.


Photo of a Carrion crow scavenging in Dorset by Ian Kirk on CC 2.0 licence. Many thanks to the photographer.

We are presenting the info for each Corvid in a similar tabular form and there will be a publication available at the end of the series where you will be able to get hold of the combined table.

Common Name Carrion Crow
Other names Common crow
German Aaskraehe
French Corneille noire
Russian Чёрная ворона
Polish Czarnowron
Scientific Name Corvus corone
Number of species in the genus 45
Number of subspecies in this species 2 or 4 (see below)
Literal meaning of Scientific name Raven (Latin) crow (Greek)
Described by Linnaeus 1758
First attested in literature Known and written about from classical times.
Wingspan (cm) 100
Length bill to tail (cm) 52
Distribution Two distributions, one in Western Europe, the other in East Asia, with a large belt in between of the closely related hooded crow.
Remarks There are two subspecies of carrion crow and it is the most common crow in the UK, and this is what we would call it as I was growing up. One is the West European version and the other is the East Asian one. The bird which separates them is the hooded crow Corvus cornix which was previously considered a subpecies (or rather, four subspecies as itself has four subspecies). In Warsaw we never see fully black crows (ravens and rooks yes, but the crows per se are only hooded crows) and one rarely sees hooded crows in the UK. It is a loner and an omnivore including a penchant for carrion, hence the name.  The bird exhibits extraordinary intelligence and is able to mimic human vocalisations, close to the levels exhibited by ravens. They distinguish between different human and crow faces and hild grudges a long time against people or animals which disturb them. They tend to get into extensive conflicts with seagulls which prey on their nests.
Migrations Slightly migratory. Winter and summer areas are marbled on the map.
Sexual dimorphism Barely noticeable, other than a slight crest on some males, which are larger
Close relatives As mentioned above the carrion crow and the hooded crow are related and also they are known to be capable of fertile crosses but are apparently not to one another’s taste ( a phenomenon known as koinophilia)
Not close relatives thought to be close Confused with rooks, although they have white faces, and ravens which are much larger, but these birds are close relatives also, as is the very similar American black crow.
Cultural significance Countless cultural references exist, one that comes to mind is the “monstrous crow, as black as a tar barrel” in the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee poem in Alice through the Looking Glass.



The Gospel and Continuing Sin


Original YT playout date: 27 December 2008
Duration: 24:31

Bob Vieira joins me this evening and I open the mike to him to say whatever he likes to the viewers of this channel. We kick off with a little recounting of the story of the Elephant Man before launching on a ful discussion of the Gospel of salvation by faith. As the Pope has made discussion of homosexuality topical again with his recent comparison to the rainforests, we also discuss what is the chance for a homosexual to be a true believer.

Feel free to join in the debate by adding your comments below. Remember this is a discussion of theological principals and not an attempt to type-cast any individual or make them feel personally got at. Therefore lets try to keep the below comments free of personal remarks, but to focus on substantive arguments.
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The New Tommy Boyd Show 23rd September 2008

Original YT playout date: 27 December 2008
Duration: 3:58:02

Only the second in his new series, but unfortunately the last to be cammed. It was Stuart Heron that we have to thank for the cams, and unfortunately with the demise of his firm the cam server also went. Best of luck to you Stu and hope you like your new work.

That’s it then, with the cam feeds of radio I have, unless Playradio set cams up next year and want me to keep going. But we’ll find that out if and when it happens. For now, enjoy this great show, in which I don’t exactly come out glorious myself, but that’s the risk you take when you call a radio show – sometimes you look like a legend, and sometimes like a plonker. That’s all part of the fun. Enjoy.
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Daveynory – Jimmy and the Pink Diamond – Part 5/10

Original YT playout date: 27 December 2008
Duration: 22:13

The ongoing story of Jimmy the cat and his Russian raven friends, by Lee Delehanty
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Polish Christmas Office Party

Original YT playout date: 26 December 2008
Duration: 28:19

Grupa Strategia ( ) your one-stop shop for professional services in Poland for company set-up, tax advice, bookkeeping, audit, mergers and acquisitions, legal advice, software systems (JD Edwards and Galileo/Magique) as well as a fully licensed real estate brokerage for unusual properties, and China consulting, has now completed its move into the new office in Warsaw (as well as having offices in Katowice, Poznan, Gdansk and Poznan). Here we are having our first “wigilia firmowa” with the observing of Polish christmas traditions such as the sharing of the “oplatek” as well as the singing of a selection of Polish and international carols and a table with Polish christmas fare at the end. Enjoy the traditions of the Firm and the country with us, and Merry Christmas!
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